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Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jczowh0 wrote

$600k? That's possible the entire net worth of all of dubois.


usaf_photog t1_jczx8wh wrote

I don’t know, there might be some people with a decent amount money living in Treasure Lake.


Endless_Recursion t1_jd0bzwq wrote

Technically they’re Sandy Township until 2026 when the consolidation finishes.


usaf_photog t1_jczgs9y wrote

Glad he got caught, hopefully he will be forced to pay it all back and get a long prison sentence.


delcodick t1_jczgcy7 wrote

Oh look a Republican


pedantic_comments t1_jczn72c wrote

A Republican stealing from the city (and a charity) while committing tax fraud and taking undisclosed payouts from a fracking company that does business with the city - it’s like corrupt Pennsyltucky personified.


ConcreteThinking t1_jd2z7vp wrote

The Republicans steal where the Republicans are, the Democrats steal where the Democrats are. They got a system


drxdrg08 t1_jd3bg8r wrote

> Oh look a Republican

Now replace Republican with a race every time a crime is committed and your post would fit in well on r/stormfront.

Lumping people into groups and attacking them is what only low IQ people do. Especially when the attack is not based on reality.

A quick sampling of convinctions in the last 3 years reveals 16 Republicans and 34 Democrats.


delcodick t1_jd3bmhf wrote

You seem fun 🙄


McCooms t1_jd3qusz wrote

It may not be fun but at least they’re trying to break down this horse shit “rooting for my team and rooting against the other teams” mentality. No one wins and everyone loses.


delcodick t1_jd3r1rh wrote

It was a polite way of saying he is an idiot. Source - citing Wikipedia 🙄

But always fun having a self appointed press spokesperson explain someone else’s post 👍


McCooms t1_jd3tjgj wrote

He is an idiot yet you can’t articulate what you’re trying to convey? Hmm.


delcodick t1_jd3woug wrote

I put the letter in the mail. If when you open it you are illiterate that ain’t my problem 😉


McCooms t1_jd3z1nj wrote

Makes even less sense. Good job on proving me right?


stahleo t1_jd77j3n wrote

>It was a polite way of saying he is an idiot. Source - citing Wikipedia 🙄

Wikipedia is a conduit to cite other sources.

They must not have encyclopedias in Delco...


delcodick t1_jd77xrs wrote

I am sure your mentor John DuPont taught you to believe that. Bless


sharkbanger t1_jd0b3kt wrote

Damn that really hurts to hear about because there are a lot of people in DuBois that could really benefit from better local support.

It's despicable that some asshole entrusted by the people to run and manage their public resources is putting the money in his pocket instead of helping the people with it.


badpeaches t1_jd482b9 wrote

He was double dipping. This is why effective leadership matters, they were able to find the discrepancies.


NibblebeeBumblebitz t1_jczu94n wrote

That's karma for pronouncing it "Doo Boys"


Mijbr090490 t1_jd3m7r6 wrote

Lol. I was corrected by a native of northwestern Pa when I said it how it supposed to be said. "it's doo boys!". Not really, but carry on.


Jabroni_Guy t1_jd0m1dl wrote

$600k is a lot of money for a town like DuBois. No wonder he was caught. Selfish dumbass.


defusted t1_jd05jf8 wrote

A republican stealing money? Must be Tom wolf's fault.


Optimal_Spend779 t1_jd0yok1 wrote

Omg! I’m from there and heard buzz about this last summer. Glad they caught him, what a piece of trash!


nnnosebleed t1_jd1i7ww wrote

Yeah resident Dubois adjacent resident here.

is literally anyone who's been in and around Dub surprised? like honestly


HogwartsKate t1_jd2kkkf wrote

Im still wondering why its called DooBoys and not DooBwah


shanafme t1_jd3nou9 wrote

What the heck is going on in Clearfield County with all of these public servants getting arrested? No worries though, he will get re-elected as long as he has an (R) beside his name.


eltruteht t1_jd7p6tt wrote

Let’s hold celebrating until we see the punishment. Stealing in a government? Slap on the wrist


MartianActual t1_jd147ng wrote

Why did Shapiro and Fetterman let this happen..the Republican House members in Harrisburg…


dumplin79 t1_jd2jce4 wrote

I don’t know why your getting downvoted. Guess the truth pisses some ppl off.


Drewcifer81 t1_jd2q704 wrote

Because it's a dumb, nonsensical comment. That's why he's getting downvoted.


delcodick t1_jd2zhue wrote

Not if you pay attention to the Republicans in Harrisburg - it is far from dumb.


Drewcifer81 t1_jd33mjj wrote

I mean, if his comment was meant as:

"Why did Shapiro and Fetterman let this happen!?!?!" - The Republican House Members in Harrisburg

... then he does have a point. Unfortunately the way it's written it comes across differently. If that's what he meant, then sure, he's spot on.


dumplin79 t1_jd5lwat wrote

No that’s literally exactly what republicans say when they get caught being scum bags. They always find someone to blame. And you can downvote me all you want.