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saquonbrady t1_jdtllo5 wrote

Interesting. I’m apprehensive at the moment. Hopefully we get an update by Wednesday cause I’ll be in Chicago via la and I’m looking to just hop over to Philly without coming back to la


rcher87 t1_jdv5rjg wrote

I’m apprehensive too, and I’ll be in South Philly all week (cause I live here lol), so they’d better frickin update me before Wednesday!!


saquonbrady t1_je0n9dd wrote

Have you heard any updates about this yet?


rcher87 t1_je0uxqt wrote

r/Philadelphia has a great mega-thread with continuous updates, I encourage you to check it out!!!

As for where things stand right now:

  • Water is safe to drink and use until at least Wednesday night at 11:59pm
  • They’ll keep testing and updating us regularly, any threat/concern should pass within a week (not sure if this meant a week from the spill AKA Friday or a week from when I read that AKA next Monday)
  • Really, the water is fine. Especially for showering, cleaning, dishes, etc. Even if they find the chemicals, the water is fine for those purposes.