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One_Hall_8290 t1_jds3rtg wrote

I can't find any information on the suburbs. Is there any risk in Bensalem? It literally borders Philadelphia, and the spill itself was in Bucks County.


beanasaur_ t1_jdsa6ur wrote

The spill affects the Baxter Treatment Plant. If Bensalem gets their water there, than yes.


WitchSlap t1_jdt49x1 wrote

The water companies have thus far said Bensalem is safe.

Grocery stores are out of water regardless


mjh215 t1_jdt91so wrote

I believe Bensalem gets theirs from Bristol Township which is up river from the spill, and was shut off just in case anyway. Sounds like Aqua is getting the water from further North in Bucks for right now.


HistoricalChicken t1_jduvdu7 wrote

According to Aqua PA there was only 1 plant effected and they shut it down immediately upon hearing of the spill. The rest of their intakes are all up river from the spill, meaning the surrounding area’s water supply is safe. Regardless, they are testing constantly.