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[deleted] t1_jclosp5 wrote

We are going to get paid for 40 though, right? It's kinda why most people work over 40, for the money. Not just for fun.


DeliciousBeanWater t1_jcm8l0r wrote

At my job, i have a 3-day, 32-hour work week. The way they do it is one 8-hr shift, and 2-12hr shifts. We get paid flat rate for the 8 hr shift and time and a half for the 2-12s. So effectively we work 32hrs and get paid for 45.


[deleted] t1_jcm94df wrote

That sounds ok


Roxmysox68 t1_jcmbfzw wrote

Sounds like an awesome ass deal to me lol id be down with that


DeliciousBeanWater t1_jcmcsr1 wrote

The catch is i work overnight and only on friday, sat, and sun.


Roxmysox68 t1_jcmkfry wrote

Yeah im going with nevermind on that as well, there is a specific kind of person that is built for nightshift and it sure as fuck aint me lol


cyvaquero t1_jcsyet8 wrote

Yeah, nope. I did something similar as one of the shifts at a manufacturing plant. I called it the hell shift - two day time 8s and then two overnight weekend 12s. The ‘benefit’ was three days off but the fact was that your sleep rhythm was screwed for the six weeks you were on that shift, by then end you didn’t know if you were coming or going.


DeliciousBeanWater t1_jct5v9h wrote

Mine is permanant, no OT. Its not a swing or rotating shift. We dont have that issue. Plus the job isnt tiring. I do very little physical labor and have 4 breaks that range from 40min-1hr each. Plus theres a lot of times we dont even run. It can be quite boring


cyvaquero t1_jcuo3n4 wrote

I was IT support, during regular day shift we did some office desktop support work but after hours and weekend was purely manufacturing control systems support (SCADAS, QA stations, production & EPA monitoring, etc out on the lines.

Like you not tiring, I enjoyed the work but it was feast or famine, and famine was boring. Add to that having to change sleep schedule mid work week made it a struggle to not fall asleep waiting for a call.


underscore5000 t1_jcnufwa wrote

Yeah until you miss a dramatic amount of stuff because of the 12s. Sounds nice, but it's not really.


DeliciousBeanWater t1_jcokmy1 wrote

I dont miss out on anything. I have 4 weeks pto and since my week is only 32 hrs i technically have 5 weeks. I also make $50/hr on the 12s


insecurestaircase t1_jcp63vp wrote

Mine is 5 7 hour days at 35 hours a week but I will take 32 for 35 or 40 hour pay


Skydog57 t1_jclzv8x wrote

You know there will be some additional layer of fuckery, companies will find a legal exploit to reduce wages if they’re forced to reduce hours


[deleted] t1_jcm89gu wrote

I know. I feel like this is meant for the rich. No way middle or lower class could survive on 32 hours a week.


TheJediJoker t1_jcmuah1 wrote

It's called Salaried They'll just hire people as Salaried to get around hourly limits


PermissionToConnect t1_jcnmwll wrote

Honestly if salary was the norm and we raised overtime rules for people making no more than 50k, I feel that this would be much better received.


buddykat t1_jcnzdi4 wrote

Salaried does not necessarily mean exempt from overtime rules.


TheJediJoker t1_jcnzz0c wrote

It depends on the contract


buddykat t1_jco0wy5 wrote

Contracts don't override Federal or state law. Which is very clear about the requirements for being considered exempt.


TheJediJoker t1_jco1gnb wrote

There are some rules, but Salaried don't exactly have limits on hours they work Most work 55 hours but if they happen to be a manager, they could work more when filling in


buddykat t1_jco3tuk wrote

I'm aware. I'm salaried and work 40-ish hours per week, but have worked more when needed.

Honestly, if your typical work week as a salaried employee is 55 hours, either your employer needs to hire more people, or you suck at time management.


googlebearbanana t1_jcmaczf wrote

And still have insurance coverage right?


minionoperation t1_jcn0jq9 wrote

Insurance coverage starts at 20 hours at my corporate jobs I’ve had. Can’t say the same for everyone of course, but that’s pretty standard in my experience. For better or worse.


WearySeaTurtle t1_jcmq2li wrote

For those that have to id hope. I'm salary so it wouldn't matter.


[deleted] t1_jcmr85b wrote

Thats another thing too. I am wondering if these guys are going to force us to work max of 32 hours or else punishment. Which is kinda scary.


Doggfather1973 t1_jcne25j wrote

Yeah you'll probably work 10 hours A-day 4 days a week instead of 8 hours A-day 5 days a week


Sushi_Whore_ t1_jcojys6 wrote

I mean— I’d be happy with this too lol. I’m a bit cynical that a 32 hour week is going to takeoff anytime soon but I’d just love the 4 10s option. This isn’t gonna be widespread in USA for at least another decade


insecurestaircase t1_jcp6d11 wrote

I am.not doing 4 10s. As a paralegal the job can be so stressful that I can't handle it for more than 8 hours.


Doggfather1973 t1_jcqf27o wrote

Oh well If that's what your company plans on doing then you all have to follow Suit or Maybe it's time to start looking for another Job with another company Good luck


point_breeze69 t1_jcnrj1c wrote

In the next few months and years a lot of people might not even have a job to be able work any hours a week.

I get that a 4 day 32 hour work week sounds reasonable, but this model is going to rapidly become outdated as automation renders entire portions if not the entire job a person has obsolete.

We should be focusing on something that is real and in our near future. Finding a way to distribute the unprecedented wealth and efficiency that will come from AI into the pockets of the increasingly unemployed masses instead of a few corporations.


remembersomeone t1_jcllhnd wrote

There’s plenty of supporting evidence for this. When you come home from work you run errands for the next day, do housework and maybe get an hour or so to relax before bed. Gotta go to bed early since work is early the next day. Gets even more complicated if you’re someone who has family to take care of with extracurricular activities or someone who is aging.

It’s just… work, get ready for work the next day, repeat. Until the weekend, where you catch up on personal chores you couldn’t do during the week — if you’re lucky enough to not work weekends.

It’s exhausting.


EmiliusReturns t1_jclw42z wrote

The 40 hours work week was designed for an era where only one spouse/parent had to work and could support his family on a single income and the other one was able to stay home and do all the domestic labor and child rearing so it didn’t end up piling up at the end of the week.

In this day and age when both people have to work it becomes really hard to keep up with it. I don’t know how people with kids to do it. It’s hard enough to stay on top of my 2-adult, 1-pet household.

I don’t know what has to change to fix this but shit, something does.


tyleritis t1_jcm74mo wrote

I’m in a 2-working adult, one pet household. I got injured and we had to hire a house cleaner. It was hard before but then it became impossible


ThatAudiGuy92 t1_jcn5ybz wrote

As a single full time dad with a full time job, I am always busy and always tired. Get us ready for work/ school, work, get kids, cook dinner and do chores, have about one hour to relax, do it 4 more times. It's exhausting


PermissionToConnect t1_jcnn0t3 wrote

You aren't kidding. Between commuting and then just wanting some down time before eating dinner, you have really no time to unwind from work. Two days off isn't enough.


ozzy_og_kush t1_jcnjv15 wrote

Mentally challenging jobs like mine (software architect but I also do a lot of hands on coding) can be just as draining as the physically challenging ones. Decision fatigue can happen very quickly, leaving little energy left for chores or recreation. A 4 day work week would be a huge benefit for achieving personal goals that don't involve work.


Wuz314159 t1_jco2qa4 wrote

lol... I go into work on Thursday and don't leave the building until Sunday night.


moderately_random t1_jclpo5c wrote

Still fighting with boomer managers and ceos that WFH is beneficial. They’re gonna take some real convincing for this.


metracta t1_jclu2ew wrote

I’d support a 32 hour work week that was mostly in person (for most industries). Obviously some jobs can easily be done 100% remote, but I think we underestimate the value of human interaction. There is a lot of flexibility with many jobs though


Pink_Slyvie t1_jcm3bql wrote

That's the thing.

My only employee interaction was via our internal chat software.

Then I worked remote, literally nothing changed, but I got my commute back.


H4l3x t1_jcmgl92 wrote

humans are absolutey awful. why would I want to interact with them?


AbbreviationsNo8630 t1_jcn67ok wrote

The sooner employers learn/accept that no one gives a shit about their business or their clients, the better. We there for money and nothing else, son. If you don't need to be in office, nix it if it makes a more happy, productive worker! Like Jesus. Give up the dying paradigm already. There's no reason work needs to be this homogenized thing.


metracta t1_jcnb7t9 wrote

I literally said the opposite of homogenized. I said employers should be flexible, some jobs should be done mostly in collaboration in person with other human beings, and some can be done totally remote. Jesus some of you people sound miserable


No-Setting9690 t1_jcmcz79 wrote

Look at all these downvotes. Doing actual work is frowned upon by users on Reddit. They think it's some evil thing to do. Because they don't know what actual work is and why we do it. Reason I'm banned from antiwork, cause I explained you have to work somewhere. Whether at a company or in the damn woods hunting, it's all work.


H4l3x t1_jcmgt2x wrote

he said nothing about work ethic though... his backing for non remote is human interaction...


[deleted] t1_jcmjdwc wrote



No-Setting9690 t1_jcmlial wrote

You have no clue what we do. We specialize in insurnace follow up. If you're in healthcare then you should know better and understand this is how the place you work for gets paid. We do it better and cheaper than organizations do as it's all we do. If we dont do our job, you dont get paid. So if you're going to work for free, then I'll consider your input..but until then stop getting what we do or the internet. It's not close at all.


[deleted] t1_jcmmnz8 wrote



STLLC2019 t1_jcmsumq wrote

No, they call YOU and tell you to "street" the patient as soon as possible to avoid any further costs after the insurance company refuses to pay for treatment.

How else is the insurance company gonna see profits, after all?


Aezon22 t1_jcmoge6 wrote

So basically your entirely company… is just a middleman?


lilpufferfish t1_jcmntf2 wrote

"insurnace" How can you specialize in it if you can't even spell it?


metracta t1_jcmezh6 wrote

Lol. It’s really shocking. My completely reasonable take has people foaming at the mouth


VenomB t1_jclynpw wrote

Considering a lot of info is coming out showing that WFH isn't that great for the employer, chances are you aren't going to.


or10n_sharkfin t1_jcm18hx wrote

> WFH isn't that great for the employer

How terrible for those poor employers to not be able to afford rent. Maybe they should pick themselves up by their bootstraps and stop buying all that avocado toast.


ProleAcademy t1_jcm2ibt wrote

Citation needed


moderately_random t1_jcm5nim wrote

Cites an article from Washington Post ghost written by Bezos, saying WFH employees slack off as they don’t need to ask permission to use the bathroom


tyleritis t1_jcm6hhk wrote

Yeah it’s not great that the employer doesn’t pay for my electricity, coffee, water and sewer, internet, office furniture, etc.

All while getting more productivity out of me.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_jcljhtr wrote

Studies have shown that this shorter work week (with same pay) is a win-win because workers are both happier and more productive.


No-Setting9690 t1_jclnipk wrote

Employers are not as they usually have to pay the same 40 hours for 32 hours if they are going that method.
I work in a company that cannot operate on 4 days, we need to do 5. You guys like to have access to your medical customer service, so this is what's required. We cannot do 4 days. Our costs would go up to cover the 5th, we would pass that along to our clients, who would pass that along to the customers. In the medical field we cover, profit margins are very thin and there is no room for this.

Do I support a 4 day work week, fuck yea I do.


Flimflamscrimscram t1_jclpnac wrote

Is it impossible to keep the same number of workers and stagger the schedules so that all five days are covered but every individual only does four of them?


ieatpotatochips t1_jclr5gz wrote


Edit: I hit send on accident. I meant to say it’s probably possible. It might require some creativity and flexibility but no reason why it can’t work out. I’ve seen it done in various call center situations before without a loss in service or productivity.


Integer_Domain t1_jclwnj1 wrote

Depends. It’s a relatively easy problem to schedule a sufficient number of people into a 40 hour week such that each person only works 32 hours. It gets harder as you add variables like budget, time off, holidays etc., but it’s not impossible. I guarantee you that companies don’t want to contract mathematicians to figure out their scheduling, though 🤷🏻‍♂️


AllAfterIncinerators t1_jcmr68k wrote

Staggering schedules is a great way to piss off your employees with families. If I went on some kind of changing schedule, my kids couldn’t do sports, scouts, or music lessons without it being a colossal pain in the ass.


Flimflamscrimscram t1_jcmta5b wrote

Maybe, but I think what people want more than anything is predictability. I don’t think it requires schedules to be different week to week. Yes, different employees’ work weeks look different, but they don’t regularly change which days they work. I admit it can’t work for every job, and but I think it could be good for a decent number of jobs of all kinds.


AllAfterIncinerators t1_jcn3d2t wrote

Yes, predictability is key. I worked retail for a very long time and the unpredictability was awful. I loved Christmas season because it meant unloading a lot of trucks, and those shifts were always early morning and predictable.


PmButtPics4ADrawing t1_jcpfj05 wrote

This is how retail and food service places already operate. Most of the employees work part-time but the business is able to stay open all day every day by just scheduling people at different times


Illustrious-Elk-8525 t1_jcloqk5 wrote

I’m a 12 hour shift worker doing a minimum of 48 hours a week. I don’t see this happening for industrial employees or 24/7 operations. In your place, since 5 days would be required, would it be possible to work employees for less hours for 5 days? Just out of curiosity. If there was a 32 max work week, could the same job be done in 6.5 hours a day instead of 8?


No-Setting9690 t1_jclthhu wrote

Call center hours, we must be open. Customer services positions just cant do that. I'm operations/IT. I'm here before and and after everyone. Wish I could do less than 10 hours, is what it is.


Illustrious-Elk-8525 t1_jcltohz wrote

I think the downvotes are from workers who genuinely don’t understand that some things can’t stop. Not everyone works a remote office job


_TheMeepMaster_ t1_jcnijpl wrote

No. But there are other solutions. Hire more people, for example... If there is enough work that one person has to spend that much time there, then you have enough work for two people.


No-Setting9690 t1_jclu5kb wrote

Oh I get it. Let's look at it realistically l. Let's say they cut hours for a certain business, well now they may not be open that extra will cause inconvenience or an in flux in the days they're open. Causing more work in a reduced time.


RecommendationAny763 t1_jclwckw wrote

Profits margins low? In American healthcare? Are you serious?


No-Setting9690 t1_jclxzlx wrote

We're not the provider or insurance company. We are a 3rd party billing company. Yes, profit margins are small. In our collections agency, it's even smaller, with 100x more regulation. FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, HIPAA, PHI, etc.


theSG-17 t1_jcm84gi wrote

Hopefully you go out of business.

Fucking leeches.


No-Setting9690 t1_jcmcjwz wrote

You have zero understanding of what we do or who we do it for. We're the leeches??? There is trillions in debt in collection agencies and unpaid medical bills for chosen services and we're the leech? Please you're a child who knows nothing.


schu2470 t1_jcmgvcc wrote

> There is trillions in debt in collection agencies and unpaid medical bills for chosen services and we're the leech?

Yes, you are. Medical debt in this country is a fucking tragedy. Most people go into medical debt to either save their lives or get treatment to prevent a disease from ruining their quality of life.

Chosen services. You're almost as bad as the fucking insurance companies who cause this mess.


Retlaw83 t1_jcnxj4r wrote

>We're the leeches???

Yes. Medical debt happens either because the system is broken and those who need help can't afford it, unlike every other civilized country, or because someone forgot to pay a small bill they can easily afford and the hospital shunts it off to some sleazebag collection outfit instead of sending a second notice.

You're an IT professional. Have some self-respect and go work at a real company that provides a net good to society instead of being a bootlicker of the evil industry you work in.


schu2470 t1_jcmb3lj wrote

A 3rd party company between the provider and insurance? Sounds to me like needless waste. Cut out the middleman and pass on the savings. Hospitals already have billing and collections departments.


No-Setting9690 t1_jcmbzyj wrote

Hospitals normally do not have collections. It's an industry that requires experts, they do not normally have the technology as well. We do not bill for hospitals, we specialize in ambulance billing. They do not have the staff for it, as they're typically volunteers, paramedics, chief of fire, etc. This is who we bill for. We recover 2x for them over themselves doing it.
You want savings? Stop having people go to the ER that does not need it. 90% of what walks in the door is urgent care or less. Stop having people take ambulances as a taxi and then don't pay for it. In PA, nonparticipating insurances send the checks to the patient not the provider. Gotta be some dumb kickback there, it makes zero sense. Patient cashes and keeps it. These trips then do not get paid, and costs for other trips must go up to offset.

System is jacked, but a lot of it is because of the gov'ts rules.


Retlaw83 t1_jcnxxxa wrote

>In PA, nonparticipating insurances send the checks to the patient not the provider.

I live in PA and this is absolute bullshit. I have always received bills from my provider telling me how much I owe them that insurance does not pay.


chaqalaqalaqa t1_jcnaahg wrote

The medical field shouldn’t care about profits.

We live in a dystopia


JesusOfBeer t1_jcnffer wrote

🤦‍♂️ people can still work a 5th day but at an OT rate. Win-win for everyone


EmiliusReturns t1_jclvkau wrote

Great in theory but my fear is that they’ll just cut my hours and I’ll end up getting paid less. Unless employers are legally mandated to keep pay the same I don’t see anyone willingly paying people the same to do less hours, and they won’t want to shell out for overtime either.

I would love 3 day weekends but I’m pessimistic that it would actually end up being a good thing and not just end up docking everyone’s pay.


SeptasLate t1_jcmd0pd wrote

Yeah, it'll be great for salaried employees. Not sure how it translate to hourly.


PermissionToConnect t1_jcnn4sh wrote

They need to make everyone salary and then raise overtime rules so people making under 50k get overtime still. But of course, that would never happen and this bill is a pipe dream anyway.


hahahoudini t1_jcnv91k wrote

It's being accomplished in other parts of the country and other countries. Meeting every new idea with pessimistic cynicism is a good way to be a self fulfilling prophecy. At one point in America, people made your comment in regards to having a 2 day weekend.


VenomB t1_jclyqga wrote

Yeah, when I see this I just wonder if they forgot how wages work...


theSG-17 t1_jcm8f10 wrote

>Unless employers are legally mandated to keep pay the same

If this isn't a loophole-free portion of any 4 day/32 hour workweek bill then our congressmen are dumber than I already think they are.


somberblurb t1_jcmqv5g wrote

I would support a requirement to keep pay the same, but even then businesses will catch up with this by slashing benefits or cutting raises until their labor costs balance out.

The only way this works is economics. Hopefully, if a law like this was passed, it would make labor more scarce, and therefore increase the price of labor. Supply and demand.


Hazel1928 t1_jcp8swp wrote

And it might not be a 3 day weekend. They might want to keep staffed on Fridays, so some people get days in the middle of the week off.


PmButtPics4ADrawing t1_jcpfztb wrote

>Unless employers are legally mandated to keep pay the same

If you read the article that's exactly what the bill proposes. It provides tax credits for businesses that do a 4-day work week without reducing pay or benefits


Olive_Mediocre t1_jcm5sko wrote

Yeah right. They can't even raise minimum wage, you think companies are going to start paying people 40 hrs worth of wages in 32 hours? They don't care how much it benefits them, their employees, or society.... if people aren't slaving away they might get ideas that there is more important stuff than working...


PeaceFrog3sq t1_jcm0ux3 wrote

We have implemented a 4 day/32 hour work week at our office and it works great. We have had this in place for a year now. We are a small office but we pay our employees as though they are working 5 days/40 hours per week and we provide healthcare. Productivity has not dropped and quality of life is way up. That one day a week makes a huge difference in people's lives.


SixethJerzathon t1_jclw3ql wrote

No. There's enough conservative morons in PA voting against their own interests to keep anything progressive from happening.


DelianSK13 t1_jcmcyxa wrote

Won't happen now but probably will within the next 20 years.


PotatoeyCake t1_jcmfs4n wrote

I know you guys will like it but it screws me over as an hourly.


Icy_Blackberry_3759 t1_jcn4jcr wrote

I do 4 day 40 hour weeks and it rules. 10 hour days don’t feel tough at all because you only do four and have three day weekends every week. Hell I end up getting lots of overtime too, love it.


sunflakie t1_jcmnna9 wrote

How does this work for teachers and other school employees?


Dispatcher12 t1_jcly4yc wrote

I had a schedule for awhile that was four on and three off and it was nice in some ways, unfortunately it was still 40 hours and two of the shifts were 12s. But having three days off is nice.


avowed t1_jcmog2n wrote

Never, ever, EVER going to happen. Not really something that time should be spent on. Start with better wages, better health care, better workers rights, pro, child birth leave, etc. I'd rather have all of those than a 4 day work week.


Inert_Uncle_858 t1_jcm08cc wrote

The only way I'd be okay with this is if they still pay us for 40 or realign our hourly so that it equals what we were making per year per hour. Otherwise you just know this is a pay cut.


SpaceLord_Katze t1_jcmjn4v wrote

It won't matter, I would still need 5days to get my work done.


rain6304 t1_jcnpzxd wrote

Except those in essential jobs. Food service. Health care. Etc. People want to work 4 day weeks themselves… but expect the world to continue turning when they aren’t. The fast food guy, the nurse, the doctor, the teacher - they all and many more essential and skilled workers deserve the benefits too.


MomsSpecialFriend t1_jcm0jkx wrote

I like how they say they are testing it in Bucks county, then right below is a link to a news article titled “there are two millionaires to every 1 homeless child in Bucks county”. They don’t really mention how much the tax credit is for but it sounds like people with cushy jobs in nice areas are about to earn their companies money by working less.


Icy_Blackberry_3759 t1_jcn4951 wrote

I love my 4 day 40 hour week. Love it. I like the momentum of the extra hours, and with a three day weekend to recover every week? Shiiiiit I can waste all day Friday without ever getting dressed and I still have the whole weekend ahead of me


RaccoonSamson t1_jcn769t wrote

That would kinda suck if they don't change a bunch of other shit.

working 32 hours at $10-$15/hr and having your employer cut you off at 32 instead of 40 so you don't get overtime is not a very fun idea.


vinnie5451 t1_jcm7xfc wrote

Great 8 hrs less pay is always awesome


mainelinerzzzzz t1_jcmsljj wrote

No, you’ll get paid for 40 hours. Lol.


vinnie5451 t1_jcmte6x wrote

Yeah ok hows the government going my force a company to pay for hours not worked


chaqalaqalaqa t1_jcnaeis wrote

By having the law say they have to.

Just like how they have to pay overtime.


vinnie5451 t1_jcp75yy wrote

You work overtime how are they going to force a company to pay for hours not worked .What about places that don’t allow overtime or companies that don’t want to pay for the extra 8 hrs and stop overtime all together


chaqalaqalaqa t1_jcp7jea wrote

Don’t think of it as “hours not worked,” think of it as fair compensation for enough work.

The 40 hour work week was designed so one person could support a family while the wife (historically speaking) stayed home and kept the house and kids.

Now, typically both partners are working 30-40 hours a week. It’s time we the people took back the lifestyles the American dream was promised and stop working ourselves to death


vinnie5451 t1_jcp82gh wrote

By getting 8hrs less pay for not working those hours got it not sure how the government is going to force someone to pay for wages not earned


chaqalaqalaqa t1_jcp8t72 wrote

By passing legislation that does so. I don't know the exact wording or mechanics, but there's a lot of things that companies "wouldn't do" unless they were forced.

We still have a vast majority of people in this state and country who don't have sick time. My partner is currently sick with Covid and can't take off work without being written up. It's a dystopia.


PmButtPics4ADrawing t1_jcpg94m wrote

Maybe try reading the article instead of just the headline. The bill wouldn't force companies to reduce hours, it just provides tax credits to those that do so without reducing pay or benefits. If your employer doesn't think they can cut hours without cutting pay they just won't participate.

>Three Democratic state lawmakers are hoping to make Pennsylvania a more appealing place to work. The trio has proposed a pilot program to supply tax credits to businesses that provide a four-day, 32-hour work week to commonwealth-based employees without reducing compensation or benefits packages.


mainelinerzzzzz t1_jcmtujl wrote

I was LoLing about people working less and getting paid more. Not going to happen.


gslavik t1_jcnyrep wrote

You are getting paid less than if you worked 48 hours.


WearySeaTurtle t1_jcmpzqv wrote

Most of my work gets done with days to spare. Luckily I'm not in the office so I can chill.


shimrra t1_jcmxf3i wrote

It sounds like a great idea at first but part of me is wondering after a couple years will companies will only pay for the hours you work? I mean what's really going to stop these mega corporations from doing this? Also how would effect medical care, a bunch of places will only offer coverage if you work a certain amount of hours.


Knightwing1047 t1_jcmxrd2 wrote

IF they’re going to do this, and can somehow mandate it, they also need to mandate that pay should reflect the change and no one loses money in their paychecks. 32 hour work weeks sound great but people are struggling as it is. You really think businesses are going to technically pay people more to do less? This is America! Where your sole purpose in life is to keep the capitalist machine running while dreaming that one day you could become one of the elite.


BoK_b0i t1_jcn0ftp wrote

How tf would that help anyone but people in power? Cause I'm 17 working a partime job after school and I still work more than 32 some weeks cause I need the money. There's no way that the average person could survive comfortably on 32 hours if people are already needing 2 jobs to make ends meet


ExplorerCheap8515 t1_jcn0x3w wrote

Four ten hour days. Worked that schedule for about 20 years. You're not going to get paid for 40 hours unless you work the hours. I know there are alot of people that think that if you work four days at eight hours that you're entitled to a free 8 hours of pay. Employers will not tolerate that.


Playful-Excuse-8081 t1_jcn1py2 wrote

In a perfect world but unfortunately not in the real one we are all stuck in


muttonbarley t1_jcn8h2g wrote

They can't even get federal minimum wage past $7.25.


C_N1 t1_jcn9u5y wrote

I would love this, but my question is, how will small town businesses handle this? Most struggle to stay open with limited customers in rural areas. And paying the same for less work will most definitely be a reason they end up closing their doors.


banhammerrr t1_jcndc0r wrote

This came up in a town hall at work this week. They straight up said they have zero intention of ever exploring that option.


starion832000 t1_jcnwcdq wrote

Who the fuck is this for? Are you saying that we should get paid for one less day per week?


AlVic40117560_ t1_jcnxgmk wrote

That’s cool and all if a business wants to offer that, but what do these politicians have to do with that? Are they doing it for their businesses? Or forcing it onto companies/employees?


Wuz314159 t1_jco2n1l wrote

This means nothing to me. Other than I will be earning even less because I'll be unaffected. It's bad enough that grocery store workers now earn more than I do due to our union contract, but I keep getting left further and further behind b/c these bills are non-applicable to my industry.


Stonecutter_12-83 t1_jcogk4m wrote

As a person who works for the state and only works 37.5 hours, it is a HUGE paycut. I'm fine with 4- 10 hr days, but cutting hours is thousands per year


PatientNice t1_jcolkk8 wrote

There is no reason not to. Data shows productivity goes UP with a 4 day, 32 hour week with no reduction to salary. Only stone rigid old school types will argue otherwise. And there is the benefit of happier employees. It’s a win-win which of course will be shot down.


innoutjoe t1_jcorre8 wrote

How about a 1 day work week and force another person to pay you for the whole week? Why not go all the way, make it a 0 day work week and force another person to provide for you. Think about it, you could just chill at home and have a bunch of people that are forced to cook and clean for you and do all of your work, how awesome is that?!


Then_Zookeepergame_3 t1_jcp3c2q wrote

Who benefits from this? Shorten our work week, pay us less money. And yet we have to babysit the machines that are taking our jobs from us? Again I ask, and who does this benefit? We all know! And it sure as hell ain’t us!


Intrepid-Bear t1_jcpbzdg wrote

When I opened my own business, I decided I wasn’t working 40 hours a week anymore. I was working 50 when I was working for someone else and being a single mom hauling kids to different activities. I usually work 35 hours a week now and have more time for what matters. I don’t want to remember my life for how much I worked, but for the time I got to spend with my kids and significant other. My boyfriend has taken to the same philosophy and is currently working part time hours over night on the weekends so he can spend most of the week with his 100 year old grandfather.


Rahawk02 t1_jcpk58q wrote

As long as I don't lose 20 percent of my pay`check


enemy_of_your_enema t1_jcpnv03 wrote

Here's the co-sponsorship memo. There's no bill, so we don't know the details. But my concern is that a tax credit doesn't help employees at tax exempt orgs.


docterry6973 t1_jcprgpn wrote

Wealthy interests own the PA legislature and will until the voters care about honest government. Nothing will change without that.


llamas1355 t1_jcpvs8s wrote

I work for an extension of the state and the day the state itself enacts this for its employees will be a cold day in hell.


Or0b0ur0s t1_jcpz2u6 wrote

People are currently working 50+ on a 40-hour schedule, and paid as if they worked something like 25.

Best case, they set it to 32, we end up working 45 and get paid like we worked 20...

Until the minimum wage goes up, nothing's going to make much difference. And even then, until and unless the Exemption threshold is both raised AND actually enforced, salaried workers will still continue being effectively 24/7 on-call slaves at whatever rate the owners think is good enough.

It's an idea whose time has long come. Unfortunately, it's putting the cart before the horse. Perhaps that's why the Oligarchs allow it to be considered. They know they can adapt to it and end up squeezing workers even harder in the bargain, somehow.


eltruteht t1_jd7px6k wrote

Because people are not smart enough to decide how much they want to work and get paid.
Only in the minds of politicians can people work less get paid the same and there’s nothing to worry about. The money just magically appears.


CptnLongJohn t1_jdk7wl9 wrote

Ha! I work for the post office, maybe I’ll drop from 7 days a week to 6 lol


gslavik t1_jcnysly wrote

Set full time at 32 hours and anything over that is overtime.


tube607 t1_jcohm8n wrote

I mean or we can stop being lazy and work to support your family…


yeags86 t1_jcpjzbm wrote

What family? My wife and me both work full time. We couldn’t afford having a kid if we even wanted one.


tube607 t1_jcq72ag wrote

So working less will help you afford more?!


yeags86 t1_jcqhs1o wrote

Did you read the first two sentences of the article?


saintofhate t1_jcpu7yn wrote

You can't even afford to live alone with full time wages being so shit. No one is being lazy.


defusted t1_jcly6lt wrote

As long as there are Republicans in office this will never happen. Despite all the evidence from other countries that show this makes workers happier and happy workers are now productive.