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CatOfTheDecade t1_ir1vkzt wrote

For anyone wondering, here's how these "interviews" typically go:

Interviewer: "So who did you vote for in the last election?"

Interviewee: "Candidate X"

Interviewer: "Did you verify that?"

Interviewee: "No, I ... what?"

Interviewer: "Can you prove beyond any shadow of doubt that your vote was actually registered for Candidate X?"

Interviewee: "I chose Candidate X. I don't know what you're asking."

Interviewer: "So you admit that you have no idea what the source code of that voting machine looks like."

Interviewee: "No, I've never seen the source code."

Interviewer: "So you can not definitively say that you voted for Candidate X."

Interviewee: "I can definitively say that. I voted for Candidate X."

Interviewer: "But you just admitted that you do not know what the source code of the voting machine looks like, and earlier when I asked you to definitively prove beyond all shadow of doubt that your vote was actually registered for Candidate X. Why are you refusing to just answer the question? It's a very simple question. What are you hiding?"

They aren't interested in "auditing the election" or "just asking questions". That's a sham front designed to burn people out from arguing with them. It's about replacing democracy with a permanent ultraconservative ruling party under the guise of "the will of the people".


ObjectivePretend6755 t1_ir21fbc wrote

The answer to the very first question about who they voted for should have been and should always be "None of your fucking business". Elections in the country are by secret ballot that means I don't have to tell you jack shit when asked.


CatOfTheDecade t1_ir2b67k wrote

Unsurprisingly, elections where your vote is subject to public inspection are the norm in countries like North Korea and China. So are all these Trumpers saying America needs to be more socialist?


Thecrawsome t1_ir1zxra wrote

The dumbest gotchas that aren't really gotchas


CatOfTheDecade t1_ir2axmz wrote

Whenever I see someone arguing and they throw out a "gotcha", I always immediately assume their argument has no merit whatsoever and the other guy won.


AmanitaMikescaria t1_ir33lba wrote

Of course I don’t know what the “source code” looks like. I don’t even know what a source code is and dollars to donuts, I’d bet the interviewer doesn’t have a fucking clue what a source code is either. Even in the most rudimentary terms.


ItsjustJim621 t1_ir8jn77 wrote

A real simple rundown of source code is if you open a web page, there’s a way to view the code for that particular page.

For example, if using Windows Edge, right click on a blank space on the page and select “view page source” to view the HTML code for that particular page. That’s basically source code….not exactly what you’d see in a voting machine per se


dogeatingdog t1_ir6rgrr wrote

Best answer would just be "I'm a Sixers fan, I trust the process"


ScrappBrannigan t1_ir1caxu wrote

This shit still with these people


X_PRSN t1_ir1cxv2 wrote

Exact same cabal of jackholes who go Y'aLl sTilL GoINg oN AbOut jAnUArY SixTH??


Illustrious_Air_1438 t1_ir1h82k wrote

Conservatives hate America.


pxan t1_ir1n1jm wrote

They loathe democracy. Republicans just want to have a king.


reverendsteveii t1_ir2960g wrote

Why wouldn't they. Everything we're proud of as Americans goes directly against conservative principles. Separation of church and state, allowing people to live their own lives and make their own decisions free from state interference, giving people a say in their own governance, caring for one another, ensuring as best we can that everyone has a bed and no one goes to that bed hungry, giving people who've made mistakes a way in from the cold in order to fully participate in society, all of it is fundamentally counter to what conservatives want, and they're simply wrong.


BountifulScott t1_ir1h7s6 wrote

Imagine if the Trump team put this much effort into any of the things he actually campaigned on or the pandemic response he might not have lost.


reverendsteveii t1_ir29rdm wrote

If Trump had said "Wear a mask and stay home if you feel sick" in January of 2020 he'd still be the president, happily selling state secrets to all and sundry. It was his inability to strategize in a non-comic-book-villain way that made him and $50/gram Kush decide that the best way forward was to encourage the plague and hope it killed more Democrats than Republicans.


BountifulScott t1_ir2bm1p wrote

His handling of the entire thing was insane. And the weirdest part: the media was fucking rallying around him and he still squandered it.

I will always remember he was doing one of his endless afternoon press briefings (you know the ones where he didn't have to be on camera talking about a subject he was woefully ill-informed on - but he was!) and some ABC reporter served him the softest of softball questions.

Reporter: "Mr. President. A lot of people are really scared. What would you tell them right now?".
Trump: "How dare you ask that. You're terrible. That's what I think. A disgrace! Asking me such a biased question!"

All the dumb chucklefuck had to do was say something like "I know people are nervous but we will get through this together!" or "You have my word as President that we are doing everything we can as one nation!" But nope! He somehow managed to fuck it up.

The reporter underhand tossed a beachball sized easy question and the guy whiffed like a pouty baby. It was incredible to behold.


Dark_Prism t1_ir2z3d0 wrote

> whiffed

Not even. He waited for that beach ball to come to rest on the ground and then popped it with his coke fingernail.


BountifulScott t1_ir57rrk wrote

It should have been T-Ball easy for him to hit that question out of the park, but nope!


Hugh_Jass_2 t1_ir1djnu wrote

A group of fucking jackbags that the moron community calls patriots.


Odd-Seaworthiness330 t1_ir1m4g7 wrote

It is time to present the evidence or shut up. You would think that one of these judges would have enough guts to have a evidentiary hearing and call them out. The judiciary is definitely at fault here.


scotticusphd t1_ir1q2vj wrote

There was no evidence to review. There never was evidence to review. The people who are at fault are the ones who invented the idea of widespread fraud.


CatOfTheDecade t1_ir1vxkg wrote

It gets better. They filed dozens of lawsuits alleging just about everything under the sun, and when asked for evidence, they (1) refused to produce any, (2) were unable to produce any, (3) claimed that producing any would unfairly harm their case, or (4) presented something like an alleged secret agent who would only give his codename of "Wolverine" and demanded the court sign an affidavit declaring the trial to be held under maritime law or whatever.

They lost every single time. The judges have already shut them down, over and over and over again.


Super_C_Complex t1_ir7p5cl wrote

Now. To be fair. The one time they produced a postal worker who testified that as part of his job. He delivered mail in ballots. But he didn't like it.


Crouton_Sharp_Major t1_ir1ul2e wrote

This is moreso about how to do it more effectively next time, I think. This is preparation.


reverendsteveii t1_ir21kz3 wrote

Two years ago was time to present evidence or shut up. They were told this by judges in about 70 different court cases, and they chose to shut up (in court, where lying has consequences) every time.


bontakun82 t1_ir21bvf wrote

Oh look, Republicans doing research so they can cheat because cheating is the only way they can win.


ChrisBegeman t1_ir2v7fq wrote

This is just intelligence gathering. The Fraud Squad will be out in full force if Oz and/or Mastriano lose in November. What would be interesting is how they respond if one wins and the other loses. How the democrats somehow rigged one election but not both?


gettinlitup t1_ir1la9n wrote

Are they in Erie? I would love to talk to them.


JennItalia269 t1_ir1gsom wrote

Think we all can point to where the biggest weakness lies.


Ok_Topic863 t1_ir1sjrd wrote

Can't wait to cast my ballot wearing an Elton John shirt. Bet none of those fascists will wonder who I am voting for


Shift-Subject t1_ir2lkf9 wrote

"To probe for weaknesses" Trump allies should sue for defamation.


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_ir2bbz7 wrote

Instead of developing strong policy best serving all American citizens he spends his time trying to game the system.


IamSauerKraut t1_ir1jqm0 wrote

The number of RTKL requests filed with the county election officials is starting to show up in the Final Decisions issued by OOR... but some are getting thru with bizarre reasoning by certain of the OOR Hearing Officers.


SWPenn t1_ir7nh07 wrote

They just won't let it go. They know their messiah is a lying, cheating thief, and they just don't care.


billfriedman9987 t1_ir537sa wrote

Maybe because they don’t want to see a 600,000 vote lead on election night disappear between 3-4am again.


Electr_O_Purist t1_ir6906g wrote

Lol, trump idiots. They can literally find some dogshit and eat it.


billfriedman9987 t1_ir698x2 wrote

You are right it’s totally normal to kick out poll watchers, stop counting, and then end up with 600k more votes in the am.


Electr_O_Purist t1_ir6g5mh wrote

It’s totally normal to create an absolutely fraudulent slate of alternative electors to manipulate the count and then ask the Vice President to instate them illegally under threat of being hanged on the steps of the Capitol building.


ShallotFit7614 t1_ir1vupp wrote

The only real data in this story is that election officials were interviewed. The rest of this is pure speculation (unless anyone actually has some real data.?)


vs92s110 t1_ir442bc wrote

But its ok when Biden allies use the exact same tactics.


LiviNG4them t1_ir2tfav wrote

And democrats do nothing as usual.