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chaos-born OP t1_ir14jiw wrote

They weren't made when we first started going, but one of the professors is going around and asking for pictures for us so they must be in the works.


TacoNomad t1_ir1bfk2 wrote

Go to your school's administrative office and ask where the ID card office is. Then go there and get one made.


Prometheus_303 t1_ir1ll1e wrote

Unless you go to an excessively small school, professors generally do not take pictures for nor distribute your school IDs during class.

You'll need to Google "where do I get my student ID at [name of school]" or ask at admissions or such.


TiberiusCornelius t1_irb39hq wrote

Find your school's ID office and get one made. You might be able to find out if they have digital IDs also. My school stopped issuing physical cards but has a space on the website to submit a picture of yourself and to pull up a digital ID, so you present or scan your phone just like you would a physical card.