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PinsAndBeetles t1_jckrwaa wrote

Yes, showing a husband who is devoted to his wife, a strong marital bond, parents who communicate with their children and help them problem solve, and a family who sticks together through thick and thin would definitely send the wrong message.


Whogotthebutton t1_jclqgct wrote

Wasn't this the backdrop for the Adams Family? They were creepy and weird superficially but with a solid moral compass, while all of the "squeaky clean" folks around town looked clean-cut but were constantly being shitheads.


PinsAndBeetles t1_jclr7pl wrote

Yes but to realize the sub-context of the show you cannot be profoundly stupid and in charge of a school. These folks don’t get it.


OkFineBanMe68 t1_jclfa6t wrote

Yeah but they wear black and are weird.

The IRL people are parody of the parody puritan prudes in the Adams Family lol


thenewtbaron t1_jclt1mk wrote

Based on a TV series that is a hard G rating... even based on the roughest movie rating, it is a PG-13.

Oh, please save our city from high schoolers performing a pg-13 performance.


MajSigmaE t1_jckqzas wrote

That's so ridiculous. I remember Trinity HS doing Grease. The Catholic high school. Performing Grease. LMAO


WITFnews OP t1_jcks7ux wrote

Fun fact. This high school also recently performed Grease.

The board president actually said this at the meeting: “I don’t think there is a play with a worse theme than Grease and we performed it in an excellent way,” Naum said. “Mrs. (Brooke) Bomberger did a fantastic job of modifying it to what we believe is community standards.”


malogan82 t1_jcl6wiz wrote

I would love to hear how they handled the pregnancy scare and the implied sexual assault.


punchyouinthewiener t1_jclf5xj wrote

There’s a Grease School Edition, which is what our high school recently put on, which cuts out quite a bit if the innuendo and completely cuts out the pregnancy scare, although there are allusions to it throughout.


jillianpikora t1_jclkkje wrote

My HS did that one, it is far less impactful and I feel it takes away from the author's intent, but I am sure he is laughing all the way to the bank.


eyeused2b t1_jcnlzsn wrote

Did she still change herself completely to get her man?


xenothaulus t1_jclcpjt wrote

Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?


30686 t1_jclzixt wrote

I was once told that as a Catholic, I wasn't a real Christian.


drunkmonkey176 t1_jckqzhc wrote

Y'All Qaeda trash at it again.


drxdrg08 t1_jcll6li wrote

> Y'All Qaeda trash at it again.

Is this what Reddit is about?

Get fake outraged about shit that doesn't concern you in any way, throw some insults and slurs at some abstract group of people, and then get upvotes?


thenewtbaron t1_jclnlta wrote

Yes. When I watch Footloose, I cheer for Kevin Bacon's character not the religious leader that bans things for other people's high school students doing because he doesn't like it.

We knew that leader was a bad guy or villain to fight against because they are doing a thing call "oppression",,, we found that ot back in the 80's. I don't like that shit coming to my state.


drunkmonkey176 t1_jclqphq wrote

LMFAO! It's hilarious to hear Y'All Qaeda trash whining when they realize the actual majority of people in this country aren't going to put up with them forcing their dark age fairy tale values on others. The fact they are willing to use violence and murder people to do so makes them terrorist and they will be treated as such.


drxdrg08 t1_jcm5aw8 wrote

> them forcing their dark age fairy tale values on others

That's not what's happening. It's a school board elected in a democratic election. The school board by definition represents what the majority of parents in the school district wants.

I guess you are one of those "progressives" that likes democracy only when it does what you want.


[deleted] t1_jcmpmgw wrote

Oh here we go with the division. Cool your jets.

And last time I checked, you can vote for school board without being a parent. Unless I missed something.


Zenith2017 t1_jd39bpw wrote

Yeah, and they chose to elect a Catholic evangelist priest to a government position. Said government employee is attempting to force his dark age fairytale beliefs on the school district. That's the problem.


IamSauerKraut t1_jclzbei wrote

Dat you, Robbie? Engaged in your own fake outrage. Over fake outrage.


Wuz314159 t1_jckt8ns wrote

We rented a generator for a production of Damn Yankees in the 90s. Rental company found out we were depicting the devil and refused to do business with us again.


WITFnews OP t1_jckvuu3 wrote

Do you live in the town Footloose is based on?


Wuz314159 t1_jckwtgq wrote

Reading... so doubtful.


WITFnews OP t1_jckwxg8 wrote

Haha. I worked for the Reading Eagle for 4 years covering the city.

It’s a special place.


Dispatcher12 t1_jclipl3 wrote

We did a musical version of A Midsummer Night's Dream in community theater a few years ago and the local "values based" news outlet wouldn't promote it because it was unwholesome.


Mysterious487 t1_jcl5ssz wrote

When someone can’t separate their personal religious beliefs from their responsibilities as a public servant, you have situations like this ban on The Addams Family musical. The people of the board president’s voting district need to vote the Evangelical pastor off the school board. People have every right to have their religious convictions, but don’t force them on the public.


Excelius t1_jcl6c49 wrote

There's a good chance they ran for school board precisely to do this kind of stuff.

There's been a concerted effort in the past few years for right-wing culture warriors to take over school boards. They're local races that people mostly don't care about for jobs that no one really wants to do, so it's easy for them to get on the ballot and win.


Mysterious487 t1_jcl7m2u wrote

I grew up in the conservative fundamentalist evangelical culture. This is exactly why this man ran for a school board position. I can almost guarantee his children and his church members’ children don’t attend the public school. Their children are most likely homeschooled or attend a private Christian school. The pastor is only on the board to project his morality on the rest of society.


IamSauerKraut t1_jcl9zbk wrote

>Their children are most likely homeschooled or attend a private Christian school.

This is something I am noticing more and more, and not just in NoLeb.


IamSauerKraut t1_jcl9uxe wrote

>There's a good chance they ran for school board precisely to do this kind of stuff.

NoLeb in a nutshell. Yet, despite their non-stop efforts to exercise absolute control over students, most students continue to thrive.


MoreOfAGrower t1_jclbi6g wrote

Few years? Try many decades


Mysterious487 t1_jcloqeq wrote

You are correct. An example is Jerry Falwell Sr. (founder of evangelical Liberty University) who heavily influenced the GOP in the 1980s.


Chickadoozle t1_jcnw7wg wrote

Had a guy running for a local school board seat. Made it very obvious that under "his opponents rule" (to quote) too many unholy abominations, such as gay people in public, were being displayed!
Aka, we must protect the children by getting rid of half the children :skull:


Hib3rnian t1_jclakim wrote

Creepy and kooky? Sure Mysterious and spooky? Yes, a bit. All together ooky? No doubt. Promote bad values? Not in the slightest.


d_fa5 t1_jcl0jt2 wrote

isn't this the same school with the infamous dildo incident?


mydogsnameisbuddy t1_jcl45hi wrote

Say what?


WITFnews OP t1_jcl8olp wrote

This gives you and idea.

If you google “northern Lebanon sex toy” you’ll find other stories. Some are paywalled. This one is not.


tehmlem t1_jclia3p wrote

This story is why I can't find any sex toys shaped like northern Lebanon, isn't it?


WITFnews OP t1_jclp0rm wrote

I mean....I haven't looked into it but you can draw your own conclusions.


tmaenadw t1_jclhpax wrote

To be fair, my husband worked at the university level and throwing dildos around probably would have been deemed inappropriate there as well, even behind closed doors.

The play however, banning that is just crazy.


IamSauerKraut t1_jcl9icg wrote

"infamous" is an understatement. At least Don Bell is now gone.


ycpa68 t1_jcn8b9n wrote

Wait, knowing of him from his days at Northern York is this really why he retired?


IamSauerKraut t1_jcnipji wrote

No, but everyone knows student achievement and proper admin behavior were not things Don focused on. He likely would have taken Mr. Pinky and chewed on it just for the fun of it.


ycpa68 t1_jcoxj9n wrote

Ah good to know. His daughter is on our school board now


IamSauerKraut t1_jcp71b2 wrote

Don Bell's daughter is on the NYSD school board? He had an interesting sense of humor; I hope her's is a bit more refined.


ycpa68 t1_jcp7mmz wrote

Not knowing what you mean by that I can't really comment. On a personal level I never had an issue with her beyond normal petty high school stuff. I don't really know her well enough in adulthood to say anything, but her husband is a decent guy and she seems to be fairly levelheaded on the board.


--Cr1imsoN-- t1_jclcd1v wrote

"The Addams Family musical reflects today’s culture, Board member Robbie England said, but he did not view that as a good thing."

Whelp, that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the school district board... what a bunch of clowns.


OkFineBanMe68 t1_jclfltb wrote

These extemist Christian puritans are so hypocritical and nonsensical with their "wont someone think of the children" shit. They literally dont care about real problems but care immensely about made up nonsensical bullshit


thenewtbaron t1_jclmquv wrote

Board member Troy Williams, who is pastor at Calvary Church in Lebanon, said the musical sticks to the basis of the 1960s television show and is the number one school musical in the country, but said the show has no place in the district.


The Addams Family musical reflects today’s culture, Board member Robbie England said, but he did not view that as a good thing.



wait, the musical is sticks to the 60's show but refects modern culture by going toward dispair and death.... wait. what?


WITFnews OP t1_jcma329 wrote

If you listen to the full 30 minute discussion (like I did, twice) you will say "wait, what?" quite a bit.


StarWars_and_SNL t1_jcl5jzw wrote

This is the show that Bethel Park (Greater Pittsburgh Area) is doing right now.


IamSauerKraut t1_jcl96sm wrote

Way to fail the students in your district, Mr. Naum. Never change the reputation of NoLeb of being a student unfriendly public school district. There is a clear reason NoLeb grads so often are qualified to do little more than flip burgers or drive dump trucks.


Drewcifer81 t1_jclgodm wrote

>There is a clear reason NoLeb grads so often are qualified to do little more than flip burgers or drive dump trucks.

And the ones that are qualified to do more leave the county and never move back.


Midnight_oil_365 t1_jcmcvr8 wrote

Admin is just jealous the dump truck drivers make more money than them.


OneHumanPeOple t1_jcm8yf2 wrote

They should put on The Crucible as an alternative.


kennithnoisewater88 t1_jclig8z wrote

Everyone who attends said show should dress like Adams family characters


melipooh72 t1_jcn8r7c wrote

Someone from that school needs to contact the ACLU. The district in MD where I grew up has been supported by the ACLU more than once when the school board tried to ban plays and the drama teachers won each time, making the county look like a total ass in the process.


MartianActual t1_jclon4k wrote

I could never imagine growing up in the fucked up T part of Pennsylvania.


carlc64 t1_jcn0ilo wrote

These prudish conservatives dick won’t do anything to protect kids from gun ‘n ammo though…


Azr431 t1_jcmc69y wrote

That decision from the board looks about white


PatientNice t1_jcmmuw8 wrote

Maybe they should do Little School Board of Horrors.


Yen-sama t1_jcmvx47 wrote

Damn, we got away with The Crucible in my sophomore year.


SWPenn t1_jcn3dgo wrote

Looks like the Ron DeSantis playbook for the moral police has made it to Pennsylvania. Have to protect the children from depravity. Wish they were this passionate after every school shooting when kids actually die. But they're strangely silent.


Tasty_Significance15 t1_jcneppz wrote

Wtf is wrong with these people and those that voted for them to be in office


veovis523 t1_jcnuau4 wrote

It's Lebanon county. The only thing for people to do here in their free time is go to church and work on their sanctimony.


Guntcher1423 t1_jcnfs01 wrote

You just have to wonder what happened to these people to make them like this.


WildWilly2001 t1_jcot73j wrote

We get the school boards we deserve.


Zenith2017 t1_jd38zz4 wrote

A government entity should never employ a religious leader, period


WITFnews OP t1_jd3fn8x wrote

Just to be clear. The pastor, is a school board member and was elected to the school board.


Silver-Hburg t1_jcm80m2 wrote

Ahh yes NLHS. My kids went there and only two are still traumatized years later …