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IWantAStorm t1_ir0trcq wrote

Well you can spread the word that instead of using the money Wolf was trying to give to families for anything useful...they're going to have a state wide liquor sale!

No dates are announced yet but it was brought up on the local news this morning.


Gul_Ducatti t1_ir0ua5f wrote

Uhhh what does that have to do with Oz being a Corporate tool and spreading blatant misinformation?


IWantAStorm t1_ir0x1zo wrote

Uuhhhh it was just a reference since he mentioned going over the state line for booze.


Gul_Ducatti t1_ir0xfyp wrote

Ah! My apologies! I was lacking that context. I had not heard about a booze sale either. I will go and check some stuff out. Appreciate the clarification.