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joeldouglasealy t1_iqz3ldm wrote

we need this man to go away. he has no idea what he's even saying. he is a BAD CHOICE for Pennsylvania!

Fetterman is what we need because he's one of us- and coherent. and has actually shopped in a grocery store.


False-Letter-2557 t1_iqzbmxy wrote

With his parents money. He is a fucking loser.


randompaaccount t1_ir0l3n1 wrote

Guy comes from a wealthy family and instead of just making more money he dedicates his life to public service and helping impoverished areas. You and I clearly have different views on what makes a person a loser.


[deleted] t1_iqzkkqp wrote



False-Letter-2557 t1_ir0koto wrote

Fetterman is the most radical leftists PA senate candidate. Not good for PA.


joeldouglasealy t1_ir12mb5 wrote

No, he is NOT a radical leftist! he's simply a humanist and understands pennsylvania and understands the job he's running for-

and if you think putting humans and public safety first is leftist then you are very out of touch with humanity and certainly caught up in the rhetoric and lies.

Oz has scammed millions people, he isnt even from PA or the USA- he's a hollywood grifter that needs to go away because he represents everything wrong with this country right now. Oz has proved that he doesn't even know what the job is about and he just puts forth dogwhistles. he should scare us all!