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justuravgjoe762 t1_jcdsysu wrote

I'd be in my own time zone of perpetually confused as I end up crossing that line every day for work.

If I had to pick, Pittsburgh because screw Jersey.


tehmlem t1_jcdxdm6 wrote

You wanna share a timezone with Ohio?!


Terrible_Use7872 t1_jcegiao wrote

I'd rather stick with the East side.

Also why don't you make it more confusing and do 10 or 15 minute time zone shifts? Then sunrise would be within 15 minutes in all time zones.


worstatit t1_jcf3q01 wrote

Don't believe there's any proposal to change the zones?


TimeVortex161 OP t1_jcdpn36 wrote

I made this map just for fun as a thought experiment, and Philly and Pittsburgh wound up on opposite sides since I figured mountain ridges would be a good time zone boundary.

This would be the year round time, Philly would use a continuous eastern daylight time (what we have now), Pittsburgh would keep the eastern standard time (what we had in the winter)


EnjoyMoreBeef t1_jd17kt0 wrote

A proper boundary between the Eastern and Central time zones would be as close to 82.5°W as possible, which would cut Ohio in half instead of Pennsylvania.