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SnapCrackleMom t1_jd05udb wrote

>Police say their actions posed a potential danger to anyone coming up the stairs, while also creating a hazardous condition by blocking the staircase.

Plus, you know, it damaged someone's wheelchair.


dukemccool t1_jd46htz wrote

Brandon Miller wasn't charged for any crime , but he provided the gun his teammate used to commit a murder.


SamuelLCompassion t1_jd07vab wrote

I hope this piece of garbage doesn't get harassed every time he goes to a party or bar. That would be terrible.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jd09f22 wrote

It's actually worse if he is just ignored. If he gets harassed a lot of people in his position turns this into a "me against the world" situation. Ignoring is far more painful.


BeatsMeByDre t1_jd0a4z0 wrote

There's another option where this kid learns from his mistakes and actually it turns out to be okay. Let's hope for that one


glipglop106 t1_jd0gcbc wrote

While I was not an asshole to this guys level, few are thank God, I was once a 20 year old knucklehead. Him facing fair and just consequences for his actions and learning from his mistakes is truly the ideal outcome.


Zhuul t1_jd0qy5t wrote

Sometimes it’s important to remember this. I never did anything that bad but I’m not exactly proud of who I was when I was 20.


RealLiveKindness t1_jd0knei wrote

Yeah I was self destructive, did my best to be an empath & show others kindness. Just built that way I think.


Hazel1928 t1_jd3h69l wrote

Way back in the 1980s, a medical college where I was a student had “stacks” This is where all the previous editions of all the medical journals were stored. There was a way to search by topic, but it didn’t pull up the whole article, just the journal and date of publication. So for research papers, you had to go and dig through these stacks. It was all very tight, minimal space to move around. The stairs were narrow. A couple male med students were caught placing 2-3 chairs at the top of the stacks area, so that if someone opened the door to enter the stacks, these chairs would tumble down, possibly injuring someone on their way up the stairs. Noone was seriously injured. When these guys were caught, there was a lot of debate about the appropriate punishment. Finally it was decided that the guys would lose a year. So if this happened during the spring of their third year of med school, they were out for the rest of spring semester, all of fall semester, then they could join in the class a year behind them when the following spring semester began. During their time out of school, they had to do community service, including tutoring undergrads in biology. I thought that was a fair punishment. Severe enough that they really paid for their youthful indiscretion, but not as severe as expulsion.


SamuelLCompassion t1_jd0avxz wrote

Alternatively, he could become a hero of the right, turn it into a speaking gig at CPAC, maybe get a show on Fox News…


illbeinthewoods t1_jd0bu4n wrote

"If the wheelchair was so important why didn't she take it with her? I'm just asking questions..." - Tucker Carlson, probably.


ResidentComplaint19 t1_jd0mk1f wrote

That dude who wrote the book about Sandusky doing nothing wrong is probably in his dms


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jd0arhz wrote

Eh. Dude has fucked up several times and those front lines don't seem to active right now.


hbrthree t1_jd0ifpb wrote

He’s not a child. He deserves extra innings.


monkeymerlot t1_jd1z5vg wrote

People here think he is 19 or something. He is 23 years old which is very much an adult. Most people will have graduated college and started their career at this point. His actions should be evaluated fairly, taking his past behaviors into consideration.


hbrthree t1_jd4w2qt wrote

Yeah I wonder why…also where’s the mugshot.


Potatodemonx t1_jd0h23n wrote

TBF, it sorta is the world against him right now. I mean, rightfully so, but that’s what is lol. r/technicallythetruth


jsdjsdjsd t1_jd1bptq wrote

I don’t know anything abt this kid. This just seems like a dumb thing a kid does, is there a history?


SophiaofPrussia t1_jd2uivm wrote

Do you understand how evil and violating it is to take away a person’s wheelchair? Their means of getting around in the world? Their sense of independence? It’s absolutely reprehensible behavior. I can’t even think of a good analogy to convey to you how disgusting his actions were. I’ve known a lot of dumb kids and I’ve even been one myself and I’ve never ever seen any of them steal someone’s means of mobility and damage it.


jsdjsdjsd t1_jd3qnuc wrote

I wasn’t defending the dude, I also didn’t know where he got the wheelchair-it didn’t say he stole it from someone in yeah article. I was honestly looking for context because I have never heard of the kid before.


whatisevenleft t1_jd2o21e wrote

He’s 23 and was already kicked out of one college for partying too hard. He has already been given a second chance by his second college. I’m guessing since daddy is rich and famous he’ll get several more chances.


saintofhate t1_jd3oxgw wrote

It's also worth noting you know how hard it is to get kicked out of ASU for partying? Like it is a party school according to people that I know who have gone there including my wife.


SeptasLate t1_jd4ejpn wrote

He was kicked off a team, not out of a school.


whatisevenleft t1_jd5dmj6 wrote

He was only there to be on the team. You think he went to ASU for academics?


SeptasLate t1_jd5f9zd wrote

This is true but I just think if we're going to drag the kid when there's obvious things he did wrong that could be focused on.

I also think we should avoid tarnishing ASU's name by saying you can get kicked out for partying.


whomp1970 t1_jd3j1bh wrote

Are you kidding? There are far too many dude-bro guys who think what he did was hilarious. He's probably a celebrity among many, depending on the kinds of bars/parties he goes to.


IamSauerKraut t1_jd2i9ab wrote

His fellow drunks will hi-5 him every time they go out drinking.


DrSirMadam t1_jd0vfem wrote

Is it me or is it disgusting to read this asshole’s hockey stats at the end of the article?


ststeveg t1_jd1baz7 wrote

"Bubba is a world class jerk, but check it out, he can put the puck in the net."


starrsuperfan t1_jd33o7b wrote

It gives me Brock Turner vibes


Warselig t1_jd42xd0 wrote

That’s a horrible thing to say about someone with no real justification


kayelloh t1_jd0ge1i wrote

Good you fuckin piece of shit


Unique-Public-8594 t1_jd09epf wrote

From the article:

> Police in Erie filed charges of criminal mischief, criminal conspiracy to commit mischief and disorderly conduct against Carson Briere, who completed his third hockey season at Mercyhurst. Patrick Carrozzi, listed as a senior member of the school’s lacrosse team, faces the same three charges, according to documents filed with District Judge Sue Mack.


defusted t1_jd0ccbz wrote

Dudes gonna get a fine and that's about it. His daddy will pay it and he'll learn nothing from this.


glipglop106 t1_jd0gn4f wrote

With daddy’s connections he probably had a shot of playing pro hockey at some level. With lady karma doing her thing, those chances hopefully went down the stairs too. I believe he will have his consequences.


pooptits2 t1_jd2ihax wrote

He doesnt have a shot of playing pro hockey. Hes like 23 and not a star player at the college level. Chances are slim and none. Hes already near his peak


HogwartsKate t1_jd1ybv4 wrote

Hopefully the judge makes him do community service with disabled. Hes a young guy, drunk no doubt and he needs to learn its not the thing to do.


Eggbread_69 t1_jdc6lkt wrote

There are disabled hockey leagues “sled-hockey” - I’ve volunteered to assist them before - that’s what this fu(k should be involved in


owleealeckza t1_jd2hmu6 wrote

Why punish disabled people for this guy's actions? They shouldn't have to spent time with someone who likely won't respect them so he can rehab his image, cuz that's all that would do. Give him a fine & a week in jail or whatever instead. Don't punish more disabled people.


ANAHOLEIDGAF t1_jd1ndlg wrote

Released a fucking statement through the Flyers org, the franchise should've slapped daddy with a fine for that shit.


Sweet_Sprinkles_4744 t1_jd3fd6b wrote

Why fine Danny Briere? Did you advocate for punishing Andy Reid when Britt Reid was caught dealing drugs, or any of his other law enforcement encounters?


ANAHOLEIDGAF t1_jd7pdph wrote

Because they released a statement from an NHL organization because some shitty kid did a shitty thing? Not saying to fine him just cuz. He used his position to try and give it weight and made himself, the org, and the NHL look like dumbasses. It was unrelated to the flyers and should've stayed that way.


ahollister t1_jd1ykpc wrote

Feel the gritty end of the stick 🏒


IamSauerKraut t1_jd2i7c7 wrote

Sticking comes with a 5 minute major, plus probable suspension for 3 - 5 games.


SendAstronomy t1_jd1rcxx wrote

He probably wanted to have flyers fans harass the woman.


IamSauerKraut t1_jd2i47f wrote

Frankly, if this is the first charge filed against him, he will get fined and maybe restitution, plus 25 hours of community service. If he behaves for a certain amount of time, his record will be expunged. Not what everyone likes but fairly typical.


glberns t1_jd0rehs wrote

I guess I'm the only one who thinks that he doesn't need to die if he pays for the damage he caused and did some community service?


time-lord t1_jd12bpd wrote

The kid made a bad life choice. The supposed purpose of our justice system is to rehabilitate, nit destroy, lives. But he's the flyers gm's kid, so the pitchforks came out.


Revealingstorm t1_jd0y5gc wrote

It's a shitty thing what the person did, but people are acting like he did something unforgivable here. Just a stupid college kid that hopefully learns from their mistakes.


R15K t1_jd1cgre wrote

My daughter is 23 and graduated college last year so perhaps I feel closer to it than I should but I just can’t imagine trying to ruin this kid’s life like half of reddit is trying to do right now. There’s people in the thread on /r/news calling for felony charges, making death threats, trying to get his father fired, organizing campaigns to try to get him suspended and other ridiculous shit.

It’s kinda scary quite honestly.


saintofhate t1_jd11w3v wrote

Wheelchairs are often several thousands of dollars. Losing your wheelchair can completely destroy your livelihood. It's not a mistake.


time-lord t1_jd12keb wrote

You think he's a psychopath who set out to destroy someone's life on purpose?


saintofhate t1_jd1pwdd wrote

Let's find out why he was kicked out of ASU considering you really have to fuck up to get kicked out of there according to the ASU graduates I know.


owleealeckza t1_jd2huyi wrote

No, but he clearly didn't give a fuck what danger he could've put others or the wheelchair owner in. She or others could've gotten seriously hurt. He shouldn't just get a warning over this.


Revealingstorm t1_jd12m4e wrote

Well he'll be punished accordingly, but he rightly won't have his future taken away from him like a lot of the people here want. If he shows no remorse and does something like that again then that's another story.


negativewishingwell t1_jd346do wrote

Destroying a few thousand dollars worth of property is probably like a 3rd degree misdemeanor. This is a less serious crime than getting a DUI but due to the intersectional politics of the people involved Reddit wants nothing less than this kid’s head on a pike. 3/10 on the scale of college athlete misdeeds considering Aaron Hernandez probably murdered people while at Florida.


Grapple_Shmack t1_jd3lrcb wrote

From all accounts, this wasn't some one-off lapse of judgement. This one just got caught on camera


owleealeckza t1_jd2hwng wrote

So I'm guessing you think he should just get a warning then & be sent on his way.


ststeveg t1_jd1bvtl wrote

One of my clearest recollections from being in college is that jocks are assholes who think they're God's gift to the world and they can do whatever they please. That's a generalization, but it's true more than not.


lexispots t1_jd2qnzp wrote

It is rather annoying that very little information was reported on the young woman, Sydney, and how the young men's actions effected and will affect Sydney's day to day life until she can get the wheelchair repaired and/or replaced. But we sure did learn a lot about Carson and his hockey career as well as dad's position with an NHL team.


ClariceDarling t1_jd2ad76 wrote

There has been pretty much non stop coverage of this "event" by local news. At least 10 updates by each station.

This is the same city where a literal 7 YO was shot in the head, and there was maybe 5 articles each about it.


SalisburyWitch t1_jd3092q wrote

Would like to know what rules he broke: “Carson Briere previously was dismissed from Arizona State’s hockey club in 2019 for what the school called a violation of team rules.”


Albyross t1_jd361j9 wrote

At first, I read it as people paying him to push their wheelchairs down stairs for them.


wagsman t1_jd3dlee wrote

Apologize, pay for a new wheelchair, and then make him do community service somewhere that works with handicapped people. Hopefully it opens his mind up to how dumb his actions were and makes him a little more empathetic.


ronmexicoQB t1_jd4buc5 wrote

Kid is an asshole, and deserves his punishment in court, but I have to say that a lot of these comments seethe with bigotry and hatred against jocks, bros, the wealthy etc. High school must have been tough for a lot of yas


owleealeckza t1_jd2i6fj wrote

Hope he never ends up on my team. A lot of you are acting like he jaywalked or cheated on a test, instead of endangered lives. But it's usually still acceptable to fuck with disabled people or their medical property, so I understand why most of you don't care.


Sasha_sarah t1_jd4prl1 wrote

Wow, that's terrible! Pushing someone in a wheelchair down the stairs is not only dangerous, but it's also incredibly cruel. I hope justice is served and that Carson Briere is held accountable for their actions. No one deserves to be treated this way, especially someone who is already dealing with physical limitations.


WeJustDid46 t1_jd4xr1e wrote

This won’t be the last time he gets himself into trouble.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_jd098k2 wrote

Plea deal incoming. Will be interesting to see if he gets probation or if that's only what the poors get. Probation may be what keeps him on the straight and narrow until his frontal lobes mature.


SeptasLate t1_jd0d738 wrote

It's super uncommon for anyone to get anything more than unsupervised probation for a misdemeanor, even poor people.


eshane60 t1_jd0m9zl wrote

What a human piece of shit, rich snob.


Old_Moment7914 t1_jd1a8fv wrote

Wonder where he’s going next ,he Fucked up in AZ now he’s blown Erie . Wherever that is good riddance


juxtapose_58 t1_jd1jj43 wrote

Should have been made to push the person around for two months.


Rykning t1_jd1egq4 wrote

All the guys I work with think the woman should be apologizing for getting too sensitive. What a world we live in where people think the victim is in the wrong


Doggfather1973 t1_jd0zdkq wrote

I hope both of these young men get jail time Get kicked off their hockey and lacrossesteams and get kicked out of School that's what they deserve


Unfamiliar_Word t1_jd0cnwb wrote

I was hoping that by, "charged," it meant from an electrical outlet.


Garaleth t1_jd0wko4 wrote

As a kid we'd do shit like this all the times, crutches, wheelchair all the shit.

All in good humour.

People seem taking this waaay to serious. I mean who hasn't wanted to push a wheelchair down some stairs.


saintofhate t1_jd11pk6 wrote

> I mean who hasn't wanted to push a wheelchair down some stairs

People who aren't assholes.


PPQue6 t1_jd1iam7 wrote

I'm pretty sure that they're being extremely sarcastic here...


Dunesgirl t1_jd12lrc wrote

Whoa. What bad seed did you ingest before posting?


iamnotyrmotheriswear t1_jd0nvp8 wrote

Of course he's the son of a Philadelphia Flyer. Apple doesn't fall from the tree