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TiberiusCornelius t1_irb1rga wrote

I do think it's kind of weird that they arrested and then released him rather than holding him in the drunk tank.

I had an uncle who got pulled over for DUI back in the late 80s/early 90s, he lied and told the cop his parents' house was like three doors down. So the cop sat and watched while he pulled into the driveway, and then he went and sat in this stranger's back yard for a couple minutes to make it seem like he went in the backdoor, then he got in the car and started driving back home. Same exact cop pulled him over again like a mile down the road. So he got a court date and 30 days in county.

I could totally see something like that happening still today, but if you're at the point where you're already arresting the guy, what's up with letting him go before he sobers up?