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AmberEnergyTime t1_jbopvyd wrote

You should be able to go online to renew the registration like normal as long as you have valid insurance. No additional fees.

I think technically you're supposed to turn in your license plate if you let the registration lapse. But I've never done that and never had any issues.


BartlettMagic t1_jbqeouy wrote

this is it, OP.

if you've never had a legal snag over it, just renew it and move on with your life.


discogeek t1_jborg6j wrote

If you can do it online, you're set and only invested 30 seconds.


TSUTigers95 t1_jbr06na wrote

It probably took you longer to write this post than it would have taken for you to just renew it online.


cigarmanpa t1_jbpeicj wrote

I didn’t register one of my cars for 7 years, just go on line and do it.


eMPereb t1_jbpg7nn wrote

Pffft! If you live in Philly don’t ever renew


chillaygtobro t1_jbpzc4j wrote

I just renewed my Gto registration after 2 years of it sitting . Just pay the money and print


basement-thug t1_jbuc0se wrote

My daughter forgot for over a year, when she renewed it didn't even charge her for the unregistered year, just current. As if it never happened.


[deleted] t1_jborkn0 wrote

It might not matter, how fast can that thing go?


anonymously0142 OP t1_jbp08bo wrote

What the bike? Lol. It's only a 900 cruiser, had it to like 110 once. My old 500 could hit 120 and was a lil quicker


No-Setting9690 t1_jbp0r6c wrote

Yea because risking the life of the driver and everyone around them is always worth not getting caught. /s


anonymously0142 OP t1_jbpapcl wrote

Not getting caught? You think I'm just running from the cops? 😂 I live near a rural area with long straight roads. Idk if you know about bikes but cruiser are not fast lol


No-Setting9690 t1_jbpe3w4 wrote

That only reinforces my statement. You think cause you live in rural area that it would be ok to run from the cops? You are still putting your own life and anyone else on the street in jeopardy. That fact that you are bragging about your bike being faster and implying you would run, you should not have a license.


anonymously0142 OP t1_jbpg7yv wrote

Please re read what I posted. I don't run from cops, I literally said I got pulled over in the post. I said I live near a rural area with long straight roads because its "safer" to go fast there compared to more congested areas with blind turns. Again I ride a cruiser, which is slower than than a civic. I am not bragging, I'm answering the guys question. If you knew about bikes you would know 100mph is literally nothing compared to sport bikes that go 200+ in less than 10 seconds. Any car on the road can do 100mph

The argument that bikes are dangerous to other drivers is silly. A speeding car cutting through traffic is much more dangerous to other drivers than a guy on a bike is. Still, it's not okay ride like an ass like that on a bike and I don't.


No-Setting9690 t1_jbpjcl2 wrote

First, I only mention bikes cause that's what the topic is, all speeding is dangerous.
Thank you for clarifying. My mind went right to police cruiser, so that makes so much more sense. My apologies for assuming it mean police and not your bike.


anonymously0142 OP t1_jbplxr7 wrote

No worries!! Sorry, I shouldn't have use biker kinda lingo in a post about registration haha. Cruisers are like the harley style kinda bikes


No-Setting9690 t1_jbpqm25 wrote

No worries, I understand it. I'm in multiple Dodge groups, so I hear cruiser, immediately thinking police. Been a long as week too.


Legitimate_Soft5585 t1_jbp7imp wrote

Glad you weren't cited for the expired registration but another case of police NOT doing routine police work. Sounds right.


anonymously0142 OP t1_jbpag1w wrote

Oh please he was just a good cop. I cut through a one way to get out of the rain. He asked for my registration and looked at my inspection sticker (expired) then just let me off with a warning


Legitimate_Soft5585 t1_jbpaszt wrote

I get it. That part of patrol is actually in the sop. So, yea, he wasn't doing his job. Simple. Safe travels.


anonymously0142 OP t1_jbpbgmm wrote

So if you were in my spot would you curse the cop out for not doing his job and fining/towing your bike away? 😂 maybe he wasn't doing his job, or maybe he saw I was trying to get home and out of the rain and had some empathy. Thinking acab is crazy.


Pink_Slyvie t1_jbp80h9 wrote

Eh, I've been pulled over by police randomly for forgetting registration, after stickers were no longer required.

That means they took the time to scan my plate when I was doing nothing wrong. Its fucking predatory. ACAB


Legitimate_Soft5585 t1_jbp8h4h wrote

Totally. They're getting worse. I guess my point is, they won't do the routine shit that's "boring police work" but they'll lie in wait for some bullshit and pounce on it... like your reg issue. We need much better police.


Pink_Slyvie t1_jbp8po1 wrote

We need to abolish the current police entirely and set up social safety nets. We probably do need some form of law enforcement, but it bears no resemblance to what we have now.