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TACNextGen t1_isexen9 wrote

So he's only not a jerk to people who are directly paying him.


crazypants9 t1_isfnsgx wrote

But you did anyway didn’t you? Why don’t you do some PR shots at a dog shelter you farce.


worstatit t1_isjk6t2 wrote

TBF, none of these statements are attributed directly to Oz. That certainly doesn't make him a good candidate, though. It actually shows what he represents, and whose agenda he'd be beholden to if elected.


Sefkeetlee t1_isexytm wrote

Account less than 1 year old ✅

Posts almost exclusively political content ✅

Posts in multiple states/cities’ subreddits ✅

82k post karma:4k comment karma ratio ✅

Oh yeah, it’s astroturfing time 😎

Note: I hate Doctor Oz, but fuck these accounts that are created solely to push politically divisive content out in an attempt to influence elections.


BurghPuppies t1_isfdk83 wrote

Seems like you’d like the focus to be on the messenger, rather than on Dr. Oz for the despicable way he’s used Fetterman’s medical condition to his own gain.

And for the record, CNN asked him a direct question and he answered. The headline is accurate.

As I continue to say, when people blame the media, it usually means the media did their job.


Sefkeetlee t1_isfgim7 wrote

I’m not questioning the validity of what’s in the article, I’m just pointing out another instance of content posted to Reddit by an organization/PAC trying to shape public discourse.


BurghPuppies t1_isfmwhq wrote

I never thought of Reddit as a place only!for individuals. It doesn’t really bother me.