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Gul_Ducatti t1_ir0s7yy wrote

It isn't very common with cannabis and it does take high doses and someone that may already have underlying mental health issues.

It is purely anecdotal, but I have a friend that has underlying mental health issues and they took a 50mg retail edible as their first time. In the process they also took a huge dab and later in the might a second edible.

For a first timer that is massive amounts. They had a psychotic episode due to their underlying mental health issues being amplified by the anxiety and other effects of the cannabis and had to be 302'd for a 72 hour hold.


[deleted] t1_ir0they wrote

I believe you 100%. I got so many stories, it's not even funny. Anecdotal is the only, true way to learn things. It's up to society, to actually listen. So many close minded individuals though, it's truly nauseating. Thank you for your experience.