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RockyTheFlyingSaucer t1_iqym76n wrote

Pennsylvania borders Jersey (legal) & NY (legal)

Prohibition is a denial of the basic fact bridges exist

The only people served by prohibition are the producers of opioids, the prison industrial complex & Dr. Oz


Gul_Ducatti t1_ir0p2ev wrote

I work in Forks PA (around 15 mins from Phillipsburg NJ) and the big joke monday morning is "So, cross any state lines this weekend?" Our guys are either going to NJ to get cheaper booze with more variety or to go pick up some herb.

What a freaking joke of a system.


IWantAStorm t1_ir0trcq wrote

Well you can spread the word that instead of using the money Wolf was trying to give to families for anything useful...they're going to have a state wide liquor sale!

No dates are announced yet but it was brought up on the local news this morning.


Gul_Ducatti t1_ir0ua5f wrote

Uhhh what does that have to do with Oz being a Corporate tool and spreading blatant misinformation?


IWantAStorm t1_ir0x1zo wrote

Uuhhhh it was just a reference since he mentioned going over the state line for booze.


Gul_Ducatti t1_ir0xfyp wrote

Ah! My apologies! I was lacking that context. I had not heard about a booze sale either. I will go and check some stuff out. Appreciate the clarification.