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EmiliusReturns t1_jclvkau wrote

Great in theory but my fear is that they’ll just cut my hours and I’ll end up getting paid less. Unless employers are legally mandated to keep pay the same I don’t see anyone willingly paying people the same to do less hours, and they won’t want to shell out for overtime either.

I would love 3 day weekends but I’m pessimistic that it would actually end up being a good thing and not just end up docking everyone’s pay.


SeptasLate t1_jcmd0pd wrote

Yeah, it'll be great for salaried employees. Not sure how it translate to hourly.


PermissionToConnect t1_jcnn4sh wrote

They need to make everyone salary and then raise overtime rules so people making under 50k get overtime still. But of course, that would never happen and this bill is a pipe dream anyway.


hahahoudini t1_jcnv91k wrote

It's being accomplished in other parts of the country and other countries. Meeting every new idea with pessimistic cynicism is a good way to be a self fulfilling prophecy. At one point in America, people made your comment in regards to having a 2 day weekend.


VenomB t1_jclyqga wrote

Yeah, when I see this I just wonder if they forgot how wages work...


theSG-17 t1_jcm8f10 wrote

>Unless employers are legally mandated to keep pay the same

If this isn't a loophole-free portion of any 4 day/32 hour workweek bill then our congressmen are dumber than I already think they are.


somberblurb t1_jcmqv5g wrote

I would support a requirement to keep pay the same, but even then businesses will catch up with this by slashing benefits or cutting raises until their labor costs balance out.

The only way this works is economics. Hopefully, if a law like this was passed, it would make labor more scarce, and therefore increase the price of labor. Supply and demand.


Hazel1928 t1_jcp8swp wrote

And it might not be a 3 day weekend. They might want to keep staffed on Fridays, so some people get days in the middle of the week off.


PmButtPics4ADrawing t1_jcpfztb wrote

>Unless employers are legally mandated to keep pay the same

If you read the article that's exactly what the bill proposes. It provides tax credits for businesses that do a 4-day work week without reducing pay or benefits