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AtBat3 t1_jdot680 wrote

This is one of the goofiest conspiracy theories of them all because literally no one looks like John Fetterman.


Unfamiliar_Word t1_jdokiat wrote

This is all weird and dumb, especially the way that some people are trying to make Giselle Fetterman out to be some kind of malevolent, conniving, modern-Day Pennsylvanian Lady McBeth. If the man is being treated for something as painful and difficult as depression, I would expect him to want and keep his privacy.

Some people are so bored of their lives and have such deranged views of the world that they seem to think that seem to need to believe that we're living in some unproduced Alan J. Pakula script from the seventies.


[deleted] t1_jdoo2a0 wrote



Psychogistt t1_jdox3ip wrote

To be fair, liberals believe a lot of hoaxes and conspiracy theories too


RepStevensTerminator t1_jdpectq wrote

Name some


Psychogistt t1_jdpew8n wrote

People still think Trump colluded with Russia, for example

Edit: see?


WahWahBaby t1_jdq8lig wrote

If not collusion, how would you classify a campaign manager giving internal polling data to a Russian spy?


Psychogistt t1_jdqg5zc wrote

This is a great example of what I mean.

The data was publicly available info and he was not a Russian spy at all.!


WahWahBaby t1_jdqh1e8 wrote

LMAO, the source for your argument is… Konstantin Kilimnik 🤦‍♂️


Psychogistt t1_jdqhyps wrote

…backed up by documents and other sources.

The source for your argument is the Treasury Department who presented no evidence whatsoever.

See? Told you liberals also believe hoaxes and conspiracy theories


WahWahBaby t1_jdqibga wrote

Nah, the mueller report and the senate intel report said the data was passed from Manafort to Kilimnic, the treasury department said it reached Russian intel. I agree the theories begin where the facts end, and that’s after the trump campaign manager gave polling data to a man the US govt says is a russian spy. So again, how do you classify those facts? Totally legal and totally cool?


Psychogistt t1_jdqikj2 wrote

What evidence do you have that Kilimnik is a Russian spy? Or that the polling data reached Russian intel?


WahWahBaby t1_jdqkf0x wrote

Here is an article summarizing the GOP chaired senate intel report in regards to kilimnic. As well as a link to the actual report below.

As far as the data reaching the GRU, that was in the treasury department’s report detailing sanctions against the Russian folks who hacked and spread propaganda that benefited trump in the 2016 campaign.


Psychogistt t1_jdqlmsy wrote

So no evidence that Kilimnik is a Russian spy. Do you usually believe things without evidence?


WahWahBaby t1_jdqlu0a wrote

Are you asking me to give you raw classified US intelligence? Lmao

So your position is that US intelligence is lying and that you believe the Russian govt?


Psychogistt t1_jdqmah9 wrote

I’m not aware of what the Russian government has said about this.

My position is to follow the evidence.

US intelligence has a long history of lying to the American people. Do you usually believe people who lie and don’t provide evidence?

It’s just a conspiracy theory at this point.


WahWahBaby t1_jdqo1hz wrote

>My position is to follow the evidence.

Cool, the senate intel report I linked, which is signed by Marco Rubio, goes through tons of it. Read it.

>It’s just a conspiracy theory at this point.

Not according to the US govt, any inability to digest that seems like a personal problem.

Just a tip, since you are such a big evidence guy, In the future, don’t provide a contrarian interview with the accused as evidence. That’s like me saying, “ Jeffery Epstein didn’t do anything wrong and is a great guy, here is an interview where he says so” lol


Psychogistt t1_jdr06fj wrote

Is Marco Rubio generally a truthful person? Can you provide just one tiny bit of evidence that Kilimnik is a Russian spy?

Do you believe everything the US government says? Do you still think there’s WMDs in Iraq?

You don’t think accused people should be able to defend themselves?

This thread is proof that liberals also believe hoaxes and conspiracy theories. Despite no evidence whatsoever, this user continues to stick to their beliefs.


WahWahBaby t1_jdr1qf2 wrote

You’ve been given evidence in a 1000 page report and you don’t care because you don’t trust the government, sounds like you are the fringe conspiracy theorist to me.

You may have the last word.


Psychogistt t1_jdrb37t wrote

1000 pages and no evidence. Unless you can provide evidence, then we’ll have to consider this a hoax/conspiracy theory.


gdex86 t1_jdqwwzz wrote

His son admitted that he met with agents of Putin about how they wanted to help his father win the election in exchange for adoption law changes. This is something that happened because the NY Times was about to break the story with the emails.


Psychogistt t1_jdqz1em wrote

That’s a hoax and a conspiracy theory


gdex86 t1_jdqzauw wrote


Just the bits that apply

>Trump Tower meeting: How the story has changed

>8 July 2017: The New York Times reveals the June 2016 meeting took place and Mr Trump Jr releases a statement describing it as a "short introductory meeting" that focused on Russian adoptions

>9 July 2017: The Times reports that Mr Trump Jr was promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton before the meeting. He confirmed the report but said in a second statement that "no meaningful information" came from the meeting

>11 July 2017: Mr Trump Jr tweets screenshots of his email correspondence that discussed setting up the meeting just minutes before the email chain was revealed in a Times story. The emails showed he was eager to accept "sensitive" information that was "part of Russia and its government's support for Mr Trump"


Psychogistt t1_jdr0i09 wrote

Can you prove that 1) they’re agents of Putin, 2) they provided the Trump campaign with sensitive info, and 3) that it influenced the election


gdex86 t1_jdr1l0m wrote

You said the thing I said happen was a hoax and when faced with proof you were wrong moved the goal posts to prove something I didn't say happened. Why would I trust you ever would argue in good faith when you can't even admit you were wrong.

Second I don't have Intel privileges. So my ability as a guy on the internet to prove an global intrigue plot is limited. But you have Don Jr admitting he as an agent of his father's campaign was willing to take illegal outside help to win the election, that agents of the Russian federation (yes she is a confirmed agent of the Russian federation you'd be the one needing to prove she went off book in this job) offered said help but nothing ever came of it. Basically they wanted to buy drugs, Russia was willing to sell them drugs but nothing happened. A statement that stretches credibility of everyone. And then it doesn't matter if it had influence or not. It's going outside the allowed players and knowingly doing so. The ask is illegal even if nothing serious came of it.


Psychogistt t1_jdr4ias wrote

You didn’t provide proof for your claims because there is none. There’s no proof that any of those people are Russian agents or they provided sensitive information that helped the Trump campaign. It’s a hoax.

They lied to Trump in order arrange a meeting with him.


SeptasLate t1_jdowres wrote

I really can't beleive people think that's a body double. It's clearly just a lizard person that didn't properly adjust their meat suit.


SchoolAcceptable8670 t1_jdomni0 wrote

I’m plenty certain that LGH did not get any kind of technology to create doppelgängers when they were merged with Penn Medicine.


Pirrelig t1_jdomvry wrote

If you compare the ears, it's clearly the same guy.


[deleted] t1_jdp4yxq wrote

These Traitors believe anything. This is what happens when you have an uneducated population who end up as republican voters. They really are the lower end of society. They vote against their interests and further their spiral downward for generations to come just own the libs. Treat them accordingly, as idiots and traitors.


FeralHippo89 t1_jdp9rdp wrote

"Sugar. Give me sugar. And water."


ScareJessica2Death t1_jdqrcx8 wrote

What people really need to focus on was when Jonathan Banks served as Doug Mastriano's Body Double during the election when Doug was out of commission due to several bouts of explosive diarrhea.


eltruteht t1_jdqlgr2 wrote

This story is a good way to distract people.


MRG_1977 t1_jdqsgh0 wrote

The group dumb enough to believe this is why they are marked by the Trump grifters time and time again. It works.

It’s the same thing with TV evangelists with some new BS cause and hitting up the same folks time and time again for donations.


schmuckrodgers t1_jdpotxd wrote

This wouldn't be an issue if you clowns didn't vote that goofball into office.


BrowniesAndMilk1 t1_jdp2yt8 wrote

He’s an awful senator but Oz was an awful choice too, it is what it is.


JurgeniM3 t1_jdokna8 wrote

This just proves he’s unfit for office. 5 Weeks now that he’s unable to do his job and serve us Pennsylvanians.


ArchaeoJones t1_jdolpsw wrote

And the rich carpet bagger who didn't even live in the state could have served you better?


Nacho_Biznez t1_jdolxje wrote

That doesn’t negate the here and now. He should resign


Unfamiliar_Word t1_jdonkaj wrote

Senatorial terms are 312 weeks long, so I think that it's a little too soon to write his service off on that basis.