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Jsingles589 t1_jbmj7qp wrote

I live in Selinsgrove and my brother in law is a structural engineer who specializes in bridges and roads.

The article correctly explains that this cost increase has relates to material costs and inflation.

Not sure why you’re attacking PennDOT for that…


Swimming-Figure-8635 t1_jbmokvz wrote

Because it's a boondoggle that should have never been built. Can you imagine the absolute insanity in red PA if you proposed spending $1 billion on SEPTA?


Jsingles589 t1_jbms4a2 wrote

I don't agree with you.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jboop1t wrote

If PennDOT were proposing to give SEPTA or PRT > $1b for expansion the middle of the state would have a total shitfit.