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Trout-Population t1_jde8q8x wrote

"She was sentenced to House arrest despite multiple term violations, and was permitted to go to the Renn Faire not once, but twice."

Hmm, I wonder white she was allowed to do that?


pedantic_comments t1_jddsd6y wrote

She’s not accused anymore - dead-eyed Methany is guilty.


Slobotic t1_jdfrvqs wrote

> PA Woman Accused Convicted Of Stealing Nancy Pelosi's Laptop At Jan. 6 Riot Sentenced

It's a better headline.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_jddvfvh wrote

From the article:

> PA Woman Accused Of Stealing Nancy Pelosi's Laptop At Jan. 6 Riot Sentenced

> Former Mechanicsburg/Harrisburg woman, Riley June Williams has been sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson on Thursday, March 23, 2023 after she was convicted on charges related to the Jan. 6 riot in the U.S. Capitol— infamously in connection with the theft of Nancy Pelosi's laptop.

> The 23-year-old had been charged with stealing a laptop from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, entering a restricted building and other related offenses.

> Nearly two years ago, Oct. 19, 2021, Williams pleaded not guilty to all eight charges, but she was found guilty on six charges in connection with the theft of the Speaker of the House’s laptop among other charges in connection with the insurrection, on Nov. 21, 2022, according to court documents and multiple media outlets. 

> The jury could not come to a consensus on whether or not she "aided and abetted in the theft" of the laptop or if she "obstructed the certification of the presidential election," according to Scott MacFarlane, a CBS correspondent.

> And previously disputed evidence about her role in stealing a gavel and hardrive from Nancy Pelosi's office is now being permitted, according to court documents. 

> During the sentencing, Judge Jackson called her behavior on Jan. 6 "utterly reprehensible,” as NBC News reported.  Jackson sentenced Williams to three years confinement. 

> Notably, Williams was previously only under house arrest and despite multiple terms violations, she was permitted to go to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, not once but twice.


chickentendieslove t1_jde8yxh wrote

She was allowed to go to the renaissance festival twice? Wow…


heywhadayamean t1_jdetweh wrote

As punishment?


[deleted] t1_jdf53m6 wrote

Awh… I like the Ren Faire. We have one of the best ones in the country.


Revelati123 t1_jdhwoym wrote

I wonder what happened to thieves and insurrectionists in the renaissance?

*Looks that up on google*

Ohh my... Maybe she should stay in 2023.


knarfolled t1_jdh8rsw wrote

Came here for this comment, even though I like the Ren Faire


dddmmmccc817 t1_jdfm4gg wrote

I've never been, but I know a couple fellow PA people who take the Renaissance festival serious


theSG-17 t1_jdfgttp wrote

She definitely looks like the Ren Faire type.


PGHNeil t1_jdhf6fq wrote

Yes, judging by the mug shot she definitely appears to be the "wench, fetcheth me thy mead" type.


delusions- t1_jdhftax wrote

Definitely the type that likes to live in the past


alternatingflan t1_jdjihu2 wrote

She needs JAIL - not this slap on the hands with a waggy no-no finger. And 2 trips to the renaissance fair? Why are there laws if they are not enforced?


negativewishingwell t1_jde80s0 wrote

Only 3 years jeesh


ShatterZero t1_jdg8tnp wrote

Literally the minimum of the Domestic Terrorism charges that are being levied on the Forest Defenders in Georgia.

Stealing Nancy fucking Pelosi's Laptop vs Being in a Forest


axeville t1_jdg9iql wrote

If she stole a laptop from bestbuy she'd do more time than swiping a laptop w national security implications. Wtf


akennelley t1_jddu0sx wrote

No more Renn Faire? Bummer for her.....Rot in there.


CavemanUggah t1_jddyt2y wrote

She only got 3 years. Even if she serves all of it, it's basically a slap on the wrist.


King_Louis_X t1_jdep8xb wrote

Spending a full 3 years behind bars is not a slap on the wrist. That’s still a long ass time to not have your freedoms, plus it obviously follows you after you get out. If you think she should have gotten a longer sentence that’s one thing, but it’s certainly not a slap on the wrist.


CavemanUggah t1_jdestou wrote

Relative to how other crimes are prosecuted it is a slap on the wrist. There are people spending 25+ years in prison for possessing weed: a product that is natural, not harmful, and legal in many states.


King_Louis_X t1_jdev3zc wrote

That’s a bad comparison. 25 years for possession of weed is INSANE, and genuinely not really happening much anymore. I could go the other way and point to literal murderers and rapists receiving exactly zero time in jail. 3 years is really not a slap on the wrist.


StupiderIdjit t1_jdfldzt wrote

She tried to sell the Speaker's laptop to Russian spies.

It's absolutely a slap on the wrist.


King_Louis_X t1_jdfpino wrote

That wasn’t one of the charges she was convicted of.


StupiderIdjit t1_jdfppt4 wrote

That doesn't mean it didn't happen. Stop simping for traitors.


King_Louis_X t1_jdfsk4h wrote

Well then blame the plaintiff’s. Why didn’t they seek charges for that? Stop grandstanding about shit you clearly don’t understand


Otherwise_Comfort_95 t1_jdfnqla wrote

Nobody is doing 25 years for weed unless they were sentenced under the Biden crime bill of 1994


delusions- t1_jdhgep1 wrote

Right? fucking conservative joe biden. Next time we'll have to vote someone more left.


0_0here t1_jdfugnh wrote

You serve it all at club fed. No time off for good behavior.


browneyedgirlpie t1_jddymb2 wrote

I hope 'confinement' isn't more lax house arrest


thedude213 t1_jdfw3ui wrote

She openly admitted to her intent to sell the laptop to Russia, 3 years is a joke. Insane to watch these pieces of shit get light sentencing.


Stonecutter_12-83 t1_jded2yq wrote

Trying to overthrow an election and stealing governemnt property only has house arrest? 🤦‍♂️


wellarmedsheep t1_jdfklf7 wrote

Is it me or is that article really poorly written?


[deleted] t1_jdgmyrm wrote

I love how these traitors are given so much lead way. Wanna go to the Ren faire sureee no problem!


Kellyk3059 t1_jdeaurv wrote

Hey at least they are convicting people for theft again. 🤷‍♂️


cigarmanpa t1_jdeswyt wrote

Three years? That’s it?


Marionboy t1_jdezcxr wrote

Have fun in prison dumbass!


F4STW4LKER t1_jdfpy61 wrote

Have you ever wondered what 'crazy' looks like? This is it.


vasquca1 t1_jdesqkh wrote

25 years. No reason to not give her full sentence like anybody else.


Unregistered_Davion t1_jdheapz wrote

She looks like a straight up serial killer. Dead eyes and cold expression.


Jrc127 t1_jdfc2hi wrote

PA woman covicted ...


Jasole37 t1_jdfht2h wrote

Bunch of traitors to the nation get light sentences. The minimum punishment for traitors used to be getting drawn and quartered, with the maximum being, drawn and quartered then having Your family holdings taken, and your family name stricken from history.

And this bitch just gets 3 years.


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_jdg4yio wrote

Jesus, she looks unhinged. Whelp, have fun in prison!


LePetitRenardRoux t1_jdgg82b wrote

Sorry but first thing I thought was “ohh, shes from the white shore”… thats what we called it when I was a kid.


Gloriapower t1_jdh4elb wrote

What does three years of confinement mean? Three years! Ridiculous.


Worland102688 t1_jdi3467 wrote

I can't believe they let her go to the renn faire twice. Like, wth.


Electr_O_Purist t1_jdhguf7 wrote

She may only do three years in prison, but she’s sentenced to a lifetime of having to be a miserable fuck.


Midnight_oil_365 t1_jdfzc1l wrote

Post been up for 9 hours, 74 comments, 200 some up one gives a shit anymore.


delusions- t1_jdhgkyr wrote

Right? Constitution? Who the fuck cares that was hundreds of years ago


guppynutz t1_jdeyixs wrote

Obviously she deserves to get in trouble but holy shit look at all the people at the top (Democrat and republican) that do shady shit all the time and literally nothing is done. Kind of off putting the people that make the laws don't have to follow them.


delusions- t1_jdhgoh9 wrote

Uhhh... What the fuck does this have to do with anything?

Go out there and make noise that the other people aren't why is there a "but"?


[deleted] t1_jdeh1mj wrote



Beefy-Tootz t1_jdf0by5 wrote

That insane voice in your head saying "I can fix her..."


eltruteht t1_jddvq7j wrote

Can we also charge her with stealing Hunters?


raresanevoice t1_jde2s49 wrote

If she was the person who stole it, sure


MumenriderPaulReed69 t1_jdeded5 wrote

Hunter didn’t have his stolen he was high and left it at a repair shop. After the shop own realized he had it for a certain amount of time he opened it up. Feel bad for the guy that looked at his laptop..


choptheair t1_jdeebpj wrote

Why do you feel bad? Because he got jealous of hunter’s big dong?


MumenriderPaulReed69 t1_jdeemxv wrote

No because he probably saw some sick shit on that computer…


raresanevoice t1_jdee4l4 wrote

So you agree it was stolen and the contest stolen and fabricated


MumenriderPaulReed69 t1_jdeej19 wrote

No. Hunter signed an agreement for have his property forfeited if he doesn’t pick it up over a certain amount of time. So no being high and leaving property to be forfeited at a repair shop. Get a grip dude


raresanevoice t1_jdeih02 wrote

You're kinda funny. It's weird to meet someone who drank that much of the kool-aid and totally lost their grip, yet here you are.


thedude213 t1_jdfwskm wrote

Tech repair shop guy here, what ever agreement your talking about doesn't exist. Shops defer to the local laws to determine when something is considered abandoned. But I don't think anyone is exactly surprised that you'd make something up to just be angry at it.


MumenriderPaulReed69 t1_jdfx1mt wrote

A lot of mental gymnastics going on in this thread that makes it feel like I’m right


thedude213 t1_jdfy67e wrote

Occam's Razor: you haven't considered that you just might be wrong.


wellarmedsheep t1_jdg4skz wrote

Honestly, such an insightful take.

"I don't understand what other people are saying so I am just going to trust my own feelings."


CityOfChamps09 t1_jdhaltb wrote

You shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet, bud.


ItsjustJim621 t1_jdft5bv wrote

As an IT professional, that’s all sorts of ethics code violations….you don’t just open up someone’s laptop and you don’t go looking in files, especially if they don’t pertain to the scope of work that was asked to be done.

And if Hunter left it at this repair shop, wouldn’t there be attempts to contact him to have him get it back?

Besides, there’s so many holes in that story that it’s borderline laughable.


EmptyCalories t1_jdej8lr wrote

>I like to hang out in r/wallstreetbets which is where many conservatives share propaganda.