Submitted by Shot_Juggernaut2113 t3_11wv7k3 in Pennsylvania

I need to switch my license over to PA. Unfortunately I fly domestically in about 14 days and online it says that they issue a temporary license and you have to wait 15 days for your license to come in the mail. I find it hard to believe that this would actually be the case. Are there any DMVs specifically I can go to where they will issue a new one on the spot or I have to wait the full 15 days?

Edit: within 2 hours from Chester/Montgomery county



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SamuelLCompassion t1_jczxljr wrote

This one does (call to confirm):

Summerdale Plaza

429 N Enola Rd, Enola, PA

(717) 412-5300


ScienceWasLove t1_jd0gvax wrote

This is the way. Make sure you show up with ALL the correct papers, ID, and payment method.


Stable_Destroyer t1_jd0k2g7 wrote

This is the one! I work down the road. I got my Real ID on the spot last time.


HomicidalHushPuppy t1_jd016iv wrote

Should specify where you're from, otherwise you're going to get answers from all over the place that likely won't be useful to you.


Shot_Juggernaut2113 OP t1_jd025yk wrote

Thanks you're right, sorry. Chester/Montgomery county but obviously willing to travel a bit


GSDBUZZ t1_jd3a8zf wrote

I went to the DMV at KOP and got my real ID on the spot. Just had to have all the right info with me.


Subliminal87 t1_jd0ehcj wrote

If you drive to Lancaster, Brimmers takes your picture and prints a license on the spot. And no lines like actual Penndot.

I haven’t gone to Penndot for a license review since I got my first adult license.


walterwh1t3 t1_jd0ro9d wrote

I was at a photo center last week. They told someone in a similar situation to go to the PENNDOT in Frazer.


withtreeslikeautumn t1_jd06aau wrote

If you want a REAL ID, these are the locations that can do them day of:


Shot_Juggernaut2113 OP t1_jd07n37 wrote

I don't necessarily need a REAL ID but I suppose it's not a bad idea to go to one of these ones, thanks!


Pink_Slyvie t1_jd0ztel wrote

I haven't flown since before COVID, but they were always talking about how realid was going to be required. I just always had my passport card.


Shot_Juggernaut2113 OP t1_jd107wg wrote

Yea they keep pushing back real id, it's back to 2025. Unfortunately passport renewal is crazy right now so I haven't gotten that back either


pekepeeps t1_jd2mrnu wrote

It’s worth the drive to one of the smaller sites. I use the Schuylkill County DMV which is a 20 minute drive over the closer one because there is never a line and they are helpful.


benfranklinsmustache t1_jd0nola wrote

There is one in King of Prussia behind the mexican restaurant across from the wawa on s gulph (i think?) that gives you your new one on the spot.

This is my experience as someone who never moved states.

Also if you want a REALID, make sure your name is the same on ALL your paperwork. I was denied one because I don't have my middle name on my license but it is on my social security card and passport.

Edit: 143 S Gulph Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406


c4halo3 t1_jd15xy1 wrote

I renewed my license for a realid on a Wednesday. Got my license on Saturday. I know you don’t want to rely on it but last ditch hope, you might get it sooner


jbug671 t1_jd1924n wrote

Harleysville. Although you need the camera card (temp license)


_SundaeDriver t1_jd1d2fg wrote

Springfield (might be Clifton heights), Delaware county. On Baltimore pike. We just got ours there


4kidsmom1 t1_jd2jxyd wrote

I believe they all do as long as you have your necessary paperwork and pass any exams and they are a photo location


atlasselfstoragePH t1_jd4covi wrote

Any AAA(picture card capability) facility will issue on the spot.


VoyeurBear2020 t1_jd1ao3u wrote

What has happened to our country. Sorry i grew up in a country where you could cross state lines without id. We used to make jokes about NAZI Germany of the 1940s. Sorry pet pieve


4kidsmom1 t1_jd2k4i5 wrote

You don’t need I’d to cross state lines. Wth are you talking about. Real ID is for flying to anywhere


VoyeurBear2020 t1_jd3a9kg wrote

I'll accept that for international flights. I got my driver's license in 1970. At that time on NY I presented my birth certificate to get my application notarized. 53 years later in Pennsylvania in order to get a Real ID to fly indide the country, I have reprove who I am and pay more money for my driver's license. So yes to fly to Florida, across state lines, i have to show my license. I'm 68 years old on a fixed income. Groceries are through the roof. I don't need extra costs.

20 years ago you had 24 hours to produce your driver's license if you got stopped ( in general). We have lost something.


4kidsmom1 t1_jd3ashj wrote

You still have 24 hours to produce your drivers license. Because people have chosen to use planes as weapons, they need to very your ID. This in no way compare to the Nazi era. My husband flies multiple time a month, my son is in the military. I prefer that both of them make it home alive and that is why we need to know is using the PRIVILEGE of flight. No one is required to get a real ID. No one is required to fly.


susinpgh t1_jd3ftl0 wrote

But it is the issue with Real ID, and one of the reasons that there is an objection to it. I had to get real ID for my job, and I am just a few years younger than the user you're responding to. It took me six weeks to get my paperwork together, and all told, it ran me >$120.

As mentioned, it was required for my job. But I honestly don't make all that much. It was a bit, but because it was nickeled and dimed out it didn't hit all at once.

When Real ID was first discussed, it was seen as a way of putting a hurdle in place for the older generations and for the poor.


4kidsmom1 t1_jd3gvxu wrote

I’m 53. I got my real id 2 years ago. I’m female and have changed my name twice. I had all documents necessary. Walked in, showed my documents, paid less than $75 and walked out 10 minutes later with my real Id


susinpgh t1_jd3j79f wrote

Good for you. I was told that what I had thought was my birth certificate, wasn't. I had the same issue with my marriage certificate. I had to pay to have the originating counties send me the documents. It took me a total of 6 weeks. But hey, I did post that already, didn't I?

It is still a hurdle for some, it is still gatekeeping. I'm about 12 years older than you. It is more difficult for seniors to get this paperwork together, and for low income people, it can be an issue too.


GSDBUZZ t1_jd3anhx wrote

I grew up in Buffalo and I used to cross into Canada in a bathing suit with my friend’s mom. No ID, certainly no passport. Things change.