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withtreeslikeautumn t1_jd06aau wrote

If you want a REAL ID, these are the locations that can do them day of:


Shot_Juggernaut2113 OP t1_jd07n37 wrote

I don't necessarily need a REAL ID but I suppose it's not a bad idea to go to one of these ones, thanks!


Pink_Slyvie t1_jd0ztel wrote

I haven't flown since before COVID, but they were always talking about how realid was going to be required. I just always had my passport card.


Shot_Juggernaut2113 OP t1_jd107wg wrote

Yea they keep pushing back real id, it's back to 2025. Unfortunately passport renewal is crazy right now so I haven't gotten that back either


pekepeeps t1_jd2mrnu wrote

It’s worth the drive to one of the smaller sites. I use the Schuylkill County DMV which is a 20 minute drive over the closer one because there is never a line and they are helpful.