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randompaaccount t1_ir37fuj wrote

Looks like a commercial medical marijuana farm.


time4nap t1_ir39kfq wrote

Yes, incredible, I’ve never seen a parking lot with all of the shopping carts put away properly like that in Pennsylvania.


Yelloeisok t1_ir3a2n4 wrote

I guess you don’t shop at Aldi’s,


48Planets t1_ir3hw84 wrote

People really be pinching over quarters, or aldis just attracts less assholes than other places do


Finrodsrod t1_ir3trjo wrote

A little of column A and a little of column B


kellzone t1_ir500ay wrote

Little more of column B I think. You also have to bring your own bags and the more, shall we say, "traditional people ", get upset at that kind of helping-to-save-the-environment sort of thing.


1stnspc OP t1_ir36mjo wrote

This was looking west towards Carlisle from Mechanicsburg. In my 46 years of existence, I’ve never seen this before. Pretty wild!


fireXmeetXgasoline t1_ir3td0r wrote

My partner saw this on the Mechanicsburg Facebook group, looked at me and went “WEED FARMS RIGHT?”

Yes dear, weed farms.


Accurate_Ad_8114 t1_ir376lv wrote

Very eerie looking!


1stnspc OP t1_ir37ds6 wrote

That’s exactly what my dad said when I sent him the pic. My wife was expecting the creature from the poster of Fright Night to appear! 😂


Critical_Band5649 t1_ir37k8l wrote

It's organic remedies grow house lights. They will be on from 6-9 every night through October for breast cancer awareness month.


NPC3 t1_ir44mws wrote

My friend who works at the pot farm said they upped their lights for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


SquintyB t1_ir3ugyl wrote

I was driving on the turnpike east. Right around mechanicsburg a few hours ago. I saw this.


Ihaveaboot t1_ir3up37 wrote

Was this last night? I'm not far from you and the sunset was a crazy neon red. The western sky had an eerie glow after the sun set as well.


Privileged_Interface t1_ir6078a wrote

I was just thinking that this mall looks quite familiar. This is the strip mall across from Walmart on Carlisle Pike right? I recognise the GameStop.


1stnspc OP t1_ir60lyx wrote

It is. I didn’t want to tell people I was at Walmart. 🤪


Privileged_Interface t1_ir62657 wrote

Hehe. Nodding..I can relate to that. I have not been in one of those in over ten years.


Nice_Cheek4535 t1_ir79z2y wrote

The sky was like this too, made me do a double take, ,I’m in southwestern Pennsylvania, (84) that’s the towns name .it was beautiful


1stnspc OP t1_ir7o7em wrote

I’ve heard of Eighty Four. Never been there and can’t tell you what where it is, but I’ve heard of it. 👍


brandondsantos t1_ir3iaqt wrote

Pennsylvania's the real Upside Down, not Indiana.


sataninspirit t1_ir3dtoo wrote

Kate Bush must be throwing an outdoor concert tonight


IamSauerKraut t1_ir7j9vk wrote

Is Cathy still looking for Heathcliffe? Or is she busy chasing him up that hill?


Hib3rnian t1_ir39t4u wrote

TMobile Magenta Max coverage..


Anonymous_Otters t1_ir3hj21 wrote

This is the dark shadow of Dr. Oz looming over the state. Don't forget to vote!


SprungBreak99 t1_ir40v6p wrote

I had no idea they were shooting the new season of Stranger Things here in PA.


nameajeff t1_ir39eb9 wrote

I saw this from the turnpike in the Mechanicsburg area back in March of 2021 around 4am. Never could figure out what exactly it is.


Electr_O_Purist t1_ir3gitn wrote

Good Lord, what is happening in there?


IamSauerKraut t1_ir7jdsv wrote

Pot growers greenhouse left their darkening blankets off the top of the greenhouse.


1stnspc OP t1_ir4uwrr wrote

Before I posted, I looked it up and thought originally it was a phenomenon in which light gets reflected through ice crystals in the clouds, so it looks purple. We’ve had cool, moist air for a several days, so this made sense. Even though the sun had set here, I thought maybe rays of were still hitting the clouds.

After reading comments here, it’s definitely Toigo Farms’ lights.

Thanks for the comments (and laughs) everyone!


lllSolacelll t1_ir865hd wrote

Its organic remedies medical marijuana growhouse they are doing it all month for breast cancer awareness not whatever toigo farms is


eatdafishy t1_ir3a9jp wrote

Sometimes in the summer The sunset is pure yellow where I am


SanSoucie_76 t1_ir6619m wrote

This is dope (pun intended) I work for Organic Remedies and we’re opening the roof at the Grow processor between certain hours for breast cancer awareness


fourth_best t1_ir3n2m6 wrote

Love that you’re sharing this - I took a very similar photo tonight! Monroe Township, Mechanicsburg, on 174. I was in shock, have never seen anything like it.


rjb5065 t1_ir3u6ga wrote

Red sky at night, sailors delight. It will be a beautiful day tomorrow.

Side note, craziest thing I’ve ever witnessed was green lightning in Hershey Pa


Neon_Taxi t1_ir3z684 wrote

I hate the fact that I instantly knew you were at Wal-Mart.


1stnspc OP t1_ir4vkmo wrote

I was thinking the same thing. Part of me didn’t want to share for fear of knowing where I was. 🤢


shawikkywoo t1_ir5s7jn wrote

Same. As soon as I saw the Spirit Halloween banner on the old Giant I recognized it.


TheSoulKing_MVP t1_ir3w7u1 wrote

I was walking my dog and saw this its looks crazy in person!


jkhamme t1_ir3wxzq wrote

It’s pollution from the Sweetums factory. It’s gorgeous, but is it worth the asthma?


TomcatYYZ t1_ir4tbwg wrote

Toigo Farms. They specialize in all


Not_NotMark t1_ir73s76 wrote

Today social media got smaller. I know exactly where this picture was taken! You’re off of 114 and the pike.


1stnspc OP t1_ir7e2i8 wrote

That’s the place. I was going to crop it so people couldn’t tell I was in the Walmart parking lot.


asthestomachturns t1_ir7x2rx wrote

Woah not a single cart just left where ever, everyone has returned thier carts to the cart return that's something I've never seen!


A_Generic_White_Guy t1_ir3duhg wrote

I saw this at 3-4 am at my job a month or so back weirdest shit.

Red in morning a sailors warning, red at night a sailors delight.


Disarray215 t1_ir3z480 wrote

That’s so effing cool. Where about?


1stnspc OP t1_ir4vhyy wrote

Near the intersection of 114 & Carlisle Pike.


Potat9001 t1_ir4ai3h wrote

What was that old saying... "red skies in the morning, sailors take warning"?

It's not morning, but def take warning if the sky looks like that


Skito_ t1_ir4m8pq wrote

Ah yes, the glow of a sheetz in the distance.


turtlemag3 t1_ir4udn3 wrote

It's a breast cancer awareness thing, someone is shinning lights in the sky for all october


anapolis777 t1_ir4vin5 wrote

It is Organic Remedies grow op in Carlisle, PA. They are doing this every night in October for breast cancer awareness and doing patient events in their dispensaries.


sneakysquid102 t1_ir58xmc wrote

Why is there a boat in the parking lot ?


011011010110110 t1_ir63c5p wrote

lol it's the Organic Remedies grow house in Carlisle, it used to be a greenhouse that grew tomatoes for Toigo Orchards. it's literally miles from my house

plot twist i used to work for Toigo, running produce down to farmers markets around DC and Arlington. wish I'd been able to get involved in this


YPFL t1_ir6heyg wrote

I live near here! This is the PA Organic Remedies weed farm on Old Stonehouse road in Carlisle.

Wife and I saw the lights the other night and drove towards them till we found the source. Like mayflies to a streetlight.


kennithnoisewater88 t1_ir6rysy wrote

It’s new she-bat signal, or T-Mobile is having a sale in that shopping center


aureangel t1_ir7oixj wrote

Saw this in Dillsburg as well. Someone suggested it was methane, but I don't really know.


1stnspc OP t1_ir7rg7d wrote

It’s the hydroponic farm in Carlisle.


DaddyMac2428 t1_ir7yelg wrote

That’s the first time I’ve seen a Spirit Of Halloween in an old Giant. They’ll put those things in anywhere


shewy92 t1_iraqgeq wrote

Mechanicsburg? Looks like its Walmart facing the old Giant


BobbyG-68 t1_irc6ykw wrote

Never seen anything like this.


SlowPhilosopher8783 t1_ir3akm5 wrote

That’s the reflection of the giant dome around our beautiful flat earth…


randompaaccount t1_ir3iceu wrote

What are you talking about clearly it’s from the glass sky of our inverted earth.


Sandman0107 t1_ir4sd85 wrote

If the earth was flat cats would have knocked everything off of it by now.


[deleted] t1_ir469rr wrote

No no no! Earth is clearly a square, and hollow! Get it right!