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Inner-Figure5047 t1_iqxtq2h wrote

Except the school shootings were happening before any of those things..... How can anyone support a candidate that spouts this utter nonsense. Take your ignorance and contempt for the middle class back to NJ.


MacDynamite71 t1_iqxuaw8 wrote

🤦🏾. So what was the excuse prior to that ?


Curious80123 t1_iqxwcvd wrote

Scoring points with right wing base, does NOT need to make sense, own the libs


Er3bus13 t1_iqy5jh7 wrote

Should be an easy test bed. What was the first state to legalize weed and how much of an uptick was there? Of course we know none but now we can actually use numbers and stats to call this fuckwad out.


BluCurry8 t1_iqy5rbf wrote

Well that is a worthless statement.


winkytinkytoo t1_iqybebm wrote

Old and out-of-touch. Feeding the boomer conservatives and covid-deniers what they want to hear.


[deleted] t1_iqyd2yt wrote

What is this, the 60's!? Do people still really believe the ridiculous myths about THC!? In reality, THC would most likely stop that train of thought, can anyone picture a stoner shooting someone? I can't...


russ257 t1_iqydyxi wrote

Did he roll th stalking GOP talking point dice to answer that?


Reynard1981 t1_iqyer1t wrote

I’m getting so tired of the misinformation posted on this sub. Why can’t democrats post the positive things about their candidates, instead of trying to smear your opponents with false information? Oh that’s right, you can’t say anything positive that’s factual about Fetterman or Shapiro, so you just make shit up about Mastriano and Oz. How pathetic….

Que the downvotes for speaking the truth.


realhighstonerguy t1_iqyg34u wrote

I mean you're not speaking the truth. Mastriano is a traitor who pushed to disregard the vote of the people in favor of the fake electors set up in 7 states Trump lost. Doug is literally on video pushing for the "alternate electors" and even lists the very states that the Trump team set up the fake electors in.


tyrael459 t1_iqyh6pt wrote

What are you talking about “misinformation”? These are direct quotes from Oz in the article. He said Covid school closures have “made kids more willing to play with guns.”

I mean, what the hell, man? Your post is the damn misinformation lol


Reynard1981 t1_iqyh727 wrote

Yet I am speaking the truth. Yet you still can’t give a single factual positive example as to why you should vote for Fetterman or Shapiro.

Literally everything you said about Trump and Mastriano is false.


Reynard1981 t1_iqyhjam wrote

They’re literally not but go off. Lmao, you democrats will believe everything you read on the internet until it’s something negative about Fatterman or Shapiro.


Accomplished-Tune224 t1_iqyi26m wrote

I’m puzzled that you think an actual interview with the candidate is misleading. Every candidate gets judged by what they say, even carpetbagging snake oil salesman who’ve flip flopped on issues to pander to a demographic.


Buffmin t1_iqyj8sf wrote

Oh carpetbagger Oz thinks weed is responsible for school shootings?

Because we all know the side effects of weed are sudden violent outbursts. Granted those outbursts happen to Doritos bags but still!


Griff82 t1_iqyjh3c wrote

Thanks Dr. Nick!


RockyTheFlyingSaucer t1_iqym76n wrote

Pennsylvania borders Jersey (legal) & NY (legal)

Prohibition is a denial of the basic fact bridges exist

The only people served by prohibition are the producers of opioids, the prison industrial complex & Dr. Oz


webauteur t1_iqyp8ji wrote

This shows a very poor understanding of the world. More and more, I have come to realize that politics is based on a very poor understanding of the factors which lead to bad outcomes. A lot of political analysis is just pitiful. Political activists operate based on theories with very poor explanatory power.


spinspin4 t1_iqyprce wrote

People can make fun of these douchebags as much as they want but their vote still only equals one vote…it takes a lot more than one vote to win. Bad politicians aren’t the underlying cause of bad politics; biased, uninformed, strait blue and strait red voting is the problem. All or nothing thinking and the need of being right and everybody else being wrong is exactly what these tools feed on. Both parties have plenty of issues but it’s not a democrat or a republican issue, it’s a voter issue. The government works exactly the way it’s meant to…keeping people divided. And we, the voters, completely enable it. With the media. With the way we treat eachother. The way we choose to not listen to reason. The way we pass judgement. The way we choose not to change. The way we choose to hate and be angry. The way we choose to pretend like we’re the exception. We, the voters, are the problem. Not the dipshits we put in to office.


Jicama_Minimum t1_iqyqela wrote

Title is misleading. School shootings are not mentioned in the article. The article does mention Oz saying kids being out of school for Covid encouraged them to play with guns, and a claim that gun violence rose in states with legalized marijuana but doesn’t mention school shootings. I didn’t watch the video just read the article, so maybe it’s in the video.

I don’t support Oz, but I don’t think the title is accurate, and that’s all that most people will read.


False-Letter-2557 t1_iqyseht wrote

Schools shootings most likely a mental illness issue which could potentially exacerbated by THC and away from peers. Seems reasonable.


thistimelineisweird t1_iqyu87k wrote

I blame school shootings on fake meds prescribed by TV doctors.


jlando40 t1_iqyunn3 wrote

Man I hate this guy


Jicama_Minimum t1_iqyuza5 wrote

I think Oz saying school being out leads to more violence is more a reference to gang violence we are seeing in Philly for example. It kind of makes sense, kids being out of school might have some correlation to an increase in gang violence, but I’m not an expert so I don’t know. It wouldn’t make sense if he was talking about school shootings, and the article doesn’t say he is, so the title shouldn’t say he is. Again, I don’t support him, but clearly he’s not a total idiot or he wouldn’t have gotten where he is. And again, I actually support Fetterman who I think is a much better candidate. Care to expand on how you came up with the title?


Rheum42 t1_iqyydr2 wrote

Please don't vote for this moron


gdex86 t1_iqz0msw wrote

The fear mongering over a plant by the right wing would be hilarious if it wasn't part of the prison profit pipeline. Cigarettes caused cancer for years with big tabacoo investing huge sums of money to obscure and hide that fact from the public for as long as possible but the dangerous plant is sone how weed.

Like I'm sure if we did long term studies eventually we would find there is some negative trade off for long term habitual use but I seriously doubt it's anywhere near as bad as tabacoo products or alcohol. And that is ignoring that it actually has medicinal applications that far out strip the other two.

Also fuck Oz as a research scientist he fucking knows corolation does not equal causation. Especially since he murdered a fuck ton of puppies at Columbia doing research.


joeldouglasealy t1_iqz3ldm wrote

we need this man to go away. he has no idea what he's even saying. he is a BAD CHOICE for Pennsylvania!

Fetterman is what we need because he's one of us- and coherent. and has actually shopped in a grocery store.


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_iqzapyd wrote

He may have old man disease setting in. He thinks covid would not be spreading in schools like it did on that ship benedict donald would not permit to deboard, or like it spread in his super spreader rallies that killed the 999 guy, or all those nursing home superspreader pods. TV doctors have more sense in real life than this jackass.


False-Letter-2557 t1_iqzbt2t wrote

Upvotes are the uneducated. Fetterman is a fucking radical loser


Reynard1981 t1_iqzehe0 wrote

I’m still puzzled how you didn’t even read my comment but just the first few words. Again, instead of spreading misinformation about the opposing candidate, how about you try posting factual information that is positive about yours? The only reason as to why democrats can’t do that is because they don’t have anything positive to say about their own candidates.


surrrah t1_iqzfffb wrote

I truly think these fuckers are living in a different, but parallel universe.


Ashamed_Literature62 t1_iqzik10 wrote

Let's be honest NJ wouldn't fall for his bs and he saw the type of reception his master receives by the right wing Republicans in PA that's why he declared PA as his first victim state


sx70forlifexx t1_ir01tmo wrote

He needs his meds changed he is delusional


Agent-Pierce- t1_ir0cfix wrote

Fact is no matter what their lying tongues pretend 100% of republican voters in PA will vote for him and Mastriano.

They never fail their dear party, like good little slaves to power. They love pretending and grandstanding a sense of judicious voting habits for their own egos however.


Im_a_wet_towel t1_ir0cn8y wrote

I fucking hate our senate choices.


Confident_End_3848 t1_ir0gmwi wrote

Gotta give Oz credit. He’s picking up where that idiotic doctor, Ben Carson, left off.


randompaaccount t1_ir0l3n1 wrote

Guy comes from a wealthy family and instead of just making more money he dedicates his life to public service and helping impoverished areas. You and I clearly have different views on what makes a person a loser.


karabo29 t1_ir0l473 wrote

If this fuck wins Im moving


PatientNice t1_ir0n0qa wrote

Tell me you are a moron without telling me.

Vote People!


Gul_Ducatti t1_ir0p2ev wrote

I work in Forks PA (around 15 mins from Phillipsburg NJ) and the big joke monday morning is "So, cross any state lines this weekend?" Our guys are either going to NJ to get cheaper booze with more variety or to go pick up some herb.

What a freaking joke of a system.


Gul_Ducatti t1_ir0prf9 wrote

I would like to preface this by saying Dr. Oz is a fucking clown and his opinion on this matter is so off base that it has reached Orbit.

BUT THC is not 100% safe. There are documented cases of people that do enter states of temporary psychosis . The article posted even states that it is rare and does not happen in all cases.

Now, this does not, by any means, means that school shooters are sucking down a spliff one day and deciding to go kill someone, but the reality is that THC is mond altering and under certain circumstances it can induce psychosis.

In conclusion, Oz is a fuckhead that should have stayed in his lane in NJ and kept shilling for Oprah for Snake oil.


Patiod t1_ir0q845 wrote

Doesn't he have any puppies to kill, rather than attributing 1980s/90s/2000s problems on 2020 issues?


Gul_Ducatti t1_ir0s7yy wrote

It isn't very common with cannabis and it does take high doses and someone that may already have underlying mental health issues.

It is purely anecdotal, but I have a friend that has underlying mental health issues and they took a 50mg retail edible as their first time. In the process they also took a huge dab and later in the might a second edible.

For a first timer that is massive amounts. They had a psychotic episode due to their underlying mental health issues being amplified by the anxiety and other effects of the cannabis and had to be 302'd for a 72 hour hold.


[deleted] t1_ir0they wrote

I believe you 100%. I got so many stories, it's not even funny. Anecdotal is the only, true way to learn things. It's up to society, to actually listen. So many close minded individuals though, it's truly nauseating. Thank you for your experience.


IWantAStorm t1_ir0trcq wrote

Well you can spread the word that instead of using the money Wolf was trying to give to families for anything useful...they're going to have a state wide liquor sale!

No dates are announced yet but it was brought up on the local news this morning.


survyguy79 t1_ir0v00h wrote

I don’t trust them to not contest the mail ballots again, we’re lucky they didn’t throw them out last time and I can bet they’ll try it again. I’m going in person this time so they can’t go pull shit.


joeldouglasealy t1_ir12mb5 wrote

No, he is NOT a radical leftist! he's simply a humanist and understands pennsylvania and understands the job he's running for-

and if you think putting humans and public safety first is leftist then you are very out of touch with humanity and certainly caught up in the rhetoric and lies.

Oz has scammed millions people, he isnt even from PA or the USA- he's a hollywood grifter that needs to go away because he represents everything wrong with this country right now. Oz has proved that he doesn't even know what the job is about and he just puts forth dogwhistles. he should scare us all!


Jicama_Minimum t1_ir1asuz wrote

He says gun violence but doesn’t say school shootings. I guess you made the title school shootings, which is a subset of gun violence, so that is accurate. It just seems like a crazy claim no one would make so making it the title seems misleading, but I see your point. I’m always trying to understand online bias more and I think I jumped to an accusation that doesn’t hold up well upon further examination, so sorry for that.


False-Letter-2557 t1_ir1ibz5 wrote

No that is the point. Mental effects could occur Post being high.


randomnighmare t1_ir1j8rs wrote

Oz is such a phony and don't vote for this guy at all.


WonderingHermit t1_ir1lskb wrote

Screw them, the courts decided it's legit, let them bitch all they want. If they win they will stop making mail in ballots available, they won't make them not count for this election.


Reynard1981 t1_ir398ja wrote

You’re only proving my point that you don’t have anything positive to say about your own candidate. Then spread misinformation about the opposing candidate.


Jicama_Minimum t1_ir4uxsd wrote

I’ve thought about this more and can better say why I feel the title is misleading. He doesn’t say school shootings, he says gun violence. When you say school shootings in the title it is focusing on one part of gun violence. Now if I said we should send Ukraine weapons to help in the war, you could make a post that said “Jicama Minimum thinks we should be sending nukes to Ukraine”. Technically this seems like a true statement, nuclear weapons are weapons, and I said we should be sending weapons to Ukraine. But it is twisting the truth still. I feel like that is what the title did. I don’t think the original meaning was school shootings, they aren’t mentioned anywhere in the article. Does that make sense? If not please tell me where I am wrong.


scotticusphd t1_ir67uh0 wrote

The people who will vote for him are stupid enough to believe this.


__gay t1_irbod44 wrote

I don’t even think the right likes this… maybe FAR right. At this point most people in both parties are for recreational marijuana so i feel like all he’s doing is losing people who actually have a strong opinion (so most likely ppl for) while also losing medical patients