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jsdjsdjsd t1_jd1bptq wrote

I don’t know anything abt this kid. This just seems like a dumb thing a kid does, is there a history?


SophiaofPrussia t1_jd2uivm wrote

Do you understand how evil and violating it is to take away a person’s wheelchair? Their means of getting around in the world? Their sense of independence? It’s absolutely reprehensible behavior. I can’t even think of a good analogy to convey to you how disgusting his actions were. I’ve known a lot of dumb kids and I’ve even been one myself and I’ve never ever seen any of them steal someone’s means of mobility and damage it.


jsdjsdjsd t1_jd3qnuc wrote

I wasn’t defending the dude, I also didn’t know where he got the wheelchair-it didn’t say he stole it from someone in yeah article. I was honestly looking for context because I have never heard of the kid before.


whatisevenleft t1_jd2o21e wrote

He’s 23 and was already kicked out of one college for partying too hard. He has already been given a second chance by his second college. I’m guessing since daddy is rich and famous he’ll get several more chances.


saintofhate t1_jd3oxgw wrote

It's also worth noting you know how hard it is to get kicked out of ASU for partying? Like it is a party school according to people that I know who have gone there including my wife.


SeptasLate t1_jd4ejpn wrote

He was kicked off a team, not out of a school.


whatisevenleft t1_jd5dmj6 wrote

He was only there to be on the team. You think he went to ASU for academics?


SeptasLate t1_jd5f9zd wrote

This is true but I just think if we're going to drag the kid when there's obvious things he did wrong that could be focused on.

I also think we should avoid tarnishing ASU's name by saying you can get kicked out for partying.