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dclxvi616 t1_iruiqub wrote

> news coverage is already known to be classified as entertainment

I feel like your understanding of how things work in this country is sourced from memes like FOX News changing their accreditation to Entertainment so they are not legally obligated to provide truthful information.

In reality, there's no regulatory body that 'classifies' or 'accredits' anything of the sort in any capacity. I'd recommend reading the link provided above for more information.

We counter deceitful speech in this country with counter-speech of our own, as you appear to be attempting to do. You could try to report it to journalists or news organizations to cover the deception. There is no authority to "report" this to. The government isn't going to be able to censor them or restrict their free speech. At best, if anyone is being defamed then the defamed party could seek civil action if they like (which will be a tough bar to clear, as they're not only public figures, but political public figures).