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Critical_Band5649 t1_je9fqwp wrote

Middleswarth BBQ chips when the flavor is just right. Over the years, the flavor quality has gone downhill though. The flavor seems to be more salt than spice anymore.


Steelplate7 t1_je9g6f8 wrote

I second Middleswarth. I like the plain chips as well as the BBQ and on occasion, I buy a bag of Sour Cream and Onion.


isa5589 t1_jeb6d8s wrote

Kettle Cooked BBQ is my all time favorite


Rocthepanther t1_jecommk wrote

Kettle Cooked BBQ more resembles the old Middleswarth than the regular ones now do. Now if only we could get them in a bucket


pm_your_masterpiece t1_jecmlk2 wrote

You need to flip and roll the bag around then open the 'bottom' of the bag to eat them. I don't think it's a flavor quality issue, I think it's that they're making a lot more now so the flavor settles weird in the bag. It helps to try and redistribute the flavor. Hot shit those are good chips.