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VilleIn97 t1_jdwscy4 wrote

You can paint over the keystone symbol to make it look like this. Interesting idea.


RoyceRedd t1_jdwu6rf wrote

There’s no keystone symbol on vanity plates. You can have either a blank space (what this probably was), or a hyphen if you choose.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je1si5k wrote

Good job, now somebody's going to put two lightning bolts next to each other on their plate.


tuenthe463 t1_jdwucjh wrote

The other day I saw a plate LVMYBOYS where the S was hand-painted on. WTF.


wagsman t1_jdwycgq wrote

Sounds like the younger one was an "oops"


mcerk22 t1_jdx7hwi wrote

Or she now has multiple boyfriends


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jdxi8oh wrote

Or he has multiple boyfriends


lake_gypsy t1_jdxotti wrote

Or he's a priest


skrilledcheese t1_jdxx6s5 wrote

Hey, that's nothing to joke about. My parish priest, Father O'Neill, was a gentle soul who never laid a hand on me when my brother and I were altar boys...

Though, my brother never bragged about being "the cute one" ever again.


stu8018 t1_jdxikmm wrote

Wow. They're really into alternating and direct current. Must be an electrician.


APigNamedLucy t1_jdyuebh wrote

Common mistake, they're a plumber actually.


Yen-sama t1_je1akyy wrote

This tracks. I've seen enough failed home inspection videos on TikTok where sink and shower plumbing carried an electrical current.


McGundam1215 t1_jdxlu8r wrote

Or they like the band


stu8018 t1_jdxn3hl wrote

Yeah that was my attempt at nerdy dry humor.


McGundam1215 t1_jdxn7xw wrote

I figured but the Quaker so I gotta kill fun in the state of pa


stu8018 t1_jdxnkmn wrote

I'm from Amish country. I had to listen to adults wail about it standing for "After Christ Devil Came". I couldn't control my laughter even at age 5.


sp00nix t1_jdxz9qv wrote

The joke is that anyone likes that band.


mcvoid1 t1_jdxnff2 wrote

To be fair, AC/DC does, in fact, rock.


kshucker t1_jdxtsnf wrote

> Personalized registration plates may contain up to seven letters and numbers in combination. One hyphen or one space is permitted, but not both. Special characters are not available.

The next question is if it is legal to alter a plate. Something tells me it’s not legal to alter something that’s issued by the government. Dude’s gonna get pulled over and have surprised Pikachu face.


reefered_beans t1_jdyjin9 wrote

Yet I see those police blue stripe stickers all the time and guess who isn’t getting pulled over for those? 👀 not suggesting that either is okay


MostlySpiders t1_je2q80d wrote

Pretty sure there was a big flap recently about it being illegal in PA to cover any part of a plate with anything.


Scrungo_Mungo t1_jdzxs77 wrote

This fool is in Franklin county, all he has to do is screech “MAGA” when the cop pulls him over and he will get a pounder of Natty Ice for free :)


shewy92 t1_jdzxcru wrote

> Something tells me it’s not legal to alter something that’s issued by the government

IDK about that since technically those old registration stickers were on the plate and could be considered altering it. Those stickers were technically only allowed to be on the designated top left corner but you see them on all 4 corners some times


Yen-sama t1_je1a3ug wrote

That sticker was an intended use though, and those license plates are still government property. I assume altering a license plate is a similar crime to defacing currency.

Unless you're outright trying to change the characters on the tag, which is probably considered fraud like the example given in another comment where a lady painted on an S to the end of her vanity plate.


ScrollDragon t1_jdxnltk wrote

AC/DC and Rainbow Kitten Surprise? I don't care if they're breaking the law, they have good music taste!


thekush t1_jdxc80c wrote

As long as EZ Pass can toll them properly, I'm OK with it.


furry_anus_explosion t1_jdyowec wrote

Nice to see a fellow chambersburg person here. Don’t see that often


thecrowfly t1_jdy3lcc wrote

Possibly altered. But you can't deny this person's love of AC/DC.


iduzhair t1_jdyo1py wrote

Highway to hell plays in the background


dunkeebutt t1_jdzrnsa wrote

I saw a GDY LEE on the road yesterday. Today's Tom Sawyer.


enoughstreet t1_jdxcvdh wrote

I found one that spelled ligonier, I think they had to add the o as a decal. Pretty cool actually


VigilanteZatch t1_je0eb6z wrote

i believe you CAN get the bolt if you have a ham radio permit or similar thing. im from MA and ive seen a couple.

edit: just looked it up, shouldve done that before posting. "So what does it mean? The Commonwealth of Massachusetts uses the lightning bolt to designate an amateur radio operator license plate. The plate number is the owner's call sign, as issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)."


sjudrexel t1_je1g6xj wrote

You’ve heard of the Dead Head sticker on a Cadillac. I present to you the AC/DC license plate on a Buick.


beachsidewilly t1_jdyhzh2 wrote

You can order custom license plates online that look just like the real thing online, which is probably what this guy did. Hence the special character. Hopefully he has a vanity plate registration with the same characters.


Yen-sama t1_je1cect wrote

It's probably not legal to use a plate that isn't issued by the government, even if the characters are the same and legit.


beachsidewilly t1_je1m7zm wrote

That was my thought when I considered doing that myself, but I couldn’t find anything saying it was illegal. That said, surely you’d be in less hot water if the non-issued plate matches your issued plate.


highfivesforgod t1_jdyj15m wrote

Doesnt look like the bolt is pushed out. Was it just vinyl lightning bolt?


Jeanineannette t1_jdys4i1 wrote

It’s PA, grease the right palm and you can get anything.


BatBurgh t1_jdzihh8 wrote

I just find it amazing that this is on a Buick.


Squashey t1_je00ji0 wrote

Chambersburg is a pretty weird place, has that burnt out vibe, could be real.


mojojoemojo t1_je0nkvi wrote

It looks like they stenciled it into a blank spot. The letters look raised. The bolt looks flat


AtBat3 t1_jdy1q5m wrote



ugmold t1_jdy5bul wrote

Ham Radio License,? We have that in my State, don't know why.


aidengyle t1_jdylfc9 wrote

Snitches get stitches


couchgodd t1_jdxhnvj wrote

Notice mo reg stickers


LadyNorbert t1_jdxibfu wrote

Reg stickers haven't been required for the last few years, they don't even provide them anymore. My car doesn't have any either.


Yen-sama t1_je1bfcv wrote

Boyfriend's car also does not have them because he moved here in 2021.

They do not provide the stickers anymore. That is correct.


McGundam1215 t1_jdxm6j1 wrote

Yeah pa stopped doing those stickers in like 2017/2018, cause a lot of confusion with both the state, local pd and the surrounding states pds


TheLateWalderFrey t1_jdxs3eh wrote

> Yeah pa stopped doing those stickers in like 2017/2018, cause a lot of confusion with both the state, local pd and the surrounding states pds

Can confirm. When they stopped issuing the stickers I was guaranteed to be pulled over when I drove into Maryland. Cops wanted to snag me for an expired registration, and it took an unbelievable amount of time for the officer(s) to figure out that if the registration card says current, the plate is current.

Finally got tired of it and removed all the old stickers - guess what happened the next time I went down? Yup, pulled over for NOT having a reg sticker. Same routine checking out if my registration card was legit.. MD State Troopers, local cops in NorthEast and Elkton are not very smart.

I don't know if it's gotten any better as I sold my boat just before covid hit, and haven't had a reason to go back.


jawn_snow t1_jdx3j7c wrote

Should get pulled over for bad taste.


enn_sixty_four t1_jdx7snz wrote

fucking thank you lol. Came here to say something similarly snarky 👏 AC DC is lame as hell


Bmartin_ t1_jdxstkn wrote

Rock n roll ain’t no riddle, man. To me it makes good good sense