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randompaaccount t1_ir0mj60 wrote

How many recent mass shooters had THC in their system? Seems like that’s something that would have been brought up in trial or prosecution reports.


False-Letter-2557 t1_ir1fkrk wrote

You are obviously are not keeping up on the pharmacological impacts of high THC concentrations on mental health. Get educated


randompaaccount t1_ir1hpev wrote

If the hypothesis is that THC has an impact on mental health issues among mass shooters then wouldn’t step one be to confirm that mass shooters had THC in their systems?


False-Letter-2557 t1_ir1foax wrote

Is see a high uneducated group here.


RoyOfCon t1_ir523fw wrote

“Is see a high uneducated group here.”

You want to try that sentence again before calling others uneducated?