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Shambro1111 t1_jcaz0af wrote

Please provide data to back up these assertions


[deleted] t1_jcbdvws wrote



Tidusx145 t1_jcbgkhs wrote

Meh they were rebuked, that's all. Discussion is about learning and growth.


cashonlyplz t1_jcbh7yy wrote

I have no patience. Everyone can use google. No one wants to dispel their preconceived notions. I, personally, love being proven wrong. It doesn't happen often enough. 😏


ronan11sham t1_jcbg2iz wrote

I don’t take things personally on Reddit. It’s very hard for me to care what strangers think. I just wanted supporting info. I’m glad your happy a got pwned. You must have a very shallow and sad existence to try and put a stranger down. I pity you


Revolutionary-Ad4588 t1_jcbv1z8 wrote

Still being insulting when faced with facts. I wish you and your ilk could self-reflect for even a day. Understand why you’re wrong and no one wants your group to be invading our lives.


drunkmonkey176 t1_jcbwxme wrote

If I thought for one millisecond Y'all Qaeda trash were capable of evidence based logical decision making, I would point them to the newly legalized child labor laws in Arkansas, child marriage laws that were blocked in TN and WV, clergy being exempt from child abuse reporting requirements in UT, and any number of the relentless mass shootings that occur in this country. But since I know dark age fairy tales mean more to them than evidence and reality, I won't waste my time.


ronan11sham t1_jcc2uug wrote

I asked for data. That's it. Why would you not want that? Didn't state my opinion. So how was I wrong? WTF? There is too much hyperbole on reddit. You are very emotional and childish if you don't ask people, even ones you agree with, to back up their assertions. If you are not open to persuasion you are a fool. If you think one side is completely right and the other is completely wrong, you have cognitive dissonance IMHO. Keep insulting me, but it is the opposite of persuasive and usually hardens positions. I wont ask for anymore data as it seems to upset a lot of you and that was not my intent. Thanks strangers who I will never think about again.