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Vandermeerr t1_jd8ysff wrote

That sounds like bullshit to me.


FiveNations54 t1_jd9vhqa wrote

Half of any university administration is bullshit. Sucking the tuition dollars right out of every student's education for some dumb fucking board meetings that ego stroke everyone in the room.


amenacingballsack t1_jd9yfus wrote

Can't forget about building a new sports facility that 80% of the student body doesn't give two shits about while most of your dorms still don't have fucking air conditioning


OldCoaly t1_jdax4mj wrote

The funding for those facilities at PSU is separate from the academic side of the school. Money from athletics supports the school, not the other way around. Money donated for athletic facilities has to go to those facilities. It’s a condition of the donation usually.

Should more donors donate to the academic programs? Definitely. But I don’t like the impression that money that would otherwise go to academics goes to sports because it’s not true. At least not for PSU.


mattyoclock t1_jdbitfy wrote

Yes and no. The athletics pay the loan payments on the facilities, but they are gauranteed by the university. So as long as penn state football makes enough money, they pay it. But if for some reason they didn't, the college is on the hook.

Additionally a fair bit of coaching salary comes from the academics as well.


OldCoaly t1_jdkeefe wrote

As if Penn State athletics won’t make a net profit. COVID was the only reason they recently went negative and the media rights deals recently made will come with a massive increase in money.

Could you provide a source on the coaching money coming from academics?


SamHandwich124 t1_jddeicn wrote

The university I graduated from constantly asks for alumni donations and cries broke while building new gyms and workout facilities. I can’t have sympathy for businesses that constantly ask for handouts to mitigate their own mismanagement.


bradenlikestoreddit t1_jdbabue wrote

Meanwhile a college football coach makes more than a professor


AppleTStudio t1_jdji6hf wrote

My college spent $250,000 on a desk.




fireside_blather t1_jd8yb37 wrote

Reduce the administrative headcount. That's low-hanging fruit.


flagshipcopypaper t1_jd9j37z wrote

What’s that? Cut staff and student services and keep those middle-managers making six figures? Got it! -Colleges probably


queen-of-unicorns t1_jdany23 wrote

As a community college advisor this is the problem. I make 45k a year and work my ass off for my students. Deans start at 120k and sit on their ass occasionally presenting our work as their success. It pisses me off. I will say the directors at my institution do put in the work. For reference I’m one step below Director. Directors report to Deans.


[deleted] t1_jdasr47 wrote



queen-of-unicorns t1_jdaused wrote

Our directors work hard. It's the Deans that have to go. Or at least not have as many of them. Some departments are really small. There is no need to have a Dean for each when a Director is more than enough.


insecurestaircase t1_jdc3fis wrote

At college, deans were also.professors and any professor could apply for the dean position if the dean no longer wanted to be dean.


Pink_Slyvie t1_jd91tce wrote

And would do virtually nothing in the end, its barely a drop in the bucket.

The real answer cut the military budget and start funding education.


jshrdd_ t1_jd9e4ba wrote

Heaven forbid we fund education and spreading knowledge instead of warfare and destruction. 🤔


dtcstylez10 t1_jd9kf21 wrote

But then all the companies that make weapons for war will be losing out on their trillion dollar contracts and then can't find political campaigns for politicians who will continue to vote to increase the military budget and so on and so forth


Jiveturkwy158 t1_jd9mfwt wrote

Don’t get me wrong I agree with the sentiment, but if psu got rid of 16/17 admins at 60k/yr (inclusive of benefits this is a reasonable cost per employee) it would save them a mil/yr. Seems like a good solution instead of hiking up costs even more.


Jon3141592653589 t1_jdawxyk wrote

PSU has a $149M deficit for their FY23 budget. $1M is pennies in the couch, and a lot of lower-administrators actually serve key support roles. Something is horribly wrong.


Pink_Slyvie t1_jd9ry48 wrote

And who should start doing their jobs?


Roninkin t1_jd9vqh1 wrote

Have you ever seen the board of a college? They do no work their easy enough to abandon.


Fried_Fart t1_jd94cyc wrote


I think the two of you were talking about different things. Last I checked PSU doesn’t have a military 😂


Pink_Slyvie t1_jd94rpe wrote

No. Cut the federal military budget, and reallocate that to social programs


Fried_Fart t1_jd96qm3 wrote

Yes, I know that’s what you’re saying.

The person you replied to was talking about the administrative headcount of Universities, not the federal government


Pink_Slyvie t1_jd96ujx wrote

I'm aware. That's hardly any money on that scale.


Monkeytohs t1_jd98xsi wrote

You're apples to oranges here. Federal and State are two separate entities.


MartianActual t1_jd993d7 wrote

On average university admins are 4x larger than they were in the 1990s. That is literally where most of the increased cost of tuition goes.


Pink_Slyvie t1_jd9cbe0 wrote

Show me the numbers.


Calint t1_jd9lkma wrote

Not OP, but here are some numbers I found.

During the 1980-1981 school year, public and private institutions spent $20.7 billion in total on instruction, and $13 billion on academic support, student services and institutional support combined, according to data from the National Center for Educational Statistics. By the 2014-2015 school year, total instructional costs had climbed to $148 billion, while the same grouping of administrative expenses had risen to $122.3 billion.

Put another way, administrative spending comprised just 26% of total educational spending by American colleges in 1980-1981, while instructional spending comprised 41%. Three decades later, the two categories were almost even: administrative spending made up 24% of schools’ total expenditures, while instructional spending made up 29%.

Forbes Article from 2017


Pink_Slyvie t1_jd9m7lu wrote

These are not things to cut.


Calint t1_jd9o1b7 wrote

That was not the question you asked in this thread. The claim was admins are 4x larger today than the 1990s. You said show the numbers. I provided numbers.


epicchocoballer t1_jd98z3r wrote

Administrative bloat account for massive amount of (wasted) spending in education and healthcare settings.

Social programs account for a bigger percentage of the federal budget than the military does.


BluCurry8 t1_jd9a377 wrote

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. The military budget is close to $1Trillion. Annually. You have no clue what you are talking about


epicchocoballer t1_jd9a9p2 wrote

You would be well served to take a gander at this, maybe you will learn something new


BluCurry8 t1_jd9t4p0 wrote

Sorry bud. You are lumping in Social Security and Medicare. Both are paid for with separate payroll taxes. It is the military budget against all other administrative funding. You are just spinning it to make a confidently incorrect assertion!!


pocketbookashtray t1_jdawlu4 wrote

But then who would write the policies on micro-aggressions, safe spaces, and penalties for not using preferred pronouns?


butterfly105 t1_jd9d3kp wrote

And get rid of worthless degrees. Why do we need a degree in philosophy again? Come on it’s common sense. Communications? Unless there is a specific career path tied to a degree, I’m sorry, but these colleges have to cut the fat.

Keep the downvotes coming! Cmon people we can study philosophy and communication, but we do not need separate departments for both. I can’t believe this is even a serious discussion. I absolutely agree with cutting bloated administrative costs, but there has to be a better way to educate students, other than basically useless departments and majors.


hexopuss t1_jd9ggze wrote

Philosophy degrees are extremely useful for going to law school. I’ve heard some lawyers argue it’s better than pre-law at preparing a student for law school.

Communications is useful for marketing, corporate work, and similar applications

Just because it doesn’t have the job title in the name, doesn’t mean it isn’t a desirable education that employers value.

I’m not even getting defensive from the perspective of someone with a degree in one of these fields (I have a science degree). They aren’t useless at all unless you don’t know what you’re looking at. That’s the thing about “common sense”, it can be any bullshit that anyone believes; common sense is just a lovely buzzword to make people look stupid for even trying to challenge it.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_jdawko4 wrote

Philosophy majors also make more than non-college graduates on average. If I remember correctly, it was even more than welders, which is a classic suggestion for “go to trade school instead.” Not shitting on trades here; college isn’t for everyone. But I love that philosophy is always the degree people shit on lol.


Semi-Hemi-Demigod t1_jdani72 wrote

I got a lot of value out of my college philosophy class. Learning how to think about thinking and how you fit in the world is good mental training.


GraySparrow t1_jd9f2ah wrote

I've been told this a few times since I moved to the USA. I have an undergraduate degree in philosophy, so I'm obviously biased on this, but critical thinking, as the major component of philosophical exploration, and all the associated skills are absolutely essential. Critical thinking and common sense are not always the same thing, as evidenced by *gestures broadly*.

These types of soft skills might not always translate into direct $$$ but they are incredibly socially valuable. I've since obtained a Master's degree and am working on a PhD in the mental health field, which again, definitely not tied to financial worth and my experience isn't necessarily generalizable, but worth can be thought of as a lot more than financially valuable career paths when we think more broadly about societal needs.


PPQue6 t1_jd9oy8v wrote

> I have an undergraduate degree in philosophy

😬😬 I'm just wrapping up my intro to philosophy class and that alone gives me a bad enough headache. I can't even imagine how much of a pain it is to major in it. On that note I'll just side with Socrates in that I know nothing, and that I can never truly know anything, but I can always discuss it in a dialectic manner.


GraySparrow t1_jd9qfp1 wrote

I actually went to university for English Language and Creative Writing, but took an intro course in Philosophy and loved it so much I switched. We all have our different but valuable skills, good luck with finishing your course!


ThankMrBernke t1_jd9slsw wrote

I wouldn't necessarily recommend an English, Philosophy, Communications, etc degree to anybody, but they're generally fairly cheap programs to run. They don't require expensive lab space or professors with high salary requirements because you've got to hire then away from the private sector. They're generally profit centers for the university that end up subsidizing the math-ier subjects.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_jdawtnl wrote

They also still make more than non-college graduates on average. An English or comm degree may not be for a specific job like a biologist or engineer or teacher, but it still opens a lot of doors. It’s just not guaranteed for a specific position like a rocket scientist or something is.


DavidLieberMintz t1_jd9pvs2 wrote

Yeah, who needs music and arts! Colleges should be churning out buyers and sellers, BUYERS AND SELLERS! Capitalism to the max has never hurt us before.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_jdawxz5 wrote

Woah, slow down there. You need to buy gear to make art and music. Music gear in particular gets incredibly expensive. There’s profit there.


DonQOnIce t1_jd94uqw wrote

So let me guess: in the face of a looming admissions crisis that has been predictable for many many years due to widely reported population decline, no one wants to innovate education and create more affordable tuition structures. Instead, let’s punish the few Gen Z who will be going to school with a higher rate.


Away-Living5278 t1_jd9gq19 wrote

And Penn State is already one of the most expensive state schools in the country


aust_b t1_jd9ie60 wrote

It's not a state school, same with temple. They are public "state-related" institutions, pretty much allows them to get state funding and then blow it on dumb campus building projects and admin bloat. With how their grant structure worked for me, I was able to go to temple and save about 25k over 4 years compared to attending bloomsburg university, a university that is actually in the state system of higher education.

Source: Am temple grad, their current president is garbage right now.


upghr5187 t1_jd9qxel wrote

Which is a really shitty way for the state to structure public higher education. Our large flagship universities are as expensive as private schools. Pennsylvania residents have to go to a lower tier of universities to get true in state tuition. Other states are able to keep their flagships more affordable. It holds PA back in my opinion


IWantAStorm t1_jdd764x wrote

Many of them have sold out to "luxury" housing and basically turned into shopping malls as well.

Which can generally be all paid for by student loans.

Then you'll go to a classroom that's some bizarre yellow room three floors below ground with paint from 1970 taught by another student.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jd9mk78 wrote

That's because the state of PA gives the state related schools only a small amount of money. Pitt only uses their state money to lower tuition for instate students and it's so little that Pitt uses their own money for part of the tuition break.

That's why if the state legislature gets all wacked out over the state appropriation like last year Pitt will say "fuck you" and go private.


TecNoir98 t1_jd9kjrq wrote

Short term growth at all costs until society collapses. We're probably fucked.


BartlettMagic t1_jdajsl5 wrote

well the leftovers can get unskilled labor/semi-skilled labor jobs and still make a livable wage though right? ...right?


Hot-Pretzel t1_jdar4w8 wrote

Yes, this enrollment situation has been on the radar for a long time. College administration just didn't pay close attention and heed to it. Innovation in education is dead. People just like giving a bunch of bullshit soundbites.


kormer t1_jd9wdbo wrote

It's cheaper to go to West Virginia as an out of stater than PSU in-state. Let that sink in for a moment.


Chimpskibot t1_jdd6jd0 wrote

WVU is really only considered for most jobs here in PA or surrounding Appalachian states. A degree from PSU is highly regarded in almost all major metro areas. This isn’t a fair comparison.


wvuhskr t1_jdda6kr wrote

That’s not true at all? My degree from WVU got me a job right after graduating in Atlanta


Chimpskibot t1_jddbcxx wrote

Are u joking. This is why I say it’s not highly regarded. Atlanta metro is in Appalachia LOL.


wvuhskr t1_jde99xk wrote

Wtf are you talking about? It's one of the fastest growing metros and economies in the country

>Atlanta metro is in Appalachia LOL.

If we're calling "part of North Georgia" as the Atlanta metro, I guess? You should get out more.


FolesNick9 t1_jddf7zz wrote

Unless you're shooting for a fortune 100 company, nobody is gonna balk at a degree from WVU.. Additionally, after being in the workforce for a few years nobody gives a fuck about the school, just that you've got a degree and what your experience is


wvuhskr t1_jde9tmz wrote

> Unless you're shooting for a fortune 100 company

Even then it really comes down to your degree. I had a few friends get jobs with ExxonMobil & Lockheed with their engineering degrees after graduation.


Pink_Slyvie t1_jdb5vl2 wrote

What do you expect from a state that is pushing for genocide on its trans youth.


wvuhskr t1_jde9k80 wrote

Glass houses... PA is just purple enough that Republicans could take back the House & governor and we'd be right there with all these other states passing "don't say gay" laws and trans healthcare bans. Don't think it can't happen here too.


Pink_Slyvie t1_jded9o9 wrote

I know it can happen here. That's why we are so vocal about it.

Also, call them what they really are. Genocide Bills.


YonderMTN t1_jdas9fp wrote

Makes sense. WVU is a better school in a better location IMHO. State College sucks donkey balls.


Spiritual-Flan-410 t1_jd905az wrote

Penn State is the same as PSU (= Penn State University )


mcvoid1 t1_jd918mr wrote

I think they meant Pitt, since PSU, Pitt, Temple, and Lincoln are the 4 land-grant universities in PA.


gj13us t1_jd9sals wrote

Actually, PSU is the only land grant. Together with the other three it is part of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education, which was created sometime in the late 1960s. It’s a public-private hybrid system.


Hot-Pretzel t1_jdargs6 wrote

No, the state system of colleges in PA was actually formed in the 1980s.


gj13us t1_jdat8kc wrote

Different system. The PASSHE schools are not the same grouping as the state-relateds.


Mrstucco OP t1_jd97bva wrote

Correct. I noticed the mistake too late to edit.


SSFx93 t1_jd94jfl wrote

They're affiliated universities.


IJellyWackerI t1_jd97r36 wrote

PA schools already unaffordable compared to most other states. Lets add to it!


BluCurry8 t1_jd9ai23 wrote

We could reduce the size of our bloated legislature and reallocate those funds to higher education.


Dredly t1_jd8zksn wrote

4.6 Billion endowment days this is bullshit


eltruteht t1_jd91p34 wrote

No one ever, in the history of the world, has ever said “I need less money”. We need a tough citizenry and government that that has the courage to say “no”.


bonzoboy2000 t1_jdacfg5 wrote

I was at Penn State visiting once. I asked what the state funding was. They said 4% or so. I figured that’s not correct. Last year I dug into the university budget and the state’s funding level. It was actually a small fraction. A lot of money, but not 90% or so. When I was on campus I asked why, if the funding was so low, they call it “Penn State?” The dean told me it will always be called Penn State, regardless of the state funding level.

FWIW: I went to school in California, when it was nearly zero tuition. It can be done. While there, the Cal system had more Nobel Laureates than all of the USSR. Affordable education is possible, people just have to want it. In Texas, the U of T has so many gas and oil wells in West Texas they could make all education free. But you can bet that they don’t.


IWantAStorm t1_jdd855r wrote

I like to read into state lotteries.

They tend to report only on what they give back than just figures.

So beyond paying a production fee and like 25 seconds of TV.

Where is the rest going?


ny_insomniac t1_jd9hxe0 wrote

I went to Penn State. For what, exactly? More construction and luxury facilities no one asked for (the gyms on campus aren't free for students, by the way) and more equipment for the football team?


CVideoDesigns t1_jd9mmqo wrote

Same here, and I totally agree. There has been non-stop construction on that campus forever! I even made a short student film about it for one of my film classes called “Construction State” OVER 20 YEARS AGO! And yet, look no further than East Halls for a shining example of the squalor students are still living in while paying more than double what I did each semester. The largest reason by far that I keep chucking their fundraising letters in the garbage is because of the irresponsible spending I’ve seen over the past two decades.


ny_insomniac t1_jd9wjxv wrote

Oh my god! That's too clever. Were you also in the film program? I bet you can understand my frustration at the new communications building that opened up after our departure. No more long annoying trips to Innovation Park for classes or to pick up equipment.


CVideoDesigns t1_jd9z38s wrote

Yeah, film program, but I finished up just before everything got shipped to IP, so most of my classes were still in Carnegie. That would be crazy annoying; I didn't even realize they moved it back again. I remember my senior year they were talking about the change to IP and I was like "way to kill a top film program by completely divorcing it from campus." I sure never heard of any of my engineering/english/kinesiology friends needing to use the lab at 2am because that's the only time the Avid bays were available to book, but film kids? Sure, find a way to get 2 miles outside of campus after the busses stop running and you have no car. At least my class could hand carry all the gear rentals from Carnegie back to our apartments if we couldn't rustle up someone with a car.


IWantAStorm t1_jdd9tsu wrote

Temple was like this the whole time I was there. Ripping down and rebuilding.

And whoever designed some of those buildings were out of their mind. When I think back, a ton of the buildings were fire traps.


EeveeBixy t1_jdb3aih wrote

Don't forgot replacing full time tenure track professor positions with part-time adjunct positions that pay worse, offer no benefits, and are on a semester by semester contract basis. Meaning you're paying more for larger classes taught by less experienced teachers.

Also take 30% overhead from any research grant, and pay Postdocs and grad students (who are also teaching some classes), the NIH minimum (which is required to get NIH funding). Plus, if the Postdoc or grad student does get a grant that will increase their salary, take the money, and keep them on the minimum salary (This is at least the bullshit that Temple pulls).


bell_telephone t1_jddcopu wrote

> the gyms on campus aren't free for students, by the way

I'm sorry, what?

I agree with almost everything in this thread, but that statement is blatantly false. Unless you consider the athletic training complex, but there are like 3 completely open gyms on campus.


ny_insomniac t1_jdebkue wrote

Maybe that's what I was thinking of, if you mean the complex right off Atherton.


Thyristor_Music t1_jd95x9n wrote

It seems like these schools are on a mission to make themselves as irrelevant and unobtainable as possible. Higher education has truly become a waste of time and money.


Viperlite t1_jd9t27m wrote

When I post on Reddit that public, in-state university is expensive, they always say its not— until I clarify that I mean PA. Then they suggest community college and commuter college, or trade school.


YuleBeFineIPromise t1_jd9w00k wrote

Maybe they should dip into their $4.5 billion dollar endowment first.


OrangeSundays19 t1_jd96k9a wrote

Absolutely the wrong direction higher education needs to be going.


HeyZuesHChrist t1_jd9gsg7 wrote

Tuition costs for schools is untenable at this point. I wouldn't recommend anyone go to a university outside of maybe a community college at this point.


carrigan_quinn t1_jd9f0i3 wrote

Why are we giving them any funding if they aren't even "state" schools?

Fucking what.


SeptasLate t1_jd9s7o5 wrote

Theyre state-related/land grant universities. State gives them funding and they provide lowered in state tuitions so that people in the state.


reena_leone t1_jd9ozys wrote

As a Penn State alum, this news is frustrating but unfortunately not surprising. It seems like every year there's a tuition hike, despite the increase in state funding. I understand that universities need to cover their costs, but it's disheartening to think of how many students might be priced out of education because of these increases.


starion832000 t1_jd98r0q wrote

Huh. Who would've thought the answer was "more money"?


lienotm t1_jd9e2um wrote

Funk that. Cut costs like the rest of the citizens that don't have access to tax dollars.


DrSquilly t1_jda5mid wrote

As a faculty member of a university that is not on this list; cut the administrative positions and you’ll have the money you need. You certainly don’t pay us.


LenniLanape t1_jdac513 wrote

Historically, PSU has a 5% increase annually.


dtcstylez10 t1_jd9k71w wrote

Where the fuck is the money can go to school in Europe and Canada for like 1/5 of the US tuition.


31November t1_jdar6z4 wrote

Temple is fucking ridiculous. I’m a student, and first these fuckers cry that they can’t afford to pay grad student union workers, then they cry and cry that they need higher tuition.

I’m so sick of being surrounded by leadership in my university, in my state, and most of all at the federal government that cry cry cry.

Just get something for my quality of life better instead of whining and moaning. I’m so sick of the sorriest generation running the world based purely on greed and crying about how hard it is for them.


IWantAStorm t1_jdd91f2 wrote

It was the same when I was there 15 years ago and they've only gotten worse and worse.

I was there in the era of it basically turning into a perpetual bar/restaurant/mall. I can't even imagine how ridiculous it is now.


Newkid92 t1_jd9kvhp wrote

They are making people pay more while admissions are dropping significantly?

NICE 😑 I feel bad for these kids in the future, they are gonna make it impossible to advance. Between the cost of housing, education, and medical it's like playing spin the wheel of lifetime debt.


linkdudesmash t1_jda77nf wrote

Offset it with money made from sports


Canyondreams t1_jda1yxr wrote

I don’t understand why Colleges and Universities are so immune to the realities of business. A business that can not control its costs often finds itself out of business. A business that fails to offer good value for the product or service it provides often goes out of business. Yet these institutions and many others march on as if by Manifest Destiny.


fdrlbj t1_jda73s8 wrote

None of them should get state funding. Unless they suddenly opt to become state universities, all state funding should go to state system of higher education schools.

Last time I looked, I think the state provides funding in excess of $600 million to the “state-related” schools including Pitt and Penn State, Lincoln, and Temple, while funding for the 14 state schools like Slippery Rock and IUP is around $475 million.


That_Checks t1_jd985r5 wrote

Maybe SVB can give them a loan?


Hot-Pretzel t1_jdaqcrk wrote

No! Work with what you've got and learn to tighten your belt. These schools are out of hand. It's time to be more fiscally responsible and less wasteful of resources all the way around. also, cut the fat cats at the top. Admin bloat is an issue. Also, under-enrolled programs need to be axed.


[deleted] t1_jdatvyz wrote

Penn State, PSU, Temple and Lincoln say they need more money, even with a 7% increase in state funding



NoEducation9658 t1_jdauts8 wrote

So many bullshit admin jobs in colleges and universities, it's insane. I worked for the GOVERNMENT for a number of years and I saw less waste than what I saw routinely on college campuses. The education bubble needs to end... not everyone should go to college and in fact most should not.


_token_black t1_jdbgdlt wrote

Pennsylvania never ceases to amaze me on how ass backwards it can be.

Was weird when I moved to Ohio that OSU was on par with the tuition for IUP. Meanwhile Temple for a 4 year undergrad program is pushing $90k, not counting housing of any sort.


Brianeric t1_jdbubfl wrote

Ridiculous. The Board members of these schools are greedy criminals


throwawayamd14 t1_jd9isqf wrote

Maybe they should reduce the required amount of “Gen Ed” requirements to make education more affordable?


Lefty354 t1_jd9uc0c wrote

Sounds like BS !


vasquca1 t1_jda31fb wrote

Don't give them shit. Let them dip into savings like everyone else.


Eggbread_69 t1_jdatvaq wrote

University of Penn’s 4 billion endowment should cover it all


flyby501 t1_jdbapte wrote

Eat the fattest loads universities, with that statement as your topping.


Ok_Season_5325 t1_jdc97ar wrote

Can’t wait till AI makes college worthless.


UndrDogs t1_jdccvo8 wrote

Introduce legislation capping tuition… there is no need for colleges to raise costs every single year. It just leads to more predatory loans


juxtapose_58 t1_jdd2kb9 wrote

I don’t know for what? It obviously isn’t going for professors raises.


pwnedkiller t1_jd9otk0 wrote

You can try but you can’t always fix stupid.


BeatsMeByDre t1_jd9q35g wrote

Maybe get rid of football then. "But it brings in all the money!" Then charge 7% more for tickets? Can't have it both ways.


SeanWT t1_jda27wh wrote

At Penn State, the academic and athletic sides are separate. The athletic department is self sufficient and no tuition or academic money goes towards varsity sports. The majority of schools are not this way however.


point_breeze69 t1_jdbbf4m wrote

Hiking tuitions of students so they can get degrees for jobs that won’t exist in 5 years.


theREALPLM t1_jdefwpz wrote

Oh please when these Universities inevitably start going under, we cannot bail them out. It's the 21st Century. They could have done education so much better. The bastards take advantage of graduate students and undergraduates alike. They straight up abuse the underclassmen, forcing them into dorms and expensive meal plans that are not cost-beneficial.


alternatingflan t1_jdg7hos wrote

How about a PASSHE administration destroying two free parking lots on one campus to put up one PAID parking garage that had an entire concrete floor suddenly drop after just a couple years, never filled, and I don’t think has been fixed in over five years since.


MrI3lue t1_jd9q5yh wrote

Some of yall are saying how its BS that they raise tuition but than still vote for politicians that allow this shit. Democrats, Republicans, whatever. Stop voting for the wrong reasons. Vote for what will benefit the people.


Incrarulez t1_jda1ez9 wrote

How exactly does one take on the dnc/rnc where the real power lies in a "2 party system"?


MrI3lue t1_jdazf8h wrote

Register for a party if you are independent. Decide which party aligns with your values. Vote in primaries for the candidates that will actually bring change, not just popular vote. Most importantly, talk to people who hold different views instead of villanizung them.


snipechedda t1_jdaxfyv wrote



MrI3lue t1_jdazhzg wrote

Nice self portrait


snipechedda t1_jdazzzv wrote

You post vague statements about politics that are so full of shit. Neither party is doing anything about colleges raising tuitions. At least the Democrats attempted to ease the burden of cost - although the execution sucked.


MrI3lue t1_jdb0jgf wrote

Yes so vote for candidates that will do something. And if they dont contact them. When i went to college it was high but i can afford it. Now its becoming unreasonable and i wouldnt go. I have contacted republic and democrat candidates to ask about their plans.