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Hazel1928 t1_jb6ksar wrote

Maybe you could print out an online medical bill, if it has your address on it. Also, I wonder if they would accept a library card.


hekishokuneko t1_jb6nxig wrote

Thanks! I actually was able to print out my bank statement! My doctors online portal doesn't let me print with my address on it just my name and date of birth.


sfekty t1_jb8fr1m wrote

Wouldn't PA DMV have it on their website?


TSUTigers95 t1_jb91u6d wrote

I googled proof of residence in Pennsylvania for learners permit and it gave me a link for what documents are needed and accepted. Took me 3 minutes to find the answer.


hekishokuneko t1_jb92aga wrote

That's not even my question. It was if the bills need to be recent or not. (Like a bill from within the last 90 days) since the website and manual do not clarify and I wanted to be double sure in case I get turned away. It doesn't say. I didn't realize that if it isn't listed out that it didn't matter. This post is from yesterday and has already been answered and I already got my ass torn apart for even asking this question.


TSUTigers95 t1_jb92gz4 wrote

You got your ass torn apart because this is something you can look up yourself. No reason to have to ask people of Reddit for information. It’s amazing the laziness of people.

How do you even known what you are being told by Reddit is even correct. Go to the actual source if you want answers. Stop relying on other people to do work for you.


hekishokuneko t1_jb92rf0 wrote

This has already been clarified! get a life dude. DMV questions are asked here all the time because this is PA subreddit and the DMV are known for being obtuse idiots and I just wanted some freaking clarity on the situation. It's such a simple question If you have such a big problem with it take it up with the mods. I already went to the source. I already went to the website. I already asked people I knew in real life. The website didn't state how recent it needed to be. The people I knew didn't know if bills needed to be recent. Sorry I thought maybe someone had a similar experience and could answer me. On a forum website. Where people share information.


[deleted] OP t1_jb61f6t wrote



hekishokuneko t1_jb61lts wrote

Maybe I already checked and Maybe it didn't specify how recent it needed to be. No need to be so hostile.


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_jb628a8 wrote

Ignore that chucklefuck. It's a valid question. Do you have a copy of a tax return or paycheck? That could suffice.


hekishokuneko t1_jb62yyv wrote

I haven't filled taxes yet but when you mentioned paycheck I just realized I can print out my bank statement from last month that has the info I need on it. Thanks so much!


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_jb636uq wrote

Yep that could work! No problem! Good luck with future driving. :)


CharacterBrief9121 t1_jb6b30l wrote

Omg did the website answer your question


hekishokuneko t1_jb6dh81 wrote

No it didn't lol. The original question was how recent of a bill did I need to have (within the last year? within the last 3 months? Within the last month? Nothing was specified.) After reading someone's comment about paychecks I remembered I have a bank statement from last month and I can't imagine a society where that isn't a recent enough. I saw some states require them to be recent but PA didn't specify and I'd rather not turn up on my one day off work and not be able to get it that day.


CharacterBrief9121 t1_jb6do5w wrote

No specification means no requirement? Laws and regs are meant to be read as is. So if you did not see it official sources it does not matter.

That’s civics 101. Some of y’all need to go back to school.


hekishokuneko t1_jb6h3pe wrote

I'm sorry I like to be thorough? I'd rather not waste their time or mine by bringing something they can't use. Some people just like clarification.


Hazel1928 t1_jb6lnf6 wrote

Don’t listen to character brief or delco dick. I think you had a legitimate question. Personally, I think it might depend on who is processing you. Some of them might accept an old medical bill and others wouldn’t. Anyway, Reddit also has a social function. If character brief or delco dick don’t like your question, they should scroll.


CharacterBrief9121 t1_jb6hmk7 wrote

I wouldn’t call that being thorough, I’d call it opening up yourself to the wrong information there is an official site for a reason, places to go for the correct info so Johnny down the block doesn’t feed you bs. And I’ve seen it happen over and over again especially this sub where the questions can be answered by typing in the search box in The way you’re doing it is harder and if you find info contradicting what you saw on the official site and go chasing confirmation on a false lead it’s wasting time, worse is straight believing the bs and ending in the position you’re afraid of in the first place. Best way to handle it would have been call your local dmv and get clarification on the documents.


hekishokuneko t1_jb6jkrm wrote

It was a goddamn simple question there would be no "misinformation". I've shown up with the wrong documentation to things before and have been turned away. I'd rather that NOT happen. Something being omitted or vague doesn't always mean it isn't something to worry about or consider. Rules and regulations are always revised to be more clear or don't get passed because they are intentionally vague. Not everyone has to be well-versed in bureaucracy to go to the freaking DMV.


[deleted] OP t1_jb6jrh9 wrote



hekishokuneko t1_jb6oeyh wrote

Have you or a loved one ever struggled with social anxiety. I sure hope not if this is the way you treat them. Which is why I even asked this in the first place. I don't want to inconvenience anyone.


CharacterBrief9121 t1_jb6p0tr wrote

Yeah me, that doesn’t change anything.


hekishokuneko t1_jb6p60y wrote

Yeah, well I'm genuinely glad you aren't struggling. Not everyone has the luxury to be able to make phone calls without wanting to throw up.


CharacterBrief9121 t1_jb6pngj wrote

That’s life, being put out of youre comfort zone and yeah I’m struggling too otherwise I wouldn’t be arguing with strangers online. I work through ways to cope with a professional and taking steps. This is one of them. I’m sorry I’m being aggressive online over petty shit. I’m not trying to make an excuse but misinformation is major sticking point for me especially these days. When is equally both easy to get misinformed and hard to get correct info and vice versa.


hekishokuneko t1_jb6puwh wrote

It's fine dude just remember that there are other people on the other side of the screen with real human emotions.


[deleted] OP t1_jb64ly1 wrote



--Cr1imsoN-- t1_jb64syn wrote

I don't believe you'd be as rude in real life as you are online. Have a great rest of your day, asshole!


[deleted] OP t1_jb62cnu wrote



hekishokuneko t1_jb644o4 wrote

It doesn't give any info about if the statements have to be RECENT or not. All my bills are from last year. Maybe someone perusing this subreddit works for penndot or has experienced being turned away because they had a bill that is too old to meet their requirements. Maybe you should grow up and get off of this subreddit. Or reddit in general since it is a FORUM website where people ask questions that they haven't found the answers for or share information that might be helpful.

You assumed I didn't go to their website and thoroughly check the driver's manual to see if bills need to be recent. You assumed I was being lazy. The website tells you what kind of bills. Not if they need to be recent or not. Where in my search I read some states need them to be within 90 days. That's not very "clear" now is it.

Why waste your time on Reddit to tell other people their questions are dumb and to get off reddit. Sounds way less productive than just scrolling away.


[deleted] OP t1_jb64esf wrote



No-Setting9690 t1_jb65vm6 wrote

I'm a bipolar asshole, you one up me by having dick in your name.


spicymallows t1_jb65psj wrote

You’re the one who needs to calm down. Your comments were completely unnecessary and you’re clearly looking for a fight. If someone makes a post that can be answered by google, so what? Ignore it if you don’t want to answer the question. Really weird you felt compelled to leave those nasty comments.


Sovereign2142 t1_jb6sb0l wrote

Please take your own advice. You’ve made your point several times and now you’re being intentionally obnoxious.


Middle_Aged_Mayhem t1_jb6jwho wrote

Just give it up already. Being a douchebag is not a learned trait, but you can learn not to be one. Free tip: If there is something going on that you don't agree with or doesn't affect you, just move on.


AbstractDiocese t1_jb653jw wrote

as if it’s some novel of a question, it’s a valid question that asks for some clarification and information that isn’t as specifically laid out in the resources that you cited as you think they are. It’s okay to just roll your eyes and scroll past rather than going out of your way to be an unhelpful asshole


[deleted] OP t1_jb65hmj wrote



AbstractDiocese t1_jb664nd wrote

OPs question wasn’t whether or not something is required, it’s the specifics of the requirements in question. Anyone who has walked into a DMV knows that they can be enormous assholes (maybe you could find a job there?) so OP was just trying to cover their ass by asking what is supposed to be a helpful community of people who have already gone through it and dealt with the assholes.

Regardless of anything, the point stands that you didn’t contribute anything, your presence here is pointless and you haven’t helped. You’re just being mean for the sake of being mean, I hope you are proud of it


delcodick t1_jb66rxq wrote

You appear to mistake a low tolerance for questions that have an easily available official source with an answer for being mean.

You pick your questions you don’t to pick my answers 😉

A sub full of such questions does nothing to add to collective knowledge and often leads to misinformation being posted in replies and further confusion.

You do you but I am fine doing me

There is literally a link to the information in the about section of this sub 🙄


AbstractDiocese t1_jb69cqe wrote

if you live on a subreddit so much that seeing the same or similar questions upsets you enough that you need to go out of your way to leave unhelpful comments you should reevaluate your engagement with social media.
And as for your responses, claiming them to be answers is ignorant at best, and as well as those who pose questions cannot choose the ‘answers’ they receive, those who leave unhelpful responses cannot choose the reactions they get when people recognize them for what they are, jaded and unhelpful spam that reveals far more about you and your perspective than anything to do with those who ask their innocent questions