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HahaWeee t1_jcaigpe wrote

I loved McCormick.

His ads were really funny and seemed completely out of touch. Like here comes Mr rich bank dude to pretend he's an average guy



wvuhskr t1_jcax0f1 wrote

You'd think after Oz the PA GOP wouldn't run someone who notably does not live in PA, but I guess not.


rubikscanopener t1_jcbyyq5 wrote

At least McCormick was born and raised in PA and worked here for parts of his career. Oz couldn't claim any more than a rented room in his in-laws house.


wvuhskr t1_jcc0ny2 wrote

The only reason he wanted to run here is because voters wouldn’t put up with his brand of politics in Connecticut.


dyngalive t1_jccl98f wrote

Is he the one who had the ads that said "fight China" at the bottom and the ads with his gun slinging elderly mom who referred to herself as Annie Oakley? If so, I'm not sure which one of him or Mastriano is the bigger wierdo.


IamSauerKraut t1_jcb25ao wrote

McCormick would be a much better candidate for the party that worships rittenhouse than is MastriaNO. The risk with having McCormick carry the GQP banner is that he could beat Casey. No such worries with MastiraNO because we will again give him a good spanking at the polls.


Pyramid_Head182 t1_jcbjsj0 wrote

I dunno, the Casey name is very strong in PA and Bob had an easy dub in 2018. I can’t imagine a carpetbagger toppling him, it may be more competitive, but still a likely Casey win


IamSauerKraut t1_jcbmw0n wrote

McCormick will give Casey a stronger run than Racist Lou did.


TheJohnMega t1_jca8ufj wrote

McCormick more like Toomey redux another billionaire *sshole


thisoldbroad t1_jca8kd6 wrote

6 of 1, a half dozen of the other. Equally MAGA.


Varolyn t1_jccepc6 wrote

The worst part about Mastriano running for US senate is that I am going to have to see his signs littered across Philly again.


HeyZuesHChrist t1_jcbyfwa wrote

>Tying yourself to the [stolen] election stuff and tying yourself too close to Trump is destructive. It hurt the entire ticket [in 2022].”

Trump is poison and it was made clear in 2018, 2020 and 2022. These fucking idiots are too stupid to understand this. I hope Mastriano wins the primary because he will once again get slaughtered in the race in 2024.


fallser t1_jcaluzd wrote

Doug Naziano will never go beyond PA government.


Several-Push6195 t1_jcbauqn wrote

No more hedge fund guys. They have way too much power in this country.


GraffitiTavern t1_jcd00u3 wrote

The R establishment thinking that McCormick is the solution to their woes is laughable. He was a random Dubya treasury official with no background in PA politics, his name recognition is low here and he was a fucking hedge fund manager at Bridgewater. There's a chance he could try a fake populist schtick like Vance but I don't think that would work here.


eaglewatch1945 t1_jcd8ad4 wrote

I'm supporting Doug Mastriano all the way... up to the primary.