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Avaisraging439 OP t1_irt4r13 wrote

The website goes on to say that immigrants are bringing drugs, sex, and lawlessness to the country through open borders.

The owner had an interview with Newsmax praising him, that doesn't sound non-partisan.


survyguy79 t1_irts9rv wrote

Non-partisan just means they aren't affiliated or funded by a political party or candidate, not that they are centrist or unbiased.


Ancient_Boner_Forest t1_irv5xee wrote

What exactly is the problem? Do you think people who were gonna vote dem are gonna read this and all the sudden decide to be an ultra conservative?


pittbiomed t1_irty3d5 wrote

Well, with as many people coming over our borders , the chance that those things are happening may be pretty good, along with sex trafficking and all other sorts of illegalities


Avaisraging439 OP t1_irtye2z wrote

I'll leave this here, it's just not true.

Edit: also, were the country supplying the drug gangs across the border, who else will give them an endless stream of guns, it's incredibly irresponsible to just say it's consequences of having guns as a right, I believe it's a much bigger issue than gun owners are willing to admit.


pittbiomed t1_irxihkv wrote

Oh I never said every human is bad coming across the border in any way . Just because of the #s the odds are some are bad people .


No-Razzmatazz- t1_irxwv5v wrote

Adding more people who are less likely to commit crimes doesn't mean the total number of crimes will go down. It's still going to result in an increase in crime.


Avaisraging439 OP t1_iryl3os wrote

Percentage wise immigrants are less likely, Americans cause more crime by percent and by the total volume. Hell, Americans being born adds to future criminals so why make such a speculation?