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defusted t1_jd0ccbz wrote

Dudes gonna get a fine and that's about it. His daddy will pay it and he'll learn nothing from this.


glipglop106 t1_jd0gn4f wrote

With daddy’s connections he probably had a shot of playing pro hockey at some level. With lady karma doing her thing, those chances hopefully went down the stairs too. I believe he will have his consequences.


pooptits2 t1_jd2ihax wrote

He doesnt have a shot of playing pro hockey. Hes like 23 and not a star player at the college level. Chances are slim and none. Hes already near his peak


HogwartsKate t1_jd1ybv4 wrote

Hopefully the judge makes him do community service with disabled. Hes a young guy, drunk no doubt and he needs to learn its not the thing to do.


Eggbread_69 t1_jdc6lkt wrote

There are disabled hockey leagues “sled-hockey” - I’ve volunteered to assist them before - that’s what this fu(k should be involved in


owleealeckza t1_jd2hmu6 wrote

Why punish disabled people for this guy's actions? They shouldn't have to spent time with someone who likely won't respect them so he can rehab his image, cuz that's all that would do. Give him a fine & a week in jail or whatever instead. Don't punish more disabled people.


ANAHOLEIDGAF t1_jd1ndlg wrote

Released a fucking statement through the Flyers org, the franchise should've slapped daddy with a fine for that shit.


Sweet_Sprinkles_4744 t1_jd3fd6b wrote

Why fine Danny Briere? Did you advocate for punishing Andy Reid when Britt Reid was caught dealing drugs, or any of his other law enforcement encounters?


ANAHOLEIDGAF t1_jd7pdph wrote

Because they released a statement from an NHL organization because some shitty kid did a shitty thing? Not saying to fine him just cuz. He used his position to try and give it weight and made himself, the org, and the NHL look like dumbasses. It was unrelated to the flyers and should've stayed that way.


ahollister t1_jd1ykpc wrote

Feel the gritty end of the stick 🏒


IamSauerKraut t1_jd2i7c7 wrote

Sticking comes with a 5 minute major, plus probable suspension for 3 - 5 games.


SendAstronomy t1_jd1rcxx wrote

He probably wanted to have flyers fans harass the woman.


IamSauerKraut t1_jd2i47f wrote

Frankly, if this is the first charge filed against him, he will get fined and maybe restitution, plus 25 hours of community service. If he behaves for a certain amount of time, his record will be expunged. Not what everyone likes but fairly typical.