Submitted by Speakslinux t3_126jq55 in Pennsylvania

I have to say that I am addicted to Herr's Kettle Vinegar and Salt Boardwalk salt & vinegar chips. Its about the only chip that I can stand. I love vinegar & salt chips and Herr's by far is the clear winner to me. They seem to add normally the most consistent amount of vinegar/salt mixture for me.

My wife on the otherhand also loves the Herr Kettle Chips (Normal flavor) and is really pissed because they no longer apparently make the lattice chips.

I have nothing against Utz btw and use their kettle cooked chips with Helluva Dip Sour Cream every once in a while.

So whats yours?



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Luvs2spooge89 t1_je9gkqc wrote

Who the heck calls them vinegar and salt? Only ever heard it salt and vinegar lol


flutterbylove22 t1_jeb31ha wrote

If they said vinegar and salt one more time, I was coming thru the internet.
^(But also, they are my favorite)


Speakslinux OP t1_jec006w wrote

Well I called them that.... But I fixed it for you.......


TheOperaGhostofKinja t1_je9rzjz wrote

Grandma Utz.

Back when I was living in Pittsburgh and Grandma Utz wasn’t available at my local shop, I had a dream where I found a giant person-sized bag of Grandma Utz.


Speakslinux OP t1_jeb8wt2 wrote

I love Grandma Utz when I'm dipping into heluva dip.......


Herumen t1_jebkjxy wrote

Yeah, back then my Dad used to bring me a few bags of Grandma Utz whenever he visited from Virginia (where I grew up with them). I still remember the thrill when I first saw Utz being sold in Pgh. (Kinda like the first time I saw a Five Guys in Pgh.--another VA business I loved).


MildlyInfuria8ing t1_jec5y7d wrote

This. I had these a while back and I had forgotten the name. I had tried a few different kettle cooked brands and somehow never Grandma Utz. Wife bought them 2 days ago and these were them. By farrrr my favorite kettle cooked chips.


Red_Rock_Yogi t1_jec8zyb wrote

Ermagerd. I’m in AZ now. I have been for many years. I order these online because I missed them so much. Everyone out here who has never before had a chip fried in lard is now addicted, and I have to keep them stocked.


Critical_Band5649 t1_je9fqwp wrote

Middleswarth BBQ chips when the flavor is just right. Over the years, the flavor quality has gone downhill though. The flavor seems to be more salt than spice anymore.


Steelplate7 t1_je9g6f8 wrote

I second Middleswarth. I like the plain chips as well as the BBQ and on occasion, I buy a bag of Sour Cream and Onion.


isa5589 t1_jeb6d8s wrote

Kettle Cooked BBQ is my all time favorite


Rocthepanther t1_jecommk wrote

Kettle Cooked BBQ more resembles the old Middleswarth than the regular ones now do. Now if only we could get them in a bucket


pm_your_masterpiece t1_jecmlk2 wrote

You need to flip and roll the bag around then open the 'bottom' of the bag to eat them. I don't think it's a flavor quality issue, I think it's that they're making a lot more now so the flavor settles weird in the bag. It helps to try and redistribute the flavor. Hot shit those are good chips.


Spiritual-Hedgehog-7 t1_je9dsf4 wrote

Dieffenbach’s factory seconds


LeaveThatCatAlone t1_je9qoad wrote

I love going to the factory store. They have mix and match cases of 2oz or 3oz. I wish the Dill Pickle chips were available in the small bags since I'm a hog with big bags.


Wuz314159 t1_je9xxuz wrote

Didn't they have a fire? Are they back?


LeaveThatCatAlone t1_jeagzg0 wrote

I don't know anything about a fire, but they were open a couple weeks ago. I go every few weeks.


Berksiana t1_je9gu1t wrote

Goods - Blue bag. There is none else


BuddahSack t1_jeactac wrote

I moved from central PA to BucksCo in August and have been looking for a chip like Gibbles, because of your comment I just got a blue bag of Goods and I must say I'm impressed, thank you for the recommendation!!!!


Berksiana t1_jeadu88 wrote

Fantastic! you are so very welcome! They have been a staple at every family gathering or picnic event round Berks County for many generations


twd000 t1_jebdrb8 wrote

mark this question as "answered". It's all about that lard.


anchorless_81 t1_je9oxii wrote

Zapp’s Voodoo Chips


static_on_the_air t1_jea86ll wrote

I mean...sort of PA : )


anchorless_81 t1_jeai3ij wrote

Oh man I thought they were?! Then it’d have to be middleswarth bbq!


static_on_the_air t1_jeajhl8 wrote

I think Utz owns them, but they're a New Orleans chip!


linsor1 t1_jebd1yd wrote

They are, but they are made in PA. At the Snyder's of Berlin plant. I just found that out yesterday.


anchorless_81 t1_jebnucw wrote

Wait… so ZAPPS are made in PA? Technically?


linsor1 t1_jecd4xp wrote

Yep. I had no idea. The Berlin plant makes the voodoo chips.


anchorless_81 t1_jecmcgy wrote

I love everything about the information I’m learning! PA LOVE


spr35541 t1_je9vsqh wrote

Gibble’s, Martin’s, and Middleswarth are all god tier chips. All flavors, and types.


Optimal_Spend779 t1_je9l1gb wrote

I’ve bought bags of Herr’s salt and vinegar on two different occasions that tasted like an entire shaker of salt was dumped into the bag. And believe me, I love salt. They were inedible, can’t buy them again.

Middleswarth is where it’s at, not even close.


PPQue6 t1_je9k047 wrote

All dressed or gtfo!


LeaveThatCatAlone t1_je9qc97 wrote

Where in PA? If I'm in Canada fuck yeah, but I can't find them here.


PPQue6 t1_je9qtv4 wrote

Well they used to be available here at Wegmans but unfortunately they've seemed to disappear again 😔


isa5589 t1_jeb8y4q wrote

From what I've seen they're only available in Canada


otterfeets t1_jec78wi wrote

I’ve seen the Ruffles version at suburban Pittsburgh Giant Eagles and Sheetz(es?).


DeliciousBeanWater t1_je9mlu4 wrote

Martins BBQ (the regular ridged ones), martins Jalapeno, middleswarth bbq (obv), herr’s habanero ranch, utz regular chips


Confident_End_3848 t1_je9qn13 wrote

Some company used to carry chips that were cooked really well done, something akin to dark pretzels. Haven’t seen them in a while.


fryerandice t1_jeb3t2t wrote

Herr's and Utz both make Dark Russet potato chips, they are god tier snackfoods.


Yinzersrus t1_jecjb4c wrote

I won’t eat any chip but Utz dark russet. Will have to try Herr’s.


BroadbandEng t1_jebhu4e wrote

Zerbe’s dark chips are awesome. I used to think they were cooked longer, but the dark color really comes from using potatoes with a higher sugar content.


imamunster123 t1_jeamdd4 wrote

Anything other than Middleswarth is the wrong answer. Kettle Cooked Barbeque to be specific.


paintsbynumberz t1_jeavo5h wrote

I haven’t had really good potato chips since I left PA. It’s a sad state of affairs


BCKWLK t1_je9snnd wrote

As a West Virginian (Mister Bee's Potato Chips), I make frequent trips to PA for work. Fell in love with Gibble's myself. I'm also a huge fan of Middleswarth BBQ.


KeepOnRideOn t1_jeaogd5 wrote

I have no idea how you people are picking just one. I love all chips. I pick flavor and style based on my mood, lol.

However, since you’re absolutely forcing me lol, Middleswarth (plain and BBQ) and Grandma Utz Kettle Style seem to be my main picks.


laurajodonnell t1_jea22sy wrote

Middleswarth is my all-time fav, but since moving to the Schuylkill/Berks area I have fallen in love with Dieffenbach’s and Herr’s! I agree with you OP that Herr’s kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips are supreme! I love the Uglies chips from Dieffenbach’s.


sevenicecubes t1_jeakklg wrote

This my second time today posting about the wonders of Hartley's Potato Chips made in Lewistown. You can only find them around Mifflin County as far as I know. I prefer Hartley's SC&O and Middleswarth BBQ, but Hartley's Waffle BBQ are great too.


ConcreteThinking t1_jeamsjl wrote

Utz regulars. How do they get then so thin and crispy!


spoon7777 t1_jeas1f2 wrote

I never met a bag of potato chips I didn't like, until I tried Middleswarth. Maybe I got a bad bag because I absolutely hated them, but all of this love I'm reading makes me feel like giving them another shot. BBQ seems to be the favorite here so that's my next purchase.


freshoilandstone t1_jeazr6f wrote

BBQ Swarths are very good. Plain? For some reason the plain Swarths leave a greasy film in my mouth. Wife says the same thing.


spoon7777 t1_jeb06l6 wrote

I had the plain ones and I thought the same thing, all I tasted was lard. Aren't the bbq the same thing just flavored?


freshoilandstone t1_jeb9ake wrote

No, not really. My wife doesn't like the BBQ though so maybe it's something she tastes that I don't. Middleswarth's are polarizing.


Technical-Focus-6303 t1_jeawku8 wrote

they changed the hellava good recipe and now it breaks any type chip i try to scoop it up with


BroadbandEng t1_jebhhxm wrote

Zerbe’s dark chips are my number one.
Zapp’s Voodoo are the runner up.


through_the_keyhole t1_jec4dl2 wrote

Agree on the Zerbe's Dark. Love the Voodoo but Voodoo Heat is even better. Harder to find though.


fakepostulate t1_jeddr29 wrote

Goods red bag. Cannot believe I don’t see this in the comments. And you people say you’re from Pennsylvania!?!?

Where are all my lard lovers?


Speakslinux OP t1_jeec289 wrote

Lard lovers? Goods is pathetic!!!

If its lard you are looking for may I suggest Stehman's....... Also in a red bag


colormeslowly t1_je9jt05 wrote

Herr Kettle was my favorite - I think the potato/chips got covid. They’re no longer good as they were before covid. And no, my tastebuds haven’t changed lol


TMax01 t1_je9wnnv wrote

My all-time favorite, by a long way, is/was Bickel's. They seared the chips before frying, giving them an unparalleled smooth surface, sharp crunch, and deep potato flavor. Unfortunately, I can't find them anymore, they even closed down their factory outlet store, and although the brand still exists (bought by a larger snack maker, apparently) I can't even tell if they still make potato chips.

[Edited to correct spelling of the name Bickel's.]


LeaveThatCatAlone t1_jeahesy wrote

Bickle's are amazing. I always crave chocolate when I have them. I'm in the Lehigh Valley and I can't find them as easily now. Valley Farm Market is about it close by.


TMax01 t1_jeajx3q wrote

If you can find them at all you made my day. As long as I know they still make them, I can hope to someday enjoy them again.


0gv0n t1_je9x0zt wrote

Martin's Kettle-Cooked. Love them, but the kill my stomach.


eddiestarkk t1_je9x5tk wrote

I like Herr's. It's a good potato chip. I really miss Middleswarth though. The closest I found was in Allentown off of Cedar Crest Blvd and Tilghman Street where there is a grocery store. That was about 5 years ago when I lived in the area though. I haven't found it down here, so Herr's is my go to.


Llamacka t1_jeabqup wrote

The internet exists get the good stuff shipped


sjudrexel t1_je9zl4r wrote

Herr’s Russet kettle cooked but haven’t seen them in quite a while


StarKing18 t1_jea9jwk wrote

Utz’s Smokin’ Sweets,Utz’s Helluva Dip Bacon and Horseradish, Martin’s Kettle-Cooked Jalapeño, Here’s Sour Cream and Onion, Herr’s Red Hot, and Good’s Barbecue.


SchoolAcceptable8670 t1_jeajx9o wrote

Herrs ripple with onion dip Kettle cooked Herrs salt and Vinegar (close second the horseradish cheddar)


anTiQUeFreaK33 t1_jeame0e wrote

Martins BBQ…unfortunately live in OH now but always stock up when I come home for a visit


winkytinkytoo t1_jeaohp9 wrote

Utz original. Always with sour cream to dip them in. The best handmade restaurant chips are the ones at the Celtic Pub in Smyrna, Delaware.


ScSM35 t1_jeaoxep wrote

Herr’s Jalapeño Kettle Chips are my go-to. Grandma Utz is a close second.


Thaliavoir t1_jeartnh wrote

I am currently chowing down on Utz rippled salted chips as I write this. Utz is definitely my favorite.


tylerchill t1_jeas5yd wrote

Utz Wavy in the yellow bag. My local grocery in Manhattan used to sell out.


skuc79 t1_jeasbvi wrote

Snyders plain or salt n vinegar


allthingsparrot t1_jeatuar wrote

I am partial to Herr's (Salt and Vinegar, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, kettle cooked) and Grandma UTZ! Martin's is good, never of this Middleswarth! I'll look out for them.


robo45h t1_jeazi4d wrote

I, sadly, haven't tried all the local Penna. brands. That said, I'm a "basic regular chip" lover, so my go-to is Herr's standard chips. I'm not a fan of kettle chips in general; don't like the thicker cut. And while I may occasionally enjoy a flavored chip, I feel ultimately the plain chip is the best. I need to try all of the local Penna. brands!

As it happens, after driving Route 1 past the Nottingham Penna. exit for many years and always wanting to take the plant tour, I finally did it last Monday. They don't run the tours on weekends, and some days not all things are in production, so scheduling is important. Fun tour, and unless something strange is going on, you'll get warm regular chips right off the production line as part of the tour!


Mustang46L t1_jeb0s1j wrote

Martins and Grandma Utz kettle cooked are about equals to me. Martins BBQ is my favorite chip, period.


freshoilandstone t1_jeb12eh wrote

Nibble with Gibbles, Martins, Herrs, Utz. Never had Goods but now I'm on the trail.

Used to hang out in my neighborhood bar in Altoona when I was in college and the owner started carrying jalapeno chips in plain silver bags that would take out the inside of your mouth. Fantastic chips. Turns out they were Groff's from somewhere around Lancaster, apparently they've been out of business for a while.


hugh_jass_719 t1_jeb1ko5 wrote

Herr's Honey Sriracha are amazing.

Also a big fan of Martin's jalapeño even though they taste nothing like jalapeño 😄


Brilliant-Jacket-550 t1_jeb4biv wrote

My favorite used to be Middleswarth, but then I realized they may or may not be cooked in tallow. Just tell us! From the ingredient list:



AnyOldNameNotTaken t1_jeb5at0 wrote

Zapp’s voodoo chips. There’s a perfect blend of salt and vinegar with barbecue.


LDUBSKE t1_jeb7cm2 wrote

Moon Lodge - The Whole Shabang


bflakes17 t1_jeb7fly wrote

Middleswarth BBQ Chips


SquintyB t1_jeba6jt wrote

My favorite were Utz salt and pepper but I haven’t been able to find them lately.


Mijbr090490 t1_jebb4h0 wrote

Utz salt and malt vinegar kettle are my go to s&v chip. Herrs is pretty good too.

Martins Waffle BBQ are where it's at for dipping in Helluva Dip.

My favorite all around chip has to be Grandma Utz though. Gimme that lard.


kmsc84 t1_jebemo9 wrote

Herr’s had some kind of BBQ chip last summer or fall that was great.

I miss O’Grady’s AuGratin.


shewy92 t1_jebh86k wrote

Martin's Kettle-Cook'd No Salt Added chips.



Herumen t1_jebkxr8 wrote

After extensive tasting/testing, I now think Giant Eagle brand kettle chips are the best. (Surprised me, too.)


H0FG t1_jebltgj wrote



wrmbrn t1_jebni3m wrote

Middleswarth-bbq and sour cream and onion

Hartleys-regular kettle cooked


SyrousStarr t1_jebo203 wrote

Herr's Hot Chips for the last like.. 30 years. I've known multiple people who have worked at the factory and tried several times to get some of the spices. Even saw a sack of them on a tour once.


_extrafeta t1_jebrmjx wrote

Martin’s BBQ (with helluva good onion dip!) and Grandma Utz is a close second.

No I gotta go to the store…


dognipples11 t1_jebt5lb wrote

Its Salt & vinegar* you friggin heathen


Yxlar t1_jebur4k wrote

The kettle chips cut the shit out of my mouth


arctic_winters_ t1_jec0bjr wrote

I eat middlesworth bbq chips until my mouth hurts. I love those things.


NotNowDamo t1_jec2437 wrote

Here's used to make Old Bay chips in a silver bag that I loved. Not sure if still available, as I haven't bought Herrs in years.

Before I gave up animal products, I loved Good's as well, as it was made with lard. Not sure if they still are.

Today, any ruffled chip will do anytime I indulge.


brilliantpants t1_jec2mjh wrote

  1. Utz Kettle Salt & Malt Vinegar. They blow all other Salt & Vinegar chips away!

  2. Plain Herr’s in the blue bag

  3. Middleswarth Sour Cream & Onion


nardlz t1_jec6lrw wrote

I honestly can put down a whole bag of plain Middleswarth. I know everyone likes the BBQ but it’s just not a flavor I’m fond of.


Schapattack_555 t1_jec6r7c wrote

Empty calories. Chips were fun and delicious but otherwise worthless and insanely unhealthy. That said, Giving up Middleswarth BBQ was harder than quitting smoking. Lol


Jackson_McNulty t1_jec8gk5 wrote

Middleswarth BBQ for life. I live in Philly and every time I visit family in Central PA I bring 10 bags home.


beezer210 t1_jec9aj7 wrote

Utz Salt and Vinegar has the best in your face taste. After awhile you get a satisfying mouth burn.


hldeiro t1_jec9olr wrote

Dandee corn twistees!


EveArgent t1_jecc5bt wrote

I am very partial to Herr's Sour Cream and Onion ruffly chips.


Speakslinux OP t1_jecekhr wrote

Also loved a locally produced chip in Lancaster County called Stehman's. They used to be the chip.... Salty with a hint of lard with the bubbled potato chips... OH MY


LunaRaptor11 t1_jecgkp2 wrote

I was gonna say I liked lays chips but those aren’t headquartered in Pa ;-;


Head-Tangerine-9131 t1_jecks7m wrote

Middlesworth barbecue! I also loved Wise chips as a child. Mostly the sour cream and onion flavor but also the original ones as well.


ISwearImKarl t1_jecmx0j wrote

Lays classic, or lays salt and vinegar.


aidengyle t1_jecrf8f wrote

Barbecue Middleswarth Weekender


mtv2002 t1_jeff0ur wrote

Grandma utz bbq, middleswarth, and herr salt and pepper. So someone close to my family told me that middleswarth chips have a code on them. Any bbq labeled c4 were the best seasoned.


SPQRobur t1_je9f0b3 wrote

Cape Cod Sour Cream and Onion


birde17020 t1_jeakq0k wrote

Cape cod is my favorite. They actually have a factory in Hanover.


SPQRobur t1_jeakstf wrote

Woohoo now i dont have to feel like a traitor