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atlashoth t1_jdxi1jr wrote

I enjoy Hersheys, reeses moreso these days. I don't get the whole vomit tasting chocolate people say it has. Feels like something people say to feel cool.


ResidentBackground35 t1_jdxjslt wrote

European chocolate tastes very different, it just depends on what you ate when you were a kid


Prometheus_303 t1_je2pshp wrote

I forget the name off hand, but its some preservative that gets added to US chocolate & not (usually) to European chocolates that gives ours its more vomit like taste.


ResidentBackground35 t1_je55pum wrote

Butyric acid, when Milton Hershey started producing chocolate his process overheated the milk causing it to undergo lipolysis.

At the time milk chocolate was rare in the US so he didn't notice that the flavor was slightly off. After Hershey's won several contracts for rations during WW2 (and I want to say WW1 as well) which caused the slightly acidic version of his chocolate to become popular.

Thus people either grew up with Hershey's chocolate (with a slightly acidic taste) or European milk chocolate (no acidic taste), and prefer the version from their childhood.


shiftintosoupmode t1_jdxxh1b wrote

In my old age (29) I have come to love plain Hershey chocolate more than any other


imnottrying t1_jdxuwjp wrote

Hersheys has an acid from sour milk that is literally the taste of old milk. I grew up with hersheys and never tasted this until I had all the boutique and cheap chocolate from other places. Hersheys is one of the few, if not the only, who make chocolate this way and I’ve grown to not like it as much as I did.


Direwolf891 t1_jdzaarg wrote

They actually don't use sour milk anymore they pasteurize fresh milk after condensing it and then store it in a tank for a short time then use it immediately.


BadRabiesJudger t1_je0exg2 wrote

Somehow it still actually tastes like sugary vomit. I try it every Halloween because I’m an idiot sandwich.


ButtBlock t1_jdy8g9m wrote

Hersheys is really disgusting. I don’t know what to say. It’s like how some people say that cilantro leaves taste like soap, or how Dominoes smells like actual vomit (butyric acid). Seriously you can get cheap as shit German chocolate at ALDIs and it’s smooth and sweet and delicious.

I remember when Cadbury’s entered into a licensing agreement with Hersheys. And suddenly their chocolate in the US sucked. The stuff abroad still tastes good but not here.

I suspect that Hersheys just skimps on quality. They’ve got the name for sure, but the product is coasting along on the brand.


Benanov t1_jdzuonm wrote

I bet you it's the PGPR. They switched to that from soy lecithin.


Kythera35723 t1_jdzzw1x wrote

I never got a puke taste from it either. Just tastes like a regular chocolate bar to me. The European stuff that is touted as being so great tastes off to me.


HomicidalHushPuppy t1_jdxbfkq wrote

>The trace amounts of the metals found in some chocolate are "below any recommended level, any standard,"...

Not that I want those elements in my food, but this is just more fear-mongering.


Expandexplorelive t1_jdzdzu7 wrote

The guy is lying or mistaken. The lead level found in the Hershey's chocolate was 264% California's maximum allowable daily limit. We can argue whether the limit is reasonable, but it is a "recommended level".


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_je0mmos wrote

Where are you getting that number from? I don’t see it in the article anywhere.

I’m curious if the difference here is the CA standard vs national standard. CA often has much stricter standards, hence all the “this product is known to cause cancer in the state of CA” warnings you see. Maybe the bars are within the national FDA standard or whatever, but far exceed the CA one .


PatientNice t1_jdxsle1 wrote

I stopped eating Hersheys when they replaced cocoa butter with PGPR (polyglycerol polyrisinoleate). I hope the CEO got his big bonus for that awful decision. Maybe he thought Nestle would buy them out.


TheTwoOneFive t1_jdyocyy wrote

Hmm? PGPR didn't replace cocoa butter and a lot of Hershey's candy (including the standard chocolate bar) still uses cocoa butter as the fat.

Some of their bars use palm oil (namely all the "white" candy bars as it can't be called white chocolate without cocoa butter), but PGPR is not a replacement fat.


Direwolf891 t1_jdza6u8 wrote

Fun fact they did use pgpr for a time found it to mess with the recipe too much and since stopped using it.


mainelinerzzzzz t1_jdy9vl7 wrote

They should try to make it taste like good chocolate while they’re at it.


Allemaengel t1_jdxnc3h wrote

Gives new meaning to the term "get the lead out".


heisenburgscousin t1_jdy1nml wrote

The real question is how much cadmium is in Cadbury Crème Eggs 🤔


Blexcr0id t1_jdzeujx wrote

Asking for a friend here...are the Pb & Cd levels in cadbury creme eggs high enough that if your ate, say....15 or so in a row...would it be dangerous? Once again, asking for a friend...


zipcad t1_jdzkdfu wrote

any lead or cadmium is dangerous so pick how you want to go


hashtagbob60 t1_je03w6s wrote

Sounds like a good idea....give it more that paraffin taste


susinpgh OP t1_je052rh wrote

My go-to is Lindt 92%. They have a 99%, but it's only available at their flagship stores.


hashtagbob60 t1_je6mdxq wrote

I usually get Cadbury chocolate, but the bars have gone from $1.69 to $2.38 about everywhere. Sometimes you can get them on sale at the old price if you're fast enough.


susinpgh OP t1_je7g0uv wrote

I miss those chocolates. I am eating low-carb, so Cadbury is out for me. Ghirardelli and Lindt both have high cocoa, low sugar bars. I usually splurge when they come on sale at 2-for-1.


Chuck1705 t1_je05ldz wrote

Probably a good idea...


JemBallzy t1_jdxa0v6 wrote

Like Lizzo says “it’s about damned time!”


AsBadAsAWetShit t1_je0lkui wrote

Removing heavy metals is definitely a good start, but what would be fantastic would be if they stopped using forced child labor on the cocoa plantations


Jrripple t1_je0o95h wrote

Idk what it is, maybe that Hershey is my hometown … but the chocolate is just eh. If I see any other brand I would pick over Hershey’s.

Only time I’ll eat a Hershey bar is with a s’more!

A chocolate bar from them is just not enjoyable

Living in Hershey , has made me not like the chocolate


cerialthriller t1_je0sp61 wrote

Probably won’t even lower the price either


vinnyc88 t1_je14b4y wrote

It's not great chocolate to begin with.


jkooc137 t1_jdxq447 wrote

Bow if only we can get all the slavery out of their supply chain


ThatFuckingGuy2 t1_jdydacl wrote

Do these ingredients cause factory explosions?


RocketMan_AMC t1_je1ie4l wrote

Do you think the chocolate factory that exploded was i Hershey’s?