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scotticusphd t1_jcf8qg0 wrote

This is why everyone should leave their backwoods little town at some time in their life. It's so you don't end up becoming a small-minded, hateful, misinformed bigot.


OneTrueDweet t1_jcfh3f4 wrote

There’s a whole alt-right publishing line based out of Collegeville. Shit’s crazy.


atlashoth t1_jcg5gz3 wrote

I dunno I moved to Mississippi when I turned 18 to live with friends for a year and I don't think it helped.


scotticusphd t1_jcg62q2 wrote

Maybe try a place not ranked near the bottom of everything?


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_jch4blu wrote


WikiSummarizerBot t1_jch4def wrote

Thank God for Mississippi

>"Thank God for Mississippi" is an adage used in the United States, particularly in the South, that is generally used when discussing rankings of U.S. states. Since the U.S. state of Mississippi commonly ranks at or near the bottom of such rankings, residents of other states also ranking near the bottom may say, "Thank God for Mississippi", since the presence of that state in 50th place spares them the shame of being ranked last. Examples include rankings of educational achievement, business opportunities, obesity rates, overall health, the poverty rate, life expectancy, or other criteria of the quality of life or government in the 50 states.

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atlashoth t1_jcg6qvs wrote

So I should of went to Chicago instead for a better world view?


scotticusphd t1_jcg7aql wrote

There's certainly a lot more to see in Chicago.


atlashoth t1_jcg99f3 wrote

I guess you've never been to Mississippi then


scotticusphd t1_jcgabvg wrote

I've driven through. I saw a few too many confederate flags for my comfort, which incidentally is what this thread is about. A crazy amount of poverty, too. It's terribly sad.


MothWingAngel t1_jci5ui2 wrote

I spent a month in Mississippi. It's embarrassing that that shit hole is part of our country.


IamSauerKraut t1_jcfdjxk wrote

Zach Rehl is from Philly, non? Maybe he should find a backwoods little town to move into after serving his time for sedition. Crazy Pauline Bauer could make him some nasty pizza.


ell0bo t1_jcffacs wrote

Honestly, that was the best part of the CCC program 80 years ago. It took disaffected youth, taught them building skills, and intermixed them between city and rural.

We could probably use some of that these days.


ArcherChase t1_jcg73zu wrote

FDR saved our country and set us on a path for long term prosperity and the conservatives have spent the years since trying to rip that all down. Reagan poured gas on the fire and we are now back to worse than Gilded Age levels of disparity in economic classes.


STLLC2019 t1_jcg84am wrote

April 12, 1945.

The day the "American Dream" died.


SeptasLate t1_jcgijak wrote

While I'm sure exceptions exist, it does seem that some environments do better at cultivating/promoting certain outlooks on life.


Safe_Can_6758 t1_jcg0obn wrote

Small towns are about less traffic, less crime, and alot less general BS.


scotticusphd t1_jcg5sk3 wrote

Yes. They're for people who don't like people.


Tidusx145 t1_jcg79vg wrote

Yup nothing gives me that small town feeling like misanthropes getting all up in your business. I'm happy I grew up and live in more of an exurb that's politically moderate.


Safe_Can_6758 t1_jcg9z6n wrote

Busy bodies in PA. Lol! They certainly have a stronghold in central PA.


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_jch4vgi wrote

Definitely depends on which part of central PA. I've lived in Harrisburg for years and oh boy... is that BUSY BODY CENTRAL. It's pretty much everyone's hobby to be in everyone's business. Now I live in Lancaster and folks tend to stick to themselves. I don't even know half my neighbors and I'm totally fine with that. It's ironic though, because I've also lived in the subrubs of Philly and people kept to themselves there as well. I think Harrisburg is just such a boring city that getting into people's business and being nosy is the only excitement they have.


Super_C_Complex t1_jcjkr2r wrote

Less crime? You sure about that?

There's maybe less reported crime. But not less crime.

If you include all the murders the state police refuse to call murders, the violent crime per caps in huntingdon, Bedford, and somerset counties is higher than in Philly.

But a dead drug dealer is not considered a murder there. Unfortunately