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the_real_xuth t1_jdmy7cp wrote

Your comment is just flat out wrong in so many ways that your final question becomes nonsensical (since it is predicated on false statements).

In addition to the above roles, the mayors job is to be the face of the city. The chief executive of any entity, be it a corporation or a locale is the top representative for that entity both internally and externally and is never not political.

As to denigrating drag as a just a "sexual fetish" is like saying that feet are merely a sexual fetish and anyone who goes out in bare feet should be shamed and outlawed because of that. Nearly any argument you could make for not wearing anything on your feet could be argued for wearing clothes that are traditionally worn by the other gender in western societies. This runs the full gamut of "it's more comfortable to me" to a "sexual fetish". But if you seem to only be able to focus on the sexual fetish part of it.