Submitted by Jack_Wang_1107 t3_xu881s in Pennsylvania

Hey everyone, I just finished my work recently and do need a out-of-town break.

I am looking for cozy cabins, prefer in mountains, good view, fresh air, quiet, nearby some trails, I would like to do some hiking and see sunrise or sunset. I am located in State College, I guess, preferably less than 3 hours by drive.

Any recommended mountains, resorts, and cabins? Prefer Airbnb but cozy hotels would be acceptable as well.




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Loud-Soup-6372 t1_iqv62tg wrote , Just about 2 hours away from State College, easy drive I-80 west, lots of options of places to stay


k2j2 t1_iqvok8r wrote

This! We stayed at Gateway Lodge years ago- beautiful property and location , great food. Can stay in the lodge or get your own cabin.


dovasvora t1_iqvjymh wrote

Ligonier is one of my favorites!


YourNewBestStranger t1_iqvng6f wrote

I’ve had this place bookmarked for years and have always wanted to go. The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle State Park, owned by the state park system, I believe. Though it might not be far enough away from State College for you


TacoNomad t1_iqvs9qi wrote

Look into Ricketts Glen. Hiking with waterfalls


Little_Noodles t1_iqucjds wrote

What’s your date window look like? I have a handful of favorites, but some are hard on short notice, others are tricky for short stays, etc.

You should also add your budget - the short stay ones get a lot easier if you can spring for a few days you don’t fill, etc.


Jack_Wang_1107 OP t1_iquel98 wrote

Maybe middle Oct, 2- 3 days, weekdays can be fine as well.


Little_Noodles t1_iquflqc wrote

Play around on the NJ State Parks site. I genuinely like their cabin accommodations - many of them are tucked away in the Pine Barrens, with exactly the right amount of amenities you’d want and easy access to local trails.

Having weekdays as an option significantly ups your odds - they’re usually well booked for weekends all year the minute it’s possible


Jack_Wang_1107 OP t1_iqufy6g wrote

Thank you so much! Do help me a lot!!!!


Little_Noodles t1_iqugyt4 wrote

Yeah, no problem. By October, these are apt to be a little chilly if you don’t maintain the fireplace. But that was also true of my house as a kid, and is part of the appeal for some day trippers.

But if easy temp control is a must, something to keep in mind.


griffincyde t1_iqvo9sh wrote

Bushkill Falls or the Poconos in northern PA.


FFistDaddyKai t1_iqw036j wrote

Not sure what area you're in, but Jim Thorpe has nice areas. French Creek state park is nice for camping and hiking. The Endless Mountains near the NY border is also gorgeous.


dexterstonewall t1_iqvgsbp wrote

I’d check out Raystown Lake area. About 1 hour and 20 minutes from where you’re at now.


aust_b t1_iqvlovx wrote

Worlds end state park, might be kind of a pain though because they are doing some major road repair work in the park. But that area has much to offer in terms of fresh air recharge energy.


TrustTheProcessUCF t1_iqvsu30 wrote

Gotta go Poconos…we loved renting airbnbs in Bushkill falls area.


[deleted] t1_iqvx0k4 wrote

Coudersport area. Checks all the boxes. Also renowned for super dark night skies, if you're a star watching person. Plenty of cabins to rent in and around there.


Yelloeisok t1_iqw5y91 wrote

There are cabins at Linn Run state park, maybe you will get lucky with a cancellation, but here is a link for the trails.

Or check out Donegal or Somerset. 7 Springs ski resort is located there, but there are cabins and air bnb’s around. Polymath Park is a group of Frank Lloyd Wright houses- I am certain they will be booked (and expensive)- but it is an easy drive over to explore for next time. They are close to Falling Water. The mountains are beautiful now, and if you like a chill in the air when it warms up in the afternoon, now is the time.


jek39 t1_iqwaukt wrote

Colton point state park the “baby” Grand Canyon


ThicccScrotum t1_iqwjb65 wrote

Little Pine Reserve is about an hour away. Nice hiking trails.


melranaway t1_iqwzml6 wrote

The Archbald Pothole up in the Eynon lol.


awesomesauceitch t1_iqxjtmi wrote

Jim Thorpe PA. is roughly 2.5 hours from State College.

A nice little town with many things to do.

I stayed at this Cabin last week for nice getaway.

It's in the woods, but only 5 minutes outside of town.

Full disclosure: It's owned by my landlord, but feel free to check my post history. I never posted about this before. It's not some kind of clever marketing.