Submitted by CactusCandles t3_11qf9w2 in Pennsylvania

I was summoned for federal jury duty in Philly the same week my baby turns 12 weeks old. I emailed the ejuror email explaining that I am nursing and have no childcare, and they responded telling me that there is a facility for pumping and that I should arrange for care to keep the baby home. We had a couple back and forth emails, and they don’t not seem to be bending to excuse me.

I’m on an unpaid maternity leave, and I have no family in the area, so my husband would have to take off work. Which isn’t ideal on one income. According to the pa courts website, having no childcare for children under 10 is a valid reason to be excused.

Has anyone had this situation? Is there anything I can do to have this postponed? I would have gladly done jury duty before having a baby and I can when he’s in kindergarten!

Edit: I should’ve clarified that this is federal court and that I live in Montgomery County.



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aust_b t1_jc2vf0w wrote

Federal jury duty is probably way less lenient than county jury duty. I would Check the federal court website not the state court site. Last time I got summoned I wrote them a letter stating I would be out of state and our lodging was non-refundable. Told them I would be willing to make it up in the future, but they ended up excluding me and haven’t heard from them since.


vivamario t1_jc33366 wrote

Pittsburgh federal court was pretty lenient. I had to show up, but was just like 'hey I need to travel for work' and was excused.


bemily1390 t1_jc39hoq wrote

Same. I have jury duty in April and I’m also traveling for work. I used the ejuror portal to submit my exemption. It was approved. Easy peasy.


CactusCandles OP t1_jc3z1eu wrote

What! I was told that because I’m married and partially employed/unemployed right now (maternity leave) that I have no excuse!


definitelyno_ t1_jc2zf5s wrote

Take that cutie patootie with you. Whip out a boob in the middle of any pertinent conversations, bonus points if you ask for bathroom breaks every 10 minutes for bleeding.


shake-dog-shake t1_jc3dtos wrote

You can't, they have daycares on-site for ppl that can't find care for them or for nursing parents. Maybe things have changed.


definitelyno_ t1_jc3mpac wrote

Then it’s a win win. However I would love to know if this actually exists. Love to hear about positive government programs. Although not a lot of parents feel comfortable dropping their kids in places they haven’t visited/met the caretakers first.


aceouses t1_jc3ugnv wrote

I remember my mom had jury duty when we were little. They still made her go to selection and my youngest sister was going thru that “always gotta be naked phase” and the daycare lady struggled with her lmao


tuckeram7 t1_jc5u4dp wrote

Wait, does someone else nurse your baby for you? I still don’t understand how some people think breastfeeding works. Not all mommas can pump and bottle feed.


[deleted] t1_jc34igw wrote



meara t1_jc35ogb wrote

Not all women can pump. Not all breastfed babies will take a bottle. Not all families can afford childcare for jury duty. Email them back that you cannot afford childcare, so you will bring the baby. If you aren’t excused, pack the baby along and breastfeed in the jury waiting room.


EmiliusReturns t1_jc3g327 wrote

You’d think they’d just excuse her and move on to someone who’s just gonna show up without going back and forth with them trying to get out of it.

I’m not blaming OP by any means, I think it’s BS they won’t just excuse her because her reason is valid, but I’m thinking from the clerk or whoever’s perspective. If it were me I’d be like “well this person’s making more work for me by arguing, just toss her.”


heywhadayamean t1_jc31140 wrote

They need to allow an “offer as tribute” option for people that would have difficulty serving. Me? I hope to get selected whenever I’m called and I’m like 0-8 so far.


CactusCandles OP t1_jc32mmm wrote

I completely agree!! I’ve always wanted to do it! I would have been pumped before having this baby!


Tidusx145 t1_jc36ak0 wrote

Aww that stinks. I'm someone who'd be excited to get selected for jury duty as well so I could imagine the slight disappointment here. I'm sure you'll get selected again.


insecurestaircase t1_jc6ly2c wrote

I keep getting called but they were always settled before I even got into the courtroom. I'm a paralegal, they need to stop asking me.


Tidusx145 t1_jc7l9yb wrote

Oh wow I never considered that. I went to school for poli Sci and have considered getting my paralegal certification. Also trying to get a job in the court house and it took your comment for me to realize that may make future trips to jury duty a non-starter.

I went once, sat for four hours and wasn't selected. Got my fancy 12 dollar check a couple weeks later. But I enjoyed the experience getting to see the court process in action.

So anyone working in the justice system shouldn't be a juror?


BrainWav t1_jc3760p wrote

I would assume that's by design. We don't have professional juries in the US, and that would create de facto professional jurors. Especially as I'm sure some people would start charging for it.


genicide182 t1_jc3etwa wrote

I've been summoned numerous times, also in Philadelphia as OP, but never had to actually report. I kind of want to have to go just to say I've done it.

Is the great Stanley Hudson said, "get to go sit in an air conditioning room, downtown, judging people, while my lunch is being paid for... That is the life".


Alternative_Yellow t1_jc4f8ce wrote

I was at jury duty last summer. Was not air conditioned. And the room we were locked in ran out of water. And we only got $9, which doesn’t even cover a lunch in center city. 0/10 would not recommend.


Semi-Hemi-Demigod t1_jc35w62 wrote

I've literally never been summoned for jury duty. Not once. Which is good because I probably won't get selected and would probably just waste everyone's time.


billfriedman9987 t1_jc4705x wrote

Why would you want to be selected


heywhadayamean t1_jc4tvk9 wrote

I’ve heard so much about other people’s jury experience that I would love to experience it first hand, and I think I would be good at it.


billfriedman9987 t1_jcah6oa wrote

I hope you get your wish. Some of these trials drag on for weeks or longer.


Otter592 t1_jc2zkj4 wrote

People have asked this on the parenting subs. General consensus is to bring the baby with you for your summons. Breastfeed right there in the courtroom. Do whatever you need to do to take care of your baby.

Also, answer some of the questions "wrong" in a believable way. Enough wrong to be thrown out as biased, but not enough that it looks like you're trying to be thrown out. Try either being a racist or being very anti-cop/government.


linsor1 t1_jc39az0 wrote

Pretending to be racist worked for me when I was summoned for Pittsburgh federal court.


dockellis24 t1_jc3ciu6 wrote

I just said I would never believe anything a police officer said or submitted to evidence because all police lie and I’ve conveniently never been asked to participate again. I don’t think I could bring myself to pretend to be racist tho, if much rather shit on police than do that.


linsor1 t1_jc3hz8t wrote

Yeah, I felt bad about it, but at the time I couldn't think of anything else. Now that you gave me a better idea at least I'll have something if it happens again.


dyngalive t1_jc3sxqm wrote

I told them my best friend was injured in a mass shooting so I would be very harsh on violent criminals, especially if it involved a gun or male-on-female violence (true) and I would never vote for the death penalty under any circumstances and I think that the system in general is heavily weighted against people of color and women (also true). Pretty sure neither the prosecution nor the defense wanted me after those answers. Feel free to use those as well.


rivershimmer t1_jc3pbzq wrote

That also worked for Larry David on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but backfired on him when he ended up back in front of the same judge.


Little_Noodles t1_jc45oa9 wrote

I wasn’t trying to get out of it, but I was once asked if I knew anyone who had been sexually assaulted and I said that I know more than 6 women, so yeah, I did.

Got kicked right to civil trials for that one, where they put me on a jury there (which I was fine with, as my work has paid leave for jury duty).


PrincessGwyn t1_jc31mlg wrote

I think if you go in day one, the judge or whoever asks those who feel they are unable to attend to come forward and state why. I had a family member who did this and was excused no questions asked because they stated that they were caring for a dying relative (which was the truth!).

Keep pushing and don’t give in, IMO you should absolutely be excused. What can they expect, that you bring a baby every day?


avelineaurora t1_jc4688o wrote

I had to do this last summer, I'm a live-in caretaker for grandparents, neither of which would really have been able to be brought in to sit in a courtroom for however long waiting. Fortunately I got excused over the phone, but the clerk was like, "We'll try again next year then."

Like... thanks, lady, for hoping my grandparents are dead the next go-round!


MrsToneZone t1_jc37oa8 wrote

I fully intended to go but emailed first to ask about the availability of a lactation room with electricity and refrigeration (exclusively pumping) and was excused.


kavulolomaus t1_jc4wu98 wrote

I had exactly the same experience when selected for jury duty as a new mom. Asked for accommodations and suddenly my service wasn’t needed anymore.

Edited to clarify: I didn’t actually get excused, but I also didn’t get selected/ didn’t have to go to court at all.


[deleted] t1_jc2udak wrote



CactusCandles OP t1_jc2utiw wrote

I did! After the questionnaire, I received a message saying that I am not excused and to email the ejuror email to request an excusal.


GaviFromThePod t1_jc31mc0 wrote

Tell them you have a true crime podcast and they’ll throw you out immediately


ktp806 t1_jc2ym79 wrote

Nope. I was nursing a newborn and was not excused.


melisma48 t1_jc35sw9 wrote

A doctor's note (sent by the dr. to their fax number) worked for a baby was not the issue, but I am presently providing 24-hour care for my ninety one year old parent, and the doctor had no objection to immediately sending a note. Heard I was exempt the very next day.


mrs-fleetman t1_jc31efv wrote

I've been excused from local and federal jury duty for nursing.


jbug671 t1_jc35gm5 wrote

Wow. I got out of jury duty for telling them I was going to college part time at 48 years old…


CactusCandles OP t1_jc36m04 wrote

I’m honestly baffled by the email conversation I had. You would think I’m trying to get out of it for a stubbed toe with the responses I got from them!


tuckeram7 t1_jc38h13 wrote

Can you give more details about the conversation? I don’t understand how they expect you to do this. I was 9months pregnant and got a summons. I was planning on mailing back my excuse with the box checked for breastfeeding mother, but went into labor before mailing it back so I missed the window to mail it. When I went home, I mailed it and was excused. I honestly wanted to be a juror but not with a baby! It’s not for lack of place to pump either. It’s the trying to breastfeed on baby’s schedule, not the court’s. Clearly this person you had to interact with is not a parent.


CactusCandles OP t1_jc3cqr9 wrote

Here’s a synopsis: Me: hey I have a newborn that I’m nursing and no childcare.
Ejuror: you can pump here. M: is there childcare? Ej: no, find your own. M: here’s what it says on the court’s website about not having childcare. Ej: that doesn’t apply to you. Being single and unemployed does not count for exemption. M: what? I’m asking to be excused because I’m breastfeeding a baby?

And that’s where I’m at so far


tuckeram7 t1_jc3dfm7 wrote

Yeah, sounds like they are missing the whole point. You’re not looking for childcare. You’re breastfeeding your baby, not pumping. End discussion. I really hope you hear back some good news. You don’t need added stress right now. Honestly, breastfeeding is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’d rather have labor 10 times again in place of the stresses of breastfeeding. (And my labor was 21hrs long)


rovinchick t1_jc6fdd1 wrote

FWIW, until just a couple of years ago federal employees got no maternity leave (only whatever sick time you managed to save up), so many of those court employees were back at work at 10-12 weeks and pumping. While it's super hard, it's not impossible, but I truly sympathize with the OP on the childcare front.


AskMoreQuestionsOk t1_jc485w3 wrote

‘I’m nursing a newborn and the baby doesn’t take a bottle yet. Can I put this off 6 months?‘


internetonsetadd t1_jc3oh0z wrote

I got excused from jury duty in Norristown over email pretty easily. Federal Court in Philly? Medical documentation stating a diagnosis wasn't good enough. Had to schlep downtown to sit for former Congressman Fattah's jury selection. There I answered the questionnaire honestly, restating the health issue and why it would make it difficult to sit all day and focus on a trial. I was excused after lunch.

It was interesting to witness the process and it honestly would have been incredible to be on a jury for a political corruption case. I made the best of the day and got a DiNic's roast pork.

Based on my experience they do not give a shit about your problems. I agree with other suggestions to tell them you have no choice but to bring the baby. They do not want a baby there.


akennelley t1_jc337n6 wrote

Shit, I just told them I was out of vacation days at work and was excused.


alternatingflan t1_jc394fq wrote

If not, bring the baby to jury selection and see how long before they decide it’s better for you to not stay.


shake-dog-shake t1_jc3dosi wrote

Nope! But, you can defer. I had to bc of was fucking ridiculous. They told me I could put them in their daycare while I served...yea, I trust that.

I believe you can only defer once, but maybe that has changed.


avalve t1_jc3ieyh wrote

Completely unacceptable. Your baby is always your priority and if they can’t reasonably accommodate that then tough shit. I hope everything works out for you OP.


embeeclark t1_jc35lgh wrote

I think you have to be at least 18yo old to be on jury duty. I can’t imagine they would expect an infant to be a capable juror, especially one that is only 10 weeks old. Just tell them “they are just a baby!” and you should be good.


phoenix762 t1_jc3eltl wrote

Wow, that’s crazy. I wish I could do it in your place…

I was summoned for jury duty in Philadelphia this year, and it was going to be RIGHT after surgery. I told them I’d be happy to do it after my medical leave but they excused me outright.


ARookBird t1_jc3l4hw wrote

Don't give in, that person isnt doing their job properly. Take the baby in if you have to.


Empty_Nest_Mom t1_jc38ow8 wrote

I would call them instead of emailing. When I had an issue, the county Court was very understanding; all I had to do was submit the rationale and they took care of the exemption.

Congratulations on the baby, and best of luck!


TraditionalHand1836 t1_jc3cdu6 wrote

I got selected for jury duty in PA right after I had my son (October 2022). You go on the website and choose either “undue hardship” or other, and it asks for a reason. I wrote, “currently on maternity leave with my newborn. I am exclusively breastfeeding and would not be able to be apart for an extended period.” I received an email like 2 days later that I was excused.


chartreuse6 t1_jc3clai wrote

My kids were toddlers when I was called for jury duty. When they asked if there was any reason I wouldnt be able to give my full attention to the case I said yes I have to worry about my kids and who is with them etc. i wasnt chosen but not sure if that’s why or not


Biggies_Ghost t1_jc3zjjr wrote

I got out of Federal jury duty via medical excuse. My anxiety wouldn't allow me to travel to Philly.

Talk to your doctor and see if there is a medical excuse you can use. Your baby needs you at home, they can find someone else.


Madame_Hokey t1_jc4100o wrote

I recently got summoned and also went back and forth with ejuror. I unexpectedly had an interview scheduled the same day and I emailed them back and forth a few times and they wouldn’t give in. I just ended up skipping it and expecting to be called in again but haven’t heard anything. I was really bummed because under any other circumstances I would’ve loved to go.


theeloglady t1_jc46vft wrote

Yes! I have a 13 week old (I also live in Philly), and I ended up calling. The woman told me that I’m excused for a year now.


CactusCandles OP t1_jc48bx0 wrote

Was this for federal or county? I live in Montco and didn’t have any issues getting out of county jury duty! But this is federal court and it’s an hour by train each way for me!


brandy2013 t1_jc4clij wrote

I would call. I was excused with literally no questions asked in the same situation. And it’s pure bullshit that you’d have to spend your leave there


defusted t1_jc2wdq5 wrote

Just go in and start spouting conspiracy theories and they'll let you go day one. "The defendant has been listening to my thoughts through the fillings in my teeth and relaying my secrets to the mole people!" Boom, you're out.


No-Setting9690 t1_jc2xo6w wrote

OP is trying to avoid going in at all. This will not help.


CactusCandles OP t1_jc2y0kc wrote

If I’m required to go, I will just have to bring the baby. It will be a pain in the ass, but I’m going to do what I have to do to avoid a fine.


Joecracko t1_jc37wl8 wrote

Bingo. I bet the ejuror seat warmer simply didn't believe your story. Bring the baby. I bet you'll be excused in an instant.

You should not have to pay (childcare) to be on a jury.

And if the judge does in fact order you to find childcare and proceed, hit the judge/DA where it hurts. I'm sure your local news station would have a field day with your story.


Campffire t1_jc33gyl wrote

I just had Federal jury duty last year. On the bright side, you get $50/day and they reimburse your parking too, so save your receipt.


defusted t1_jc31h4d wrote

I mean, my suggestion was a joke, I'm sorry if that was hard to deduce between the radio teeth and the mole people...


No-Setting9690 t1_jc34d0u wrote

Hence why people use the '/s' to specify sarcasm. You cannot state conspiracy theories and then expect people to believe whatever you said afterward is a joke. Those jokes are usually the conspiracy theory in itself.


SnooWoofers5703 t1_jc3ka4p wrote

I think you should be able to get out off it because it's not about the pumping, it's about not trusting anyone else to take care of the baby. What if you have to be sequestered? You are still bonding with the baby...

I got 2 of jury summons in the last 6 months, the first one I was told not needed at this time, I just got another one while I was in the hospital last week.


B-Eze t1_jc3pvmz wrote

Been in this situation, am excused every time.

Edit, I don't ask either, I tell them I will bring my child if unexcused.


One_Barracuda9198 t1_jc3quq9 wrote

Honestly, I would bring the baby. They’ll get you out of there quick!


Daemonic_One t1_jc3y77r wrote

You'll get way more leniency in person from the judge than you will from any clerk who hears it a thousand times a day.


011011010110110 t1_jc45kmw wrote

my tbi will keep me from ever having to be on a jury 🤙🏼


phantomjm t1_jc2wr63 wrote

Show up to the selection process dressed as the Q shaman. Next!


AnnVealEgg t1_jc33lhv wrote

I know you don’t have family in the area, but maybe someone (trusted friend or family member) would be willing to travel to PA-* to watch the baby?

*IF you aren’t able to get out of it.


dirtyoldman20 t1_jc3bv4d wrote

The problem with that is the expense exceeds payment . Ask for them to pay for a sitter.


AnnVealEgg t1_jc3golq wrote

I’m talking about friends or family—not someone that you’d pay


dirtyoldman20 t1_jc3trz4 wrote

Your still going to have to give them gas money and feed them. She dose not have family nearby to assist so that means someone has to drive in at least 30 miles and drive back .


Zachisawinner t1_jc3571h wrote

we don’t even get family leave. What do you think?


ackmon t1_jc39vsu wrote

Call and ask.


yeags86 t1_jc3dq3s wrote

Just don’t go. I didn’t about 6 years ago when my brother died two weeks prior to my summons date for federal in Philly. Never heard about it again.

Got a local one maybe a year ago and just completely forgot about it. Heard nothing about it. Just got another local one in the mail and I won’t forget this time.

For what it’s worth I have served before. But I don’t think the courts are really going to put any effort into coming after you for a no show.


Muffin-sangria- t1_jc3ij1v wrote

Just dealt with county — valid reason and their response was they have too many cases and not enough people, tough shit.

Good luck.


Nickel4mythoughts t1_jc3mn9i wrote

i just got called for jury duty in montco and on the paper it states lack of childcare is not an excuse and they provide child care at the court. complete bs! luckily i moved out of state a few months ago and don’t qualify. maybe you can say you are physically disabled from birth?


dyngalive t1_jc3s82a wrote

I don't know if Federal duty is anything like Allegheny County but I was just excused from reporting two weeks ago because I had a cold. They aren't taking any chances with Covid these days. I had to fill out a medical questionnaire and I answered honestly - I did have symptoms on the list they provided but I didn't think I had been exposed to Covid and I hadn't tested positive. They excused me anyway. It's not totally honest if you were to do the same I guess but if it's a matter of a small fib and not having anyone to care for your baby I don't think many reasonable people would begrudge it.


giggly_kisses t1_jc46x8h wrote

I was selected for jury duty in Philly when my kid was a few months old. I called the number on the form and said I was a new father. They excused me and removed me from the list for a year no questions asked. I'm not sure if I got this treatment because it was during the pandemic, because I called, or just luck. Either way, it might be worth calling.


CactusCandles OP t1_jc4afb9 wrote

Was this for county or federal court? I plan to call tomorrow.


giggly_kisses t1_jc4di6e wrote

I'm sorry, I just realized you said federal jury duty in the OP. Mine was county, so that might be the reason.


CeeDeee2 t1_jc4xlsu wrote

That was definitely luck. My husband had to go the day I got out of the hospital after my c section. During the selection process he reiterated that he had a one week old baby and a wife who just had surgery and couldn’t drive or lift anything and they still chose him to serve.


IamSauerKraut t1_jc480jb wrote

They gave you a cold response to real questions. Imma guess you do not have a pump. Which means you cannot pump in their pump room. You should not have to use one of theirs (yuck) or go out an buy something that jury duty pay does not even cover.

If you have an email address for them, tell them flat out: new infant (I'd skip the 12-w.o. part), no daycare/sitter, no pump, no availability, please push me back 3 years. Keep it that simple.


Affectionate_Drop_87 t1_jc49n8f wrote

I had reschedule my jury duty when I had a 12 week old - it allowed me to pick a date of my choosing 3 months in the future. Still had to find childcare and Uber there so I was old of pocket for those expenses.


macccdadddy t1_jc4b2hk wrote

If you have to have a back up plan

"Give extreme answers to everything. Lawyers dismiss potential jurors based off of whether they align with the facts of the case. Example - A gun was involved? They may ask how you feel about guns. You say you hate them more than anything then the defense will let you go. You say you love them more than anything then the prosecutor will let you go. Either way, you get dismissed.

I’m an attorney."

User: pedrojuanita


Whodunit131box t1_jc4f1p3 wrote

I was excused for having a special needs child. I can’t imagine having to report with a young child.


todo0nada t1_jc4fk3r wrote

You can call out sick from jury duty and they’ll just reschedule you at some point.


BillBrasky551767 t1_jc4g3b3 wrote

I tried that excuse with my 8 week old and they denied me.


kristimyers72 t1_jc4gv3k wrote

I live in PA and was summoned to jury duty. I was able to be excused because I had a young daughter at home for whom I was the primary caregiver. I made the request on the form I had to return. They excused me almost immediately. My daughter was about 8 at the time.


kardon213 t1_jc4lncc wrote

It’s very difficult to get out of federal jury duty. And if you do possibly get out of this one they put you right back into the mix. They want your service


yankeeman9 t1_jc4loaz wrote

I was excused from jury duty years ago because I was a stay at home dad.


Hot_Bottom_Feeder t1_jc4q6j9 wrote

Just don't go. Who's to say that the summons wasn't lost in the mail?


willard_swag t1_jc4qre6 wrote

You could always go in there guns blazing during jury selection and tell them you’re every form of bias imaginable


Socko788 t1_jc4s1tv wrote

I got summoned twice in my life. Once in the military, California to be exact, and outside the military, Arizona.

Both time I just didn’t go. Hope that helps


Old_Moment7914 t1_jc4vw01 wrote

I was just called a couple weeks ago , after filling out the questionnaire I wasn’t exempted , so I showed up ( I am not a morning person at all!) they then tell me the case was cancelled but they couldn’t get the text message thing to send the message we didn’t have to come .


FreyaR7542 t1_jc506uv wrote

I would bring the baby haha


ohdippillboi t1_jc50myv wrote

I work in the courts. If you go in day one, you will 100% be excused.

Not legal advice, but if you dont show up at all, they wont do shit. Its philly, they have more important shit to do than go after people not showing up to jury duty.


lydz9520 t1_jc53i7d wrote

Call them if you can, the more you talk to them about this they’ll likely give in. Unfortunately state court would let you go in a second but federal court seems to be hard to get out of. Quote exactly the rule you found and where and ask to speak to a manager (not kidding, it sounds like you may have spoken to someone new and they didn’t want to let someone out of jury duty).


Appropriate-Regrets t1_jc56f54 wrote

I’ve pumped while waiting to be called at jury duty. The only things that have gotten me out were “financial hardships” and being a student three hours away. For financial hardship, I explained that I was paid hourly and if I missed work, it would put undue financial hardship on my family.


IndependentCode8743 t1_jc5dmsk wrote

I’d call someone at the court house. My wife was excused when our two kids were 3 and 1, however I was traveling for work.


ChUNkyTheKitty t1_jc5hn7q wrote

I think you still have to go to the first day of the selection process. They will dismiss you there. So plan for half a day or hopefully less


thisoldbroad t1_jc5k04i wrote

No. But: Write to them and tell them you have no family to watch the child. Keep a copy.. Send it certified, signature requested, return receipt, NOT DIGITAL, A PAPER RECEIPT. If they call you in, anyway, take the child with you. When they ask who will watch the child if you get selected, tell them that you had informed them of your situation, then show them the copy and the receipt. My parents were both deceased. I really had nobody to watch my children. I took all those steps. They sent me home.


Low_Copy4023 t1_jc5m5eu wrote

It's been forty years roughly, but apparently my mom dragged two or three of us down to jury duty with one being a baby(either me or my little brother depending on the year) and the judge immediately excused her.

Or just tell them you're a proud gun owner, believe in the old testament, and support the death penalty. Defense lawyers will want to get rid of you at that point.


swethead t1_jc5qnyi wrote

Everything I get summoned they cancel or tell me I'm not needed. Been summoned 4 times in the past 6 yrs. Never once had to go


jeanpeaches t1_jc68ee8 wrote

I am in luzerne county and was summoned for jury duty when my baby was around that age and I responded that I am the primary caretaker of an infant and they excused me.

I would bring the baby with you. It is unreasonable for them to tell you to find childcare. It is expensive and most daycares have long waitlists.


RoyalEagle0408 t1_jc6ec3q wrote

Maybe try a deferral instead of a straight exemption? If you say “I’d like to do this but can I wait 9 months?” they may be more understanding.


BananerMuffin t1_jc6f66j wrote

In 2019 when I was on maternity leave and exclusively breastfeeding I was summoned and told the Pittsburgh county jury that I cannot serve for this reason. I remember the scheduler being really snappy with me about it (pumping wasn’t discussed-also not everyone can just pump as a sub for breastfeeding 🙃).

I kinda left it like well I’m not able to serve right now and they said they can postpone it-2023 and haven’t heard from them.


One_Sun_6258 t1_jc6falw wrote

12 weeks ..dont think I would even acknowledge the jury order


Jsd8675 t1_jc6kbux wrote

Just dont go.


barcinal t1_jc6mv8q wrote

I’ve always been dropped before I even had to show up anywhere (dad worked for the county, knew too many judges), but I would try going to your OB & see if they’ll write a note for you saying you can’t go (or even your kid’s pediatrician). I work in healthcare & my OB was more than happy to write a note that I couldn’t work overnight shifts & I couldn’t work more than 8 hour shifts when I was pregnant. Pretty sure she would’ve done the same for me post-partum.


AstroCrackle t1_jc6ncf3 wrote

Ugh not to mention federal, if you get picked, which I guarantee you will, you could be in court for weeks. My brother was on a case for 3-4 months and they were secluded from everyone that entire time. You know how they send the little card around asking if you will discriminate based on race or make judgments based on gender? Just say yes (even though it’s not true) and you will never be called again. I have also used the vacation excuse. I haven’t been called since 2006.


Moxy79 t1_jc6rh0y wrote

So the PA jury system loves me, I've been summoned 11 times and served on a federal and local jury. They will definately take a "hardship" as an excuse I've used a couple lol


Dyerssorrow t1_jc6vhi6 wrote

I was summoned for this, but I worked 3rd shift and watched our children during the day. Got to sleep from 5 30ish to 10:30. Called them explained my situation and they said no problem.

Im sure you are in a similar situation. Give them a call.


gay_gypsy_barmitzvah t1_jca50a3 wrote

If it’s any consolation, the chances of you actually having to report are minimal. I have been on the call list for 2 years now. Every few months, I get my jury summons. When the date comes, I’m always called the day before and told I’m not needed to report. I’m cycled back on the list to report in a few months. Rinse. And repeat.


angsumnes t1_jcdfj7f wrote

I can’t say with certainty if you’ll be excused, but many years ago I claimed hardship based on having a young toddler at home and no external childcare services — or family in this state. It took an actual phone conversation, but I was released.

I will be serving next week, fifteen years later.


Ham_Ahoy t1_jc34k4r wrote

Write all over your juror summons return mail with the craziest things you can. Strike out words, re write questions, demand large sums of money for your time. This is a negotiation, and they hold no power here. They will not contact you.


szydski1 t1_jc3f9bz wrote

just don’t go. it’s philly


Riftus t1_jc3gbzs wrote

Just say you're a socialist and they'll dismiss you. Or mention "Jury Nullification"


Lance_lake t1_jc3i28x wrote

If you want out of jury duty, if the lawyers ask you a question, then just point out that you would be a GREAT Juror because you can pick out the bad guys just by looking at them.

I'm only half kidding. :)


HappilyPartnered t1_jc3uy5s wrote

There’s no need for you to show up. No sheriff in his or her right mind would come out to your home and arrest you under the circumstances. No way. No how. I’ve missed jury duty many times and have also served. Life sometimes gets in the way.


4moves t1_jc3x6le wrote

I heard the trash can takes all excuses.


Freshcaucasian t1_jc3zj56 wrote

Say you are racist on the paperwork, they don’t put on a jury because you would be unfair


Holdmypipe t1_jc33dmj wrote

Next time you get another selection for jury duty in the mail, just toss it out and act you never received anything. Stuff gets lost in the mail all the time.


Joecracko t1_jc384gp wrote

Don't do this OP. The last thing you need is a bench warrant for your arrest when you have a young baby.


Holdmypipe t1_jc38s55 wrote

What bench warrant…I know a guy who has done this for twenty years. People don’t have time for bullshit jury duty these days.


twistedevil t1_jc3lizm wrote

I agree. Did they send it via registered mail that required a signature? Nope? Never got it, sorry.


Proper-Mirror-5397 t1_jc483mo wrote

Jury duty is a crock of bullshit lie on the questionnaire they give you i have never and will never do jury do fuck that


[deleted] t1_jc4fpd0 wrote

Just say you were a victim of a similar crime to the one that is being tried.

You'll get out of it. Don't waste your time and don't waste theirs. Ya got a baby and that's more important than anything!!! Good luck.