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SamuelLCompassion t1_jd07vab wrote

I hope this piece of garbage doesn't get harassed every time he goes to a party or bar. That would be terrible.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jd09f22 wrote

It's actually worse if he is just ignored. If he gets harassed a lot of people in his position turns this into a "me against the world" situation. Ignoring is far more painful.


BeatsMeByDre t1_jd0a4z0 wrote

There's another option where this kid learns from his mistakes and actually it turns out to be okay. Let's hope for that one


glipglop106 t1_jd0gcbc wrote

While I was not an asshole to this guys level, few are thank God, I was once a 20 year old knucklehead. Him facing fair and just consequences for his actions and learning from his mistakes is truly the ideal outcome.


Zhuul t1_jd0qy5t wrote

Sometimes it’s important to remember this. I never did anything that bad but I’m not exactly proud of who I was when I was 20.


RealLiveKindness t1_jd0knei wrote

Yeah I was self destructive, did my best to be an empath & show others kindness. Just built that way I think.


Hazel1928 t1_jd3h69l wrote

Way back in the 1980s, a medical college where I was a student had “stacks” This is where all the previous editions of all the medical journals were stored. There was a way to search by topic, but it didn’t pull up the whole article, just the journal and date of publication. So for research papers, you had to go and dig through these stacks. It was all very tight, minimal space to move around. The stairs were narrow. A couple male med students were caught placing 2-3 chairs at the top of the stacks area, so that if someone opened the door to enter the stacks, these chairs would tumble down, possibly injuring someone on their way up the stairs. Noone was seriously injured. When these guys were caught, there was a lot of debate about the appropriate punishment. Finally it was decided that the guys would lose a year. So if this happened during the spring of their third year of med school, they were out for the rest of spring semester, all of fall semester, then they could join in the class a year behind them when the following spring semester began. During their time out of school, they had to do community service, including tutoring undergrads in biology. I thought that was a fair punishment. Severe enough that they really paid for their youthful indiscretion, but not as severe as expulsion.


SamuelLCompassion t1_jd0avxz wrote

Alternatively, he could become a hero of the right, turn it into a speaking gig at CPAC, maybe get a show on Fox News…


illbeinthewoods t1_jd0bu4n wrote

"If the wheelchair was so important why didn't she take it with her? I'm just asking questions..." - Tucker Carlson, probably.


ResidentComplaint19 t1_jd0mk1f wrote

That dude who wrote the book about Sandusky doing nothing wrong is probably in his dms


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jd0arhz wrote

Eh. Dude has fucked up several times and those front lines don't seem to active right now.


hbrthree t1_jd0ifpb wrote

He’s not a child. He deserves extra innings.


monkeymerlot t1_jd1z5vg wrote

People here think he is 19 or something. He is 23 years old which is very much an adult. Most people will have graduated college and started their career at this point. His actions should be evaluated fairly, taking his past behaviors into consideration.


hbrthree t1_jd4w2qt wrote

Yeah I wonder why…also where’s the mugshot.


Potatodemonx t1_jd0h23n wrote

TBF, it sorta is the world against him right now. I mean, rightfully so, but that’s what is lol. r/technicallythetruth


jsdjsdjsd t1_jd1bptq wrote

I don’t know anything abt this kid. This just seems like a dumb thing a kid does, is there a history?


SophiaofPrussia t1_jd2uivm wrote

Do you understand how evil and violating it is to take away a person’s wheelchair? Their means of getting around in the world? Their sense of independence? It’s absolutely reprehensible behavior. I can’t even think of a good analogy to convey to you how disgusting his actions were. I’ve known a lot of dumb kids and I’ve even been one myself and I’ve never ever seen any of them steal someone’s means of mobility and damage it.


jsdjsdjsd t1_jd3qnuc wrote

I wasn’t defending the dude, I also didn’t know where he got the wheelchair-it didn’t say he stole it from someone in yeah article. I was honestly looking for context because I have never heard of the kid before.


whatisevenleft t1_jd2o21e wrote

He’s 23 and was already kicked out of one college for partying too hard. He has already been given a second chance by his second college. I’m guessing since daddy is rich and famous he’ll get several more chances.


saintofhate t1_jd3oxgw wrote

It's also worth noting you know how hard it is to get kicked out of ASU for partying? Like it is a party school according to people that I know who have gone there including my wife.


SeptasLate t1_jd4ejpn wrote

He was kicked off a team, not out of a school.


whatisevenleft t1_jd5dmj6 wrote

He was only there to be on the team. You think he went to ASU for academics?


SeptasLate t1_jd5f9zd wrote

This is true but I just think if we're going to drag the kid when there's obvious things he did wrong that could be focused on.

I also think we should avoid tarnishing ASU's name by saying you can get kicked out for partying.


whomp1970 t1_jd3j1bh wrote

Are you kidding? There are far too many dude-bro guys who think what he did was hilarious. He's probably a celebrity among many, depending on the kinds of bars/parties he goes to.


IamSauerKraut t1_jd2i9ab wrote

His fellow drunks will hi-5 him every time they go out drinking.