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No-Razzmatazz- t1_irt4kec wrote

Report it to who? When has there ever been a requirement that political ads be honest?


Avaisraging439 OP t1_irt5a0d wrote

When it's purposely deceitful in a way to trick people into reasonable credibility. Politics (certain forms) and news coverage is already known to be classified as entertainment but this falls under a source claiming to be credible and a fair representation of each side which is purposely looking to deceive and confuse voters ahead of an election. Not everyone is as able and willing to find credible information on their candidate like internet veterans.


princeoinkins t1_irthr41 wrote

Bro…that’s LITERALLY been politics in the US the past, idk like 100 years…..


Avaisraging439 OP t1_irti631 wrote

Then why be so complacent? I want things to be better so I voice my opinions. Should I just shut up because you're cool with status quo?


princeoinkins t1_iru7va3 wrote

You have the freedom to do that, and that’s good

These shills also have the freedom to spread propaganda as well ( and possibly be slightly misleading, even if they aren’t lying to you, as they ARE bipartisan)

While, in theory, it might seem like it would be good to suppress people like this, the problem is that is an EXTREMELY fine line

Everyone is fine with suppressing thoughts/ speech when it’s stuff they disagree with, but the moment your own beliefs get suppressed, it’s suddenly tyranny


IamSauerKraut t1_irtsgxf wrote

It is called free speech. Yes, annoying as hell but the courts have ruled that such ads fall under the 1st Amendment.


dclxvi616 t1_iruiqub wrote

> news coverage is already known to be classified as entertainment

I feel like your understanding of how things work in this country is sourced from memes like FOX News changing their accreditation to Entertainment so they are not legally obligated to provide truthful information.

In reality, there's no regulatory body that 'classifies' or 'accredits' anything of the sort in any capacity. I'd recommend reading the link provided above for more information.

We counter deceitful speech in this country with counter-speech of our own, as you appear to be attempting to do. You could try to report it to journalists or news organizations to cover the deception. There is no authority to "report" this to. The government isn't going to be able to censor them or restrict their free speech. At best, if anyone is being defamed then the defamed party could seek civil action if they like (which will be a tough bar to clear, as they're not only public figures, but political public figures).


No-Razzmatazz- t1_irxwowo wrote

> news coverage is already known to be classified as entertainment

Classified by who? That is not how things work.


Avaisraging439 OP t1_irylfw3 wrote

By the courts, Fox news (and by extension from almost everyone's view CNN I think) wasn't liable for any negative response because "no reasonable person would think it's anything more than entertainment"