Submitted by deemac1208 t3_11ntsok in Pennsylvania

My company is considering having our annual picnic at Knoebels this summer. They offer a catering service-typical family BBQ stuff like burgers, dogs, mac and cheese, pulled pork. Has anyone eaten their catered food? I want to make sure everyone leaves with a happy belly.



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Critical_Band5649 t1_jbp2ejv wrote

It's not terrible but definitely not as good as the food found in the park. I grew up with my dad's work picnic there and we ate it most years. Even if it wasn't enough food, the park has plenty of goodies to supplement it with. I'm looking at you pierogies


naughtynuns69 t1_jbpqpwl wrote

This thread just awakened a repressed memory for me I forgot how good their food is. I work at Disney World now and the counter-service food at Magic Kingdom is hot garbage.


Logan_Holmes t1_jbp1z8v wrote

I went to a catered event there once and I was pretty disappointed. The quantity of food is pretty limited so each person only gets one plate. They also didn’t have a lot of drinks and by the time I went to get one all they had was unsweetened tea which I’m not a fan of. They also ran out of ice cream before I could get any. Not a great experience. However, I’m biased since I’m very familiar with Hersheypark’s catering and they have a significantly larger menu, and their buffets, drinks and ice cream are all you can eat


deemac1208 OP t1_jbpb4nr wrote

I wonder if your event organizer just didn't order enough for everyone, though. Knoebels' site lets you order a specific number of burgers and dogs, so I'm not too worried about having enough for everyone. I'm mostly concerned about the quality of the food- like is their mac and cheese worth it, or is it just from a box?


Logan_Holmes t1_jbphafc wrote

If you’re concerned about quality then skip the catering. It’s stouffers mad cheese. As with any catering, quantity and price is more important than quality


sx70forlifexx t1_jbp41tv wrote

weis markets has had their picnic there annually for decades

they do a great job


Relax007 t1_jbqgdhe wrote

It was ok. It reminded me of cafeteria food. Basic burger, vanilla ice cream cup, vegetable, etc. It wasn’t bad, but no one would rave about it.


CharacterBrief9121 t1_jboybnv wrote

Had company picnics there, it’s decent but not filling.


Pa17325 t1_jboylpx wrote

I know the Hershey park catering service put out food about the same quality as school cafeterias for the company picnics we went to, so I'd expect about the same


Mijbr090490 t1_jbpqet2 wrote

Those strange, steamed hamburgers. Gross.


Pa17325 t1_jbpvs02 wrote

Exactly. Nasty, swelled up not grilled hot dogs, Pre grilled Sysco chicken breast with cheap BBQ , wonder bread burger rolls, beans straight from the can, you know


NativePA t1_jbrn6k0 wrote

Hershey park food is horrible especially the bbq


Gul_Ducatti t1_jbqbyzr wrote

You are calling them Steamed Hams despite their obvious Grill marks…


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jbpbr2y wrote

They have a catering service, too? Starting to think that if Knoebel's ever shut down the economies of Northumberland and Columbia counties would collapse.


Playful-Accident6287 t1_jbq6bgw wrote

I hated it I had a turkey platter an the turkey gravey tasted like a stick of butter