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ho_merjpimpson t1_jdv7add wrote

There was news that the co-workers were doing a balloon launch for the victims. I swear to fuck if I die, and people litter in my name I'll come back and haunt every single one of them.


MacMac105 t1_jdvd9i7 wrote

I will haunt anyone who puts a memorial to me on a bumper sticker.


ho_merjpimpson t1_jdvehpn wrote

I'm only cool with it if it is full window, AND incorporates both deer antlers and angel wings... ideally with some tyle of tribal pattern to tie it all together, but we don't have to nitpick about details.


ItsjustJim621 t1_jdvfg5l wrote

A bumper sticker that’s similar to the registration sitckers we used to put on our plates…which are very difficult to remove thus hurting the resale value of the car


goplantagarden t1_jdvglel wrote

How is a balloon launch meaningful or helpful? Do a collection for the families and plant flowers or trees in a local park. Jesus, is it that hard to think through?


T_tessa41 t1_jdvyuz0 wrote

I believe it was part of a fundraiser for the fire department that remains on scene searching for bodies. They only found the last missing person last night.


NattyGannStann t1_jdvfun3 wrote

If my kid dies from an anaphylactic response from latex balloons people launch in honor of other people I swear to fuck hope he haunts every single one of them.


Zenith2017 t1_jdvkig6 wrote

If my kid dies from being haunted by a kid who died from anaphylaxis from a balloon launch, I hope he haunts the original people who deserved to be haunted


NattyGannStann t1_jdvriak wrote

Thank you, it would definitely be an all ghost hands on deck type of situation


ronreadingpa t1_jdwavts wrote

Ditto. Balloon releases harm animals and pollutes the landscape. Unless they intend to collect every released balloon and properly dispose of them afterwards. Not likely.

EDIT: Deleted firefighters part, since they're not involved with this.

What's next, flying flaming lanterns, releasing doves, etc. Better they spend money and time on something more productive to help victims.


SeptasLate t1_jdx04h0 wrote

Of everything involved in this situation I'm not sure the most produdictive way to help the victims and their families is by trying to shame firefighters.


radiowave911 t1_jdxdg3v wrote

This is about coworkers of those that died in the plant. The balloon launch may or may not have been in conjunction with a fundraiser for the firefighters. The firefighters were not involved - other than as the recipient of fundraiser proceeds. They (the firefighters) did not launch balloons.

This is about the coworkers from the factory launching balloons.


ronreadingpa t1_jdxis40 wrote

Other poster has clarified the situation. Deleted the firefighter part of my post.


T_tessa41 t1_jdwzvxr wrote

Please allow me to clarify. The employees held a fundraiser for the fire department. The fire department did not release any balloons. They were busy dealing with search and rescue. I’m not even sure the ballon portion was with the fundraiser or a separate thing. I personally would have delivered coffee, water, snacks to the firefighters…. But hey, their hearts were in the right place ?!?! Maybe?


ScienceWasLove t1_jdxmzx7 wrote

Imagine losing 8 coworkers and the most upvoted comment is about the balloons. Reddit group think is a sickness.


ho_merjpimpson t1_jdxsifr wrote

Grieving is not an excuse to litter. It's not like we're chanting it in the middle of them grieving. It's an internet forum where we're allowed to comment on things that we disagree with. In this case, "RedDit gRoUPtHiNK ", is just a popular opinion that progressive young Reddit is sick of seeing old boomers do out of shitty tradition. Sorry, not sorry.


towhomnottowho t1_jdy91jn wrote

Irony- saying boomers blame group think as a shitty tradition, while following a shitty tradition of blaming boomers.


ho_merjpimpson t1_jdyenq3 wrote

>saying boomers blame group think as a shitty tradition

Work on reading comprehension, because that's not what I'm saying.

>following a shitty tradition of blaming boomers.

If blaming boomers for a tradition, that originated in the boomer generation, that boomers refuse to let die, despite knowing it's a harmful tradition... is shitty, then I'm proud to be shitty.


HogwartsKate t1_je5ti1g wrote

Balloon launches were started in the 1980s, so that is Generation X! Boomers are too thrifty to waste money on balloons and helium to just toss them in the air.


ho_merjpimpson t1_je5yxpy wrote

Ahh yes. Gen x which started in the early 1980s. I remember when everyone was like. Hey fellow 2 year olds. Lets gather en masse and release garbage into the air. It will be a grand time.

The people starting the trend were the parents, not the toddlers, dumbass.


ScienceWasLove t1_jdxx2cg wrote

Lol. Blames boomers. Meanwhile we are in the midst of a gender reveal phenomena that involves more confetti than one can imagine. Those must me boomers to…


ho_merjpimpson t1_jdy2atp wrote

"blaming" boomers? Lol.

Gender reveals being stupid and/or bad doesn't suddenly excuse balloon releases, and reddit sure as shit doesn't like those either..

Like, do you seriously think I wouldn't have something to say if the source of the littering was from confetti or some shit? And it wouldn't be just as popular of a comment? Know why? Cause littering is bad and your grief(or celebration) doesn't excuse you.

Keep trying though, I guess.


Imprettystrong t1_jduunfn wrote

Pretty intense explosion. I’ll be watching this for a cause or reason as to how this happened. But I’m putting my finger on deregulation. Since profits matter way more than anything else in the US, like making sure your facilities don’t explode.


callingcarg0 t1_jduxqge wrote

My girlfriends mom works/worked there. She wasn't there on the day it happened so she's fine, but the current theory going around is apparently a gas leak.


Grashopha t1_jdvbzov wrote

My first thought was a gas explosion. Happens way more often than people would think. About 286 per year, or just under 1 gas explosion per day.


ronreadingpa t1_jdwh7fr wrote

Not just factories either. The Wyomissing Post Office was destroyed in 1979 by a natural gas explosion. (great site by the way)

While not a fan of places outlawing gas, it does have some benefits. All-electric is safer. For manufacturing, electricity is often a viable replacement, but requires different equipment and processes. So can't fault companies sticking with what they have and know.


Grashopha t1_jdwif2k wrote

Happens to houses a good deal too. I remember one exploding in York many years ago and one just exploded in Harrisburg in December.


SneedyK t1_jdyqvi7 wrote

Man, I’m starting to get a complex about all these buildings that explode in wyomissing/Reading area.

Would anyone hazard a guess if it’s safe for me to go see my doctors? Or shit, idk. Maybe the hospital’s due for an explosion by this point.

Kinda interested to know if anyone reading along here knows any specialists that perform surgical procedures out on a nice, sunny green lawn! May means it’s time for my colonoscopy/endoscopy checkup again.


NurseVooDooRN t1_jdva89c wrote

Reports from employees are saying that they complained of smelling gas on the day it happened. They said the reported it and were told it was being worked on. The Gas company is saying they were not notified.


shakenbk t1_jdvm971 wrote

The concept of reporting a gas leak and the gas company being like “it’s cool, you can continue to work” is insane. Anyone who has ever reported a gas leak knows the moment you can smell gas they tell you to get the fuck out.


NurseVooDooRN t1_jdvmkcz wrote

The gas company has said that they were not notified of a leak or the smell of gas. It was the Plant management that told employees that it was being handled. How it was being handled is anyone's guess at this point.


shakenbk t1_jdvqnwr wrote

That’s what I’m implying - plant management is going to have some explaining to do if this is true


axeville t1_jdvxdpl wrote

"We put it on the clipboard of things that need to be budgeted for fixing"


Dismal-Radish-7520 t1_jdwil2z wrote

People are quoted as saying that people had to go outside from time to time because the smell was so bad. One dude they interviewed (I think Reading Eagle) said he went out to get fresh air and stopped mid-way to where he was walking and the explosion happened in front of him. He said if he kept walking, he may have died. Maybe some dramatic flair for clicks but still completely believable. Absolutely terrifying.


radiowave911 t1_jdxefwx wrote

I saw the same article. Forget where, exactly. I noticed on Saturday several places had effectively the same articles. You can tell who uses the same news services :)


ronreadingpa t1_jdwj1ds wrote

If true, not evacuating is inexcusable. Likewise, with not turning off the gas to building 2. Would have lost some production, but better than the entire structure blowing up plus damaging building 1 too.

WFMZ 69 coverage is decent, but notice they've been disabling comments on some of the related articles. Maybe afraid of ruffling the wrong feathers. That's the issue with small-time news media. Trust WPVI 6 and WGAL 8 coverage more along with posts here on Reddit from people actually involved, but I digress.

In time the truth will come out. Most likely a natural gas leak, but could have been more complicated than that. Maybe a boiler explosion due to some fault releasing gas to atmosphere, which would have similar results.


ewyorksockexchange t1_jdux2f4 wrote

My bet is on a dust explosion. Look up Imperial Sugar to see how devastating those kind of explosions can be. The root cause is typically poor housekeeping and process engineering, creating an environment where airborne dust reaches a combustible concentration in a closed space and finds an ignition source.


Susbirder t1_jduyri2 wrote

Yep. And nearly any atomized substance can be explosive. In this environment, sugar, powdered milk, cocoa, and a host of other materials could have been suspended sufficiently to trigger the blast.


ronreadingpa t1_jdwjs4p wrote

Doubt it. Takes a lot of dust to explode that violently. Not saying it's not possible, but seems highly unlikely for what they made there. Probably a gas explosion. Either directly from accumulated gas or a boiler that experienced a fault releasing gas that led to explosion.


yourgravityfails t1_jdzi5is wrote

From what I understand no candy was manufactured in that facility . They packaged there and there were some offices .


Limp-Replacement1403 t1_jdv6emq wrote

I have a former employee that worked at a chocolate factory not far from here. He said that there’s so much dust and small particles in the air he wouldn’t be surprised if one foul spark set it all off


Relax007 t1_jduxaop wrote

I can’t help but wonder if corners were being cut due to ramped up production from Valentines to Easter.


30686 t1_jduyqa9 wrote

One report I saw, maybe the Reading Eagle, said the Easter production rush was over, most Easter candy essentially having already been shipped to their customers.


Relax007 t1_jdv3tk3 wrote

That makes sense. Easter is really close.


namvet67 t1_jdv92hr wrote

I worked at a distribution center for another company, but l will bet the Easter candy was made 4-5 months ago. Go to any grocery store or national drug chain they have that stuff on the shelves months in advance. I know where l worked they will start shipping “ back to school “ by the end of April or at least have a lot of it picked and staged.


Relax007 t1_jdvc0qv wrote

Yeah, I know it’s out early, I just didn’t know when it stopped being made. Hell, I’ve already seen Mother’s Day flowers and balloons. Which is confusing since they will be long dead and deflated before May.


SaffronsTootsies t1_jdvgw32 wrote

I really wish companies would stop pushing crap out so early for all of the holidays. I feel like it takes away from the anticipation when Halloween stuff is out in August. Plus the rush for Christmas every year just makes me anxious. It’s like they’re threatening you in the commercials. “You know… CHRISTMAS is right around the corner waiting for you!”


HogwartsKate t1_jdylhfw wrote

Used to work for Palmer. They make the choc 9 to 12 mos before the holiday and store it. The rush is to get product before heavy heat temps in summer when they do layoffs.


namvet67 t1_je07al3 wrote

I know, so many people think you make Easter candy 3 weeks before Easter. I know you guys make it then store it for a while then it goes to a warehouse somewhere then to Giant or Rite Aid then to their back rooms and then on to the shelf.


ScrappBrannigan t1_jduwpo3 wrote

Old building that utilities probably refused to upgrade and we’re never forced too. It’ll be interesting to hear what actually happened for sure.


jday1959 t1_jdw72qt wrote

Look behind every industrial catastrophe and you will find that government Regulations were weakened or eliminated a few years previously.

It’s as certain as the sun rising in the East.

Wall Street: Regulations kill jobs Real Life: Deregulation kills people


annon103014 t1_je33kvs wrote

From what I've heard/read it was a gas leak.

Employees smelled gas. Called it into the gas company. No one showed up.


30686 t1_jduywky wrote

850 people out of work.


shakenbk t1_jdvl16c wrote

Sounds like employees were reporting to supervisors about the smell of gas and they were told it was fine, ignore it, and continue working.


30686 t1_jdvmkhe wrote

Yup. Saw those reports. I sincerely hope that is not true, but we'll probably find out at some point. OSHA is certainly involved in the investigation.


Dismal-Radish-7520 t1_jdwhtkj wrote

The local gas places were quoted as saying they had no notices from management about any gas leaks that day. Possibly could be a small bit of misinformation getting passed around in articles, but it did see that often when reading about it.


bubblegoose t1_jdwwy6i wrote

Yeah, wasn't the local gas company, UGI, also notified about a gas leak many times before a house exploded in Pottstown, killing an entire family?

No one has been held accountable for that one yet.


linkdudesmash t1_jdx5r39 wrote

I don’t think that cause was ever determined. The houses didn’t have gas service. From what I remember.


HogwartsKate t1_jdyknbi wrote

I lived in Millmont area when an entire block blew up from a gas leak. No one had gas. It was the degraded underground pipes from heavy truck traffic creating a leak that fill an open space and leaked into basements. Guy comes home from work, inserts key in door, static of metal click or flip of light switch —-boom as he opened the door. Lost his entire family. UGI was called. Didnt find it in time. No boomer released any balloons. Balloons are so 1980s! Boomers taught us how to eat with a fork !


curlsncats t1_jdvu9wj wrote

I’m eagerly awaiting the USCSB video on this disaster to hear how leadership fucked up


Derpadoooo t1_jduznn4 wrote

If only our country had enough excess wealth to take care of these people so that being able to work isn't their main concern after an explosion killed 7 of their colleagues.


flydog2 t1_jdv4je6 wrote

A union could help . . .


underscore5000 t1_jdv7wki wrote

If only people werent brainwashed into thinking unions were bad and actively vote against their own interests.


mrGeaRbOx t1_jdvefg6 wrote

Confirmation bias is not brainwashing. It's not like these people had a egalitarian beliefs to begin with. The propaganda is merely enabling their innate authoritarian tendencies.


goplantagarden t1_jdvguzy wrote

They've been drinking from the same well their entire lives that's readily replenished by the ultra-wealthy.


FancyRobot t1_jdvwufv wrote

Reading had union chocolate jobs, it was called Ludens... that factory's jobs were exported to China over a decade ago. The only chocolate factory to move out of the city. Woo unions

Edit: We're heading down the Reddit sinkhole, no counter arguments given but the narrative must still persist in all its purity, the down votes have begun to rain down. An entire town and its generational trauma from union jobs leaving simply cannot understand the brilliance of "just unionizing" from people who likely aren't employed. We're just sheeple!


nalgene_wilder t1_jdw5uu5 wrote

Yeah that's definitely the fault of the union


FancyRobot t1_jdw74x4 wrote

Left Reading in 2009, didn't hire a single new person since the early 90s, only temps when they needed it. Please tell me more about Ludens though! Almost my entire family worked there, thus I need a proper education from Reddit on the plant


BigoofingSad t1_jdxozi5 wrote

That doesn't sound like a union problem. That sounds like a shit company that didn't want anymore union workers, then moved to china for the sake of profits. Unions are great for employees, bad for employers.


MaybeADumbass t1_jdvc7c3 wrote

Why would we take care of people? That sounds socialism! /s


crispydukes t1_jdvofdu wrote

Unless we're taking care of me!


MaybeADumbass t1_jdvp6by wrote

Well that's different. Socialism is only bad when it before benefits other people.


CltAltAcctDel t1_jdvgxhv wrote

They will be eligible for unemployment compensation.


ronreadingpa t1_jdwfy04 wrote

Which pays about 1/2 of their normal wage. Assuming building 1 can be repaired quickly, might be a minor economic hit for workers. However, it seems inevitable that some workers will be let go.

My view is, the company should purchase the large building (assuming they don't own now) fronting Penn Ave, demolishing it all and build a new facility to replace building 2. It would provide better visibility of their presence (not really important, but a nice plus), more manufacturing capacity, and more jobs.


bubblegoose t1_jdwx8qm wrote

If it turns out they really were notified by employees about a gas smell and did nothing about it, will there still be a company when this is over?


VenomB t1_jdvi3h9 wrote

Shhh, don't talk about all of the actual support options they have to move forward. They must suffer so we can complain about it.


blind_wisdom t1_jdw62dp wrote

People DIED. What the fuck, man? We have plenty to complain about.


VenomB t1_jdw7i6a wrote

And we're talking about the people who are still alive and out of a job.


blind_wisdom t1_jdwql3d wrote

Ok. Even then, they probably lost friends. Their life is likely going to have a dramatic change, at least to some degree. And they have a fuck ton to be angry about. None of this would have happened if they didn't.

Literally everybody should be 'complaining' right now.


VenomB t1_jdwrmko wrote

>Literally everybody should be 'complaining' right now.

About what?

Because my comment is specifically about people complaining that these people are out of a job with 0 support available, which is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with your feelings or any one else's. Instead of actually looking into the choices they have to move forward, people would rather just complain that there are none while there are. That's the only thing I'm talking about.

So sure, complain. Just don't sound like a moron while ya do it.


blind_wisdom t1_jdxz6er wrote

Ok. I get your point. It probably wasn't the best time to comment on the survivors' job prospects like op did.

However, I don't think that it's unreasonable to talk about that in other contexts. I'm sure people will look for resources. People don't just give up and go "guess I'll starve, then. But I'm gonna complain about it."

I think people who are complaining probably have experienced (or seen) unfair treatment of workers. They have a right to voice grievances.


SeptasLate t1_jdx15q2 wrote

There's ways to complain about this situation without using the tragedy for people to get on a soapbox about their preferred political issue.

Better workers/unemployment benefits are needed and important but we don't even know what unemployment/benefits the workers will have access to. People are fired up over a hypothetical.


BuddahSack t1_jdvxpaw wrote

But 7 new job openings...


T_tessa41 t1_jdvz85h wrote

I appreciate the dark sense of humor…. Others may not. Maybe wait a week.


radiowave911 t1_jdxe25x wrote

Sometimes that is needed to help with the overall tragedy. Doesn't really bother me, either. Of course, I am not local to Reading (60 - 90 minutes - depending on how I go). This may be seen in a whole different light (dark?) by those closer to West Reading.


reverendsteveii t1_jdw5ntg wrote

>"R.M. Palmer has been a presence in the community for decades now," West Reading Borough Council Vice President Phil Wert said Saturday, donating candy to Easter egg hunts and giving back to the community. He said it's the first responders' and elected officials' responsibility "to give back to them because they've given to us."

I gotta say that making sure that first responders understand their responsibility to the factory owners is a Fucking. Bold. Take. Doubly so if it's true as-reported that employees told supervisors that they smelled gas and were told to get back to work about it.


Dismal-Radish-7520 t1_jdwib47 wrote

Steep to say they "gave so much to the community" when their product is literally brown candle wax lol


OnceInABluMoon t1_jdwvc3q wrote

Palmer chocolate is the most disgusting chocolate out there and I have never understood how they stay in business. They do seem to make a lot of unique looking products but you're right. Its basically candle wax.


ronreadingpa t1_jdwlbn4 wrote

Comes across as don't look too hard for the cause. Keep talk of it on the downlow. For a smaller-scale incident, would likely work.

However, this is national news, so the details will come out. West Reading officials have done a decent job overall managing the situation, but are way out of their league if seeking to cover things up. Truth will come out.

As for what the company does, my hunch and hope is they promptly settle with everyone affected with fair payouts, rebuilds building 2 bigger and better (expand out to Penn Ave), and gets back to business with a stronger focus on safety.


mistreatedlewis t1_jdy3q7j wrote

I was blocks away from this while it was going on. Not going to forget it.


Knichols2176 t1_jdxzylh wrote

Why do I feel this is related to rushing production for Easter? I hope I’m wrong and greed didn’t cause this. The company is responsible and should be paying for every related need! Why do the companies get to have socialism but people can’t?


Askarus t1_jdvs68h wrote

wonka's greed got the better of him this time.


vrpornisquitegreat t1_jdv4ndz wrote

Why could I swear this exact same thing happened last year? I saw this post and someone else post it yesterday, but swear I saw that video and heard about this months ago. They didn't have it happen twice there right?

Edit: It was most likely an unrelated explosion in Reading last year that I am remembering.


cryptoplasm t1_jdv9i6d wrote

You're thinking of the 2 workers that fell in the chocolate vat.

Other states probably think we're doing a Willy Wonka OSHA speedrun.


T_tessa41 t1_jdvzqrh wrote

Seriously, Hershey has to be slated for something crazy later this year…. We need a trifecta.


larryscathouse t1_jdv8vpj wrote

Pottstown just had its third “mysterious house explosion” a week or so ago. Perhaps that’s what you were thinking??


pwnedkiller t1_jdvq5di wrote

Wonka’s exploding candy is at it again.


[deleted] t1_jdux7gg wrote



TapewormNinja t1_jduxmda wrote

Too soon. Hilarious, but too soon.


underscore5000 t1_jdv864l wrote

I mean, there were 9/11 jokes pretty much the day after the event. It's dark humor for a reason.