Submitted by Free-Independence-81 t3_11iywd5 in Pennsylvania

Hey everyone, I have celiac diease, I have found some great spots in South Jersey/Philly for Mexican Food but still struggling to find GF Burritos. I’m really just trying to find a good mexican restaurant that also sells gluten free burritos. Does anyone have any suggestions? Can be anywhere a little outside of Philly as long as they’re good!

thank you!



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walken4life t1_jb1n6e4 wrote

Couple words of warning here. Burritos are almost always going to be made with flour tortillas (wheat flour). Even if you can find a place that offers GF burritos there will likely be cross contamination. Also ethnic restaurants in general are not usually good at gluten free preparation or knowing everything that is actually in their ingredients.

My advice is find good GF wraps / tortillas and make your own burritos. Get used to doing this sort of thing (making things you never bothered making before) to avoid being 'glutened'.

Source: Am spouse of someone with celiac.


sunisloco t1_jb24grm wrote

Authentic Mexican restaurants are almost always celiac-friendly, EXCEPT for burritos (and quesadillas). Corn tortillas just don't hold up well once they get that wide, it's a matter of practicality.

For reference, Mission's "Super Size" corn tortillas are less than six inches in diameter. You need at least 10-12 for a burrito that deserves the name.


susinpgh t1_jb2jvk0 wrote

FWIW, Mission Foods does have a GF Tortilla that is standard size. I would touch base at r/glutenfree and check in on their product reviews.


sunisloco t1_jb2xrjk wrote

Sure, GF alternatives exist, but the question is specifically finding a good one at a local restaurant. Most places have corn and flour and that's it.

My wife has Celiacs, and we've unfortunately never seen a GF burrito in the wild. However, the existence of those GF burrito tortillas is duly noted and I'm excited to test them out.


susinpgh t1_jb10zzt wrote

Hey, I'm assuming you tried asking in r/glutenfree? Good luck, I know it can be tricky finding GF food.


Ghstfce t1_jb2a7rs wrote

Just spitballing here, but maybe you could order a burrito bowl and use GF tortillas you bought elsewhere? My wife has celiac and she usually gets bowls. I do too, because the portions end up being bigger.


drumberg t1_jb6bo6m wrote

I have a daughter with celiac and it also enlightened me this secret of the universe. I get way more food without a tortilla. It's awesome.


Ghstfce t1_jb6cb7i wrote

Plus you no longer risk the burrito splitting and emptying its contents all over you.


General_Coast_1594 t1_jb3oqwr wrote

So gluten is the thing that allows a wrap to bend enough to make a burrito so you’re likely not going to get one that works. That being said, I can tell you about many many amazing gluten free tacos.

Source: Philadelphian with celiac