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WonderingHermit t1_iqycjay wrote

I really hope this shit bag loses.


MyKank t1_iqyhcy0 wrote

The scary thing is that he’s gaining ground on Fetterman. Get out and vote people!!


WonderingHermit t1_iqyx8vp wrote

Don't even need to get out, just get a mail in ballot.


survyguy79 t1_ir0v00h wrote

I don’t trust them to not contest the mail ballots again, we’re lucky they didn’t throw them out last time and I can bet they’ll try it again. I’m going in person this time so they can’t go pull shit.


WonderingHermit t1_ir1lskb wrote

Screw them, the courts decided it's legit, let them bitch all they want. If they win they will stop making mail in ballots available, they won't make them not count for this election.