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hiding-identity23 t1_je5qyni wrote

Yep. My kids’ was one. It’s really hard to be a parent in this world today.


Spiderhater76 t1_je5vkmk wrote

Agreed. My child is in elementary school in PA right now and I panicked when I saw the headline. I panic every single day she gets on that bus and I'm not there to keep her safe. It's truly difficult to send your kids off and not know what will happen to them


hiding-identity23 t1_je60eop wrote

One of mine was in first grade when 20 first graders were slaughtered at Sandy Hook, so I feel like it really touched a nerve with me. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out when they take the bus, but I drop them off fairly regularly. When I do, I always tell them “I love you; have a good day” when they’re getting out of the car. Though they’re teenagers now and usually have headphones in. 😒


suzannem18 t1_je615eh wrote

My daughter goes to Altoona. It's really sad that this is what our kids have to deal with—that this is their normal. This sort of stuff never happened when I was in school back in the Dark Ages before Columbine and the rest. I'm just glad it was actually a hoax... I can't imagine what it would be like if it were a real situation.


hiding-identity23 t1_je6295i wrote

Columbine happened at the end of my junior year. There were (rumored?) bomb threats about the prom that year, but they were quickly debunked. I don’t think we had any threats of anything my senior year.

One of mine was in first grade at the time of Sandy Hook. I don’t know if that’s why it really started on my radar or what, but I just feel like from then on out they’ve just been practically nonstop.


suzannem18 t1_je7alzs wrote

I think I’m a few years older than you. I had just turned 23 when Columbine happened and was in my senior year of college. I’ve worked at universities since 2001, and had threats after Virginia Tech, as well as for random reasons. My kids have had so many lockdowns… It never gets easier, and it’s way too much!


Pink_Slyvie t1_je62hza wrote

>Yep. My kids’ was one. It’s really hard to be a parent in this America today.

Fixed it for you. Sure, there are places way, way worse, but when it comes to developed nations, we are really the only place where these issues exist.


hiding-identity23 t1_je63sq1 wrote

Very good point. Other countries have figured this shit out, but somehow we just can’t seem to.


Pink_Slyvie t1_je682mo wrote

Oh we know the problem. Fundamentalist religious organizations.