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Jicama_Minimum t1_iqyuza5 wrote

I think Oz saying school being out leads to more violence is more a reference to gang violence we are seeing in Philly for example. It kind of makes sense, kids being out of school might have some correlation to an increase in gang violence, but I’m not an expert so I don’t know. It wouldn’t make sense if he was talking about school shootings, and the article doesn’t say he is, so the title shouldn’t say he is. Again, I don’t support him, but clearly he’s not a total idiot or he wouldn’t have gotten where he is. And again, I actually support Fetterman who I think is a much better candidate. Care to expand on how you came up with the title?


Libsoccer20 OP t1_ir0sbtd wrote

Did you watch the video?

She asks him about gun laws and he says kids are playing with more guns because of the covid lockdowns.


Jicama_Minimum t1_ir1asuz wrote

He says gun violence but doesn’t say school shootings. I guess you made the title school shootings, which is a subset of gun violence, so that is accurate. It just seems like a crazy claim no one would make so making it the title seems misleading, but I see your point. I’m always trying to understand online bias more and I think I jumped to an accusation that doesn’t hold up well upon further examination, so sorry for that.


Jicama_Minimum t1_ir4uxsd wrote

I’ve thought about this more and can better say why I feel the title is misleading. He doesn’t say school shootings, he says gun violence. When you say school shootings in the title it is focusing on one part of gun violence. Now if I said we should send Ukraine weapons to help in the war, you could make a post that said “Jicama Minimum thinks we should be sending nukes to Ukraine”. Technically this seems like a true statement, nuclear weapons are weapons, and I said we should be sending weapons to Ukraine. But it is twisting the truth still. I feel like that is what the title did. I don’t think the original meaning was school shootings, they aren’t mentioned anywhere in the article. Does that make sense? If not please tell me where I am wrong.