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talldean t1_isey6d8 wrote

Anyone hear this in Eddie Vedder's voice on the second readthrough?


hobbes_shot_first t1_isf06yk wrote

Only thing I’ve thought of every time I see a yard sign is a whole Fetterman themed version of the song.


TheeModestMonster t1_isezh4g wrote

Everyone needs to get out and vote. That’s the only way we win. People underestimate the importance of this election, it’s going to set the tone for the second half of Bidens presidency and if republicans take the senate anything Biden tries to do will immediately be met with a resounding NO. Democrats need this victory. Please, everyone, VOTE.


CQU617 OP t1_isf151q wrote

There are a lot of traitors in the GOP and there is no way I can trust any of them especially those who tried to take our votes away in Pennsylvania. Texas v. Pennsylvania asked to negate the votes of the entire Commonwealth and that is BS.

It really sickens me to look at the 1/6 video and think wow that is our fellow citizens who believes the lies of a malignant narcissist who doesn’t give one Flying F about leadership or governing or our Rule of Law. The Tangerine 🍊 Traitor only gives a crap about grifting money and himself.


thegunnersdaughter t1_isfyxvj wrote

3 of the people who represent me (state rep, state senator, congressional rep) all fought to nullify my vote. My congressional rep ran for his life on Jan 6 and yet hours later at 2 in the morning, bowed in fealty to Trump and delivered a speech protesting the certification of my vote before voting against.

Fuck them all.


Fordiman t1_isf5yu6 wrote

Done. Mail-in came on Wednesday and got dropped off in short order.

Now what?


Ottersalot t1_isgho4l wrote

>Now what?

Encourage your friends and family to vote, too!


xoxosratgirl t1_isfb6r5 wrote

Whether you like either candidate. What bothers me is Oz doesn't even live here. He has property, which allows him to run. I think a candidate should have to be a resident to run. That's what bothers me the most.


_Woodrow_ t1_isg6onh wrote

The property is his mother in law’s $3 million mansion.


xoxosratgirl t1_isganwk wrote

I got to be honest I thought that he owned it. Or more or less he bought it. And now knowing that it just makes me even more upset lol.


FuzzPunkMutt t1_isexqgk wrote

I don't have my hopes up. The "he has to read instead of listen to smalltalk!" angle is working well for the GOP, and they do not care a single bit about any bad thing Oz has done.

The America we live in is one where disinformation is the king, and a wealthy few use that to convince millions of suffering people that the reason they are suffering is because of each other.

But, I will absolute drink to celebrate if Oz loses. That would restore a little bit of faith.


talldean t1_isey9rf wrote

You're not going to convince GOP members in most cases.

You *do* need to convince your own team to come out and vote 100% of the time, and then you need action - between elections - to grow your team.

It's been interesting to see Fetterman lean into dunking on Oz with memes for awhile... and then go to do "here's the plan/here's my policy".

It also doesn't hurt that Fetterman was leaning on Biden to legalize marijuana two weeks before Biden put through the executive order on weed.


FuzzPunkMutt t1_isezb96 wrote

I'm just nervous. There was a poll of likely voters recently that showed in PA the two most important issues are guns and economy. Abortion doesn't make the top 5. Pot didn't make the list.

Unfortunately, that plays directly into the message the GOP has been pushing for the last 60 years. They have convinced every gullible person and every person that doesn't pay very much attention that Republicans are better for the economy (despite all evidence pointing to the contrary).

And of course, this is America. So fetishizing guns is a core personality trait for some 30% of the population.


_KnightsDelight_ t1_isezykc wrote

Economy is definitely the #1 issue and will certainly drive us to the polls.


JoshuaIan t1_isf3qh6 wrote

Indeed, I'm going to vote against the people that have tried to sell trickle down economics


HectorsMascara t1_isf1bhi wrote

> Unfortunately, that plays directly into the message the GOP has been pushing for the last 60 years. They have convinced every gullible person and every person that doesn't pay very much attention that Republicans are better for the economy (despite all evidence pointing to the contrary).


FuzzPunkMutt t1_isf0xlf wrote

Sure, just remember that major economic downturns happen during republican policy changes. I'm sure that your voting for the party that actually leads to economic security instead of just listening to absolute idiots like Joe Rogan or Tucker Carlson, right?


talldean t1_isfqq38 wrote

The one that terrifies me about the economy is we're doing better than most of the rest of the world this year, but not giving Biden any credit for that.

We're also seeing relatively low inflation, but record-corporate-profits rebranded as "inflation".

The combo of those two perceptions is gonna hurt.


key2mydisaster t1_isfpkw7 wrote

Hopefully they just polled the wrong people.

Literally no way that the government would ever seize everyone's guns. How would that even work? Search every home in the entire country? Like people wouldn't hide them? It's a non-issue. And IMO anyone with guns that doesn't want common sense gun laws must be doing something stupid with their guns.


Buffmin t1_isjf7d5 wrote

>Literally no way that the government would ever seize everyone's guns.

You aren't supposed to think logically about it. You're supposed to be blinded by fear and vote the gqp while clutching your guns and your hug-a-nignt Regan (now with trickle down action)

Fear is their main motivation


CQU617 OP t1_isezwef wrote

Does anyone else think it’s odd that Oz if he wins declined too security clearance because he won’t give up his Turkish citizenship?

The same Turkey who is currently putting the US on blast? And the interior Minister of Turkey say the US has made mistakes and this is their year? I for one have had enough of this traitorous BS.


key2mydisaster t1_isfqr9b wrote

Definitely, I also dislike the hypocrisy of people who put up Oz signs considering their most likely the same people that were claiming that Obama was a Muslim when he wasn't - yet they have no problem backing an actual Muslim immigrant because someone on tv told them to.

(Personally I don't give a flying fuck what religion someone is, as long as they're not completely insufferable asshats)


ell0bo t1_isf59ue wrote

We're not playing for those people. Dems can write off most people that consistently vote Republican, they've proven who they are unfortunately. There's the middle there that we can win, and also not lose Dems.


CQU617 OP t1_isf06vf wrote

My personal slogan:

If you don’t vote, you will get exactly the government you deserve.

Vote 🗳 it’s easy to apply online and don’t give me the jury duty excuse BECAUSE Pennsylvania is wise to that and now pulls the jury from licenses and State ID’s. No excuses.


ruthdubb t1_isflamf wrote

Just mailed my ballot yesterday. Straight Dem all the way down.


Unethical_GOP t1_isey6c5 wrote

Fetterman is getting my vote. No Oz


Zmoser1794 t1_isf67e1 wrote

I have to ask this for the sake of my sanity but what the fuck is the whole he didn't pay his taxes thing about? All I care about is whoever will legalize weed for recreational use to PA, but all I hear is "he didn't pay his taxes and wants to make you pay"


PocketSpaghettios t1_isfadqf wrote

I had to Google it too because I hadn't heard it before seeing it on political ads. Apparently there was some snafu about a non-profit he started and a dispute with the county or township about taxes. It was less than $10,000 and he paid the taxes. This was over 10 years ago. It is a difficult thing to find information about online


Zmoser1794 t1_isfduvf wrote

Thank you I was trying to find a non bias source and unfortunately couldn't get a clear answer.


snuffy_tentpeg t1_isfrt39 wrote

Rather than pay the disputed taxes in a timely manner the party allows the taxes for the year to go into arrears.

Going into arrears typically carries a minimal percentage of the total as a penalty that's added to the tax bill owed for that year.

Typically there are a stated number of years of arrears that must be exceeded before the municipality can begin to foreclose because of delinquent taxes.

For example if you are in arrears for 2019, 2020, 2021 and the municipality has a three year grace period, When you got your 2022 tax bill you could pay the outstanding balance and penalty for 2019 and stave off the sheriff's sale for another year.

In most communities there is a "newspaper of record" where tax arrears are posted on a periodic basis. In most communities it's considered "trashy" to be on that list.


Zmoser1794 t1_isgflou wrote

I see so that's where the sheriff sale house come from. When I was in the market I seen a house go up for 75k and it was really nice non run down home in Montgomery County. When I looked into it it said you needed to pay the outstanding property taxes on the property to get the sale from the county. I ended it there unfortunately because I barley had a down payment let alone the taxes needed upfront for the house


CheckPlease54 t1_isfghx6 wrote

He was buying empty homes and business’ in Braddock through a nonprofit, and fixing them up. Many properties. A county tax was overlooked for 67 separate properties, under 15,000 for all. It was immediately paid. It’s a mouse fart


dis23 t1_isg0r74 wrote

That's wild. The commercial says they were 67 different citations, but they didn't mention that was for 67 different properties.


CQU617 OP t1_isfyqb9 wrote

Then Fetterman is your guy.


Zmoser1794 t1_isgg381 wrote

Thats what I've been hearing for years. I don't see why we are dragging ass on legal weed when it just means more jobs and more money circulation in a new market (legally). We need some way out of a recession and everyone is still buying weed so might as well tax it a little to help out PA


CQU617 OP t1_isghd7g wrote

So if Trump refused to produce his taxes for 8 years now…what’s the difference

Being serious.


Zmoser1794 t1_isgkusy wrote

True I don't understand what's so hard about showing the proof of innocents. If you are not guilty of fuckery show it its that simple. Everyone has dirt underneath their nails but if it's serious and needs to be addressed at least make it fast so everyone can move on.


Trout-Population t1_isfdazt wrote

I agree but 1. its probably unwise to get that excited over a politician and 2. clearly seeing out your rear window is probably more important than proclaiming your love for John Fetterman.


nalgene_wilder t1_isf3tox wrote

Dr Schnozz?


412Junglist t1_isfojoj wrote

I know right? Like no way I’m voting for the tv Dr., but saying ‘Fetterman is the Betterman’, while using ad-hominem attacks on the other guys’ appearance doesn’t seem like taking the moral high ground.


HOT_Cum_1n_SaLaD t1_isfzpkt wrote

And the GOP is certainly known for their moral high ground lmao get outta here with that.


412Junglist t1_isfzxga wrote

So, you might as well be just as deplorable to win! Edit - thanks for your opinion HOT_Cum_1n_SaLaD. Your username checks out


nalgene_wilder t1_isg8s4w wrote

Some stupid ass nickname like Dr Schnozz sounds exactly like the kind of dumb shit trump would say


bexter82 t1_isfeun4 wrote

Got my mail in ballot this morning and immediately filled it out for Fetterman and Shapiro!


assistant_redditor t1_isffax8 wrote

The charlatan huckster verse the silver spooner masquerading as the blue collar every man. Can't wait to make my choice.


CQU617 OP t1_isfj3mr wrote

Right so much better than living in Hollywood!


hedgerow_hank t1_isfjr58 wrote

Allow Dr. Ooze, as much a doctor as Phil, to ooze back across the Jersey state line and settle back into his snake oil sales.


realfakerolex t1_isfrrmj wrote

Cannot wait to see Fetterman wipe the floor with Mehmet Hussein “Oz”.


Shift-Subject t1_isgh3qy wrote

Lmfao that didn't take long


CQU617 OP t1_isghlw1 wrote

I think this thread got shit down?


CQU617 OP t1_isgman0 wrote

Because we cannot have decent political discourse.



Flying_Turtle_Bob t1_isf3ir9 wrote

I am not American, but isn't that the guy from Berserk?


theoldsoulrecycled t1_isfqsij wrote

I actually know exactly where this is... I am almost certain it is in the county where I grew up...


cplank00 t1_isfznmu wrote

Why are we left with only two candidates that both suck!?!? Why does it cost millions to run? Why can’t we have better and more capable people to vote for? Just seeing all these dumb ads on YouTube, tv, radio….it makes u hate them both!! I hate politics!!! We need normal humans to help with things!! Ok. End rant. 😂


RabbleLowder t1_isk1wbs wrote

Let's do some math here.

Fetterman: Never held a real job and lived of his parents until becoming the Lt Gov of PA, which is a do nothing job at that in politics. He hunted down a black jogger and held him captive at the end of a shotgun. He is a recent stroke victim and can't understand what people are saying to him without the help of some strange computer program, that also types out what he is saying.

Oz: Became a world class heart surgeon in his late 20's who has degrees from Penn, Harvard, Perelman School of Medicine and the Wharton School of Business. He has nearly three dozen inventions that he has patented, many are life saving tools and accessories for the heart, and others are computer systems he helped to design. He is a self made millionaire who employs dozens of people. He also can hold a normal conversation and understand what people say.


How is he the betterman?


CQU617 OP t1_iskc83h wrote

Many many people say Oz who remains a Turkish citizen and cannot get top security clearance is not the better man to represent Pennsylvanians.

You seemingly forget the Fetterman was Mayor of Braddock and worked in non-profits for the betterment of others his entire life

He also has multiple degrees and an MPP from Harvard. Did you know?

Right. Stay off Parler.


RabbleLowder t1_iskn2gm wrote

What are your thoughts on Ahmad Aubrey's killers? Fetterman did the same exact thing, only the jogger complied and stopped while Fetterman held a shotgun at his chest. He should have been charged with multiple felonies, but he was never charged with even as much a disorderly persons offense for the act.

What has he done with his degrees? The Mayor of Braddock is not some illustrious position. He was the Mayor of a town with less than 2000 people, and while he was the Mayor felt he was within his right to hunt a black man like a vigilante. Can you imagine the power trip being a Senator will give him?


CQU617 OP t1_isl6xo3 wrote

All I do know about the jogger event is this and I have to say it’s compelling.

The jogger does not think about his incident should stymie his senate bid and underscored it multiple times given all the good he did for Braddock.

At least outside the incident itself you know Fetterman is for 2A.

Edit: Fetterman literally did NOT do the same thing I am very surprised that you would compare the 2 events.


RabbleLowder t1_islx42p wrote

He did. He thought someone committed a crime and instead of letting police handle it he took in his own hands. How is this NOT like Ahmad? The outcome would have been the same if the jogger decided to run instead of freezing and putting his hands up.

That is not ok to do. If Trump did the same what would you be saying about it?


CQU617 OP t1_ism04tx wrote

Really you tell me why this an exact replica of the Aubrey matter.

I am not sure why now that you know his educational level is on par, why you are questioning what he has done with them. Is actually true public service a problem for you? Are you enraged he decided to join Americorps and do actual public service. Not being smart, but really tell me what he should have done with all his degrees.

Full disclosure: I have 3 degrees myself and no one ever though I should do better, at least not to my face lol.


RabbleLowder t1_ism1yea wrote

I asked you one question that you refuse to answer. Here, let's try again. What would have happened of the Jogger did not comply with Fetterman and tried to grab his gun like Ahmad did?


CQU617 OP t1_ism2gi4 wrote

So typical. Have a great evening. Provide evidence not feelings.


RabbleLowder t1_isnzfdc wrote

Hey, it's just one question. Since you will not answer, let me do it for you. He would have murdered him in cold blood. Prove me wrong.


RabbleLowder t1_ism2lyv wrote

Answer the question. It's an easy one. What would have Fetterman done I the Jogger fought back?


MegaChron420 t1_isfo4pz wrote

Fetterman and Shapiro 💯💯💯 Free the Weed and End Corporate Greed! Stop Congressional Conflict of Interest with Wall Street!


3_DOG_OUTT t1_isfxdgn wrote

Fetterman keeps hiding his medical information and suffered from a stroke that affects his communication skills. That’s a huge issue imo


B_Rad- t1_isfjo6s wrote

“Just say no”


OriginalOmbre t1_isfbpr5 wrote

Someone educate me. If the guy has a hard time speaking and communicating due to his stroke symptoms, how can he effectively do the job?

How do I get downvotes for not understanding and asking for assistance?


bexter82 t1_isffwo0 wrote

He doesn’t have a hard time speaking. He needs reasonable accommodations, like many disabled Americans do every day, during interviews because his auditory processing was affected by the stroke. He can use that as he recovers and do the job just fine. Many people with disabilities do their jobs just fine every day.


Itslehooksboyo t1_isfhjrk wrote

Yep. I'm a type one diabetic and I get time and a half for my tests because if my blood sugar levels are outta range, it makes it way harder for me to think clearly. Doesn't mean I didn't study enough - did well in undergrad, getting my Master's now :)

Edit: wanted to add, Fetterman needing closed captioning isn't any different than me needing extra time on tests


OriginalOmbre t1_isfi2gq wrote

He said on his own that he has a hard time putting thoughts and sentences together.


bexter82 t1_isfivyz wrote

Yup strokes take time to recover from. But he’s ethically the same candidate he was before who is aligned with the values I care about. Therefore I’m voting for him, knowing he may have some health issues as many Americans do, but he will still do his best for Pennsylvanians just like he has as Lt. Gov.


reubal t1_isfqq3e wrote

This is the same thing as the people calling Biden's dementia "a childhood stutter". It is "ableist" of you to want a candidate that can think and speak.

What the fuck is going on in this party? Why are so many in the democrat party against getting a reasonable candidate that is not severely mentally impaired? This isn't about Oz. Fuck Oz. This is about people thinking that Fedderman is not only a reasonable choice, but a GOOD choice. Fucking insanity.


pocketbookashtray t1_isflart wrote

Brain dead driver supporting a brain dead candidate.


Shift-Subject t1_isfr6af wrote

Doesn't mean he's a good man. Vote 3rd party.


Itslehooksboyo t1_isggn7a wrote

No lmao


Shift-Subject t1_isggsf7 wrote

You have no values. You'll "Vote blue no matter who".


Itslehooksboyo t1_isgh08k wrote

Oh I have values. I'm an Eagle Scout and I'm getting a Master's in Public Health. Don't fucking lecture me about values when you'd be happy to leave someone dead on the street because they can't afford insulin. Get outta my face.


3_DOG_OUTT t1_iswm8vq wrote

“We need more shotgun armed vigilantes!”-Betterman 2022


1993z t1_isfln0u wrote



wrmbrn t1_isezi90 wrote

Hard pass on both of these clowns


CQU617 OP t1_isf0heb wrote

Which ones?


wrmbrn t1_isf0n8b wrote

Oz and Fetterman


CQU617 OP t1_isf0qmx wrote

So voting for the libertarian? That’s cool.


wrmbrn t1_isf0tmn wrote



SuggestAPhotoProject t1_isf38c7 wrote

You might as well stay home and not waste your time.


wrmbrn t1_isf3cos wrote

Voter suppression isn’t cool


JoshuaIan t1_isf3vxi wrote

You're already gleefully participating as a useful idiot


wrmbrn t1_isfc9qy wrote

No, that would be those that vote for the R or the D, in most cases. However, you are certainly welcome to your opinion.


JoshuaIan t1_isfptwn wrote

I understand how first past the post works, so I know it's not really a matter of opinion, but go ahead and be a useful idiot, I can't stop ya


SuggestAPhotoProject t1_isgpgmu wrote

I’m not suppressing your vote, you’re suppressing your own vote by throwing it away on a candidate that has no chance of getting even 1% of the vote.

I’m just being realistic.


EB__ t1_isf3qkf wrote

I agree I hate when people vote for the clear best choice especially when it goes against my beloved two party duopoly


WeakImportance7587 t1_isezvk9 wrote

ong i just don’t politics


CQU617 OP t1_isf0gf7 wrote

You better get to liking it because your future will definitely be affected. If not your future, your children’s future.

Vote because our future truly depends on it.


WeakImportance7587 t1_isht15o wrote

i don’t vote so that i don’t have to argue with people. neither party supports my beliefs, so why should i support either?


Reynard1981 t1_isf1fhz wrote

I’d never vote for any democrat policies and Fetterman is a far left extremist with the worst policies PA has ever seen, he’s even worse than Wolf.

I know the Fetternazis will downvote this for facts, it’s what the liberal left domestic terrorists do.


PaApprazer t1_isf8er7 wrote

Exactly, you’re being downvoted because you have no facts


Reynard1981 t1_isf9njo wrote

Incorrect. I’m being downvoted because you fetternazis hate facts.


SuggestAPhotoProject t1_isf35y3 wrote

You haven’t stated any facts at all, you just stated your opinion, and poorly.

Which of his policies is the worst that PA has ever seen?


Reynard1981 t1_isf74t3 wrote

You’re just proving my point and triggered over facts so hard you made a troll account lmao


snafu_poo t1_isfbb4w wrote

But you literally did only state opinions with no facts. God damn I read comments like these on social media, and while they’re no longer surprising, they still remain disheartening. This world needs to invest more in education so there’s not so many ignorant people.


[deleted] t1_isf7sn6 wrote

You have no point lmao Edit: Lol he blocked me 😂


bexter82 t1_isffacb wrote

If voting for someone who wants to protect abortion rights and protect unions I guess I’m an extreme liberal then 🤷🏻‍♀️. All sound reasonable to me.


Reynard1981 t1_isffrun wrote

So you’re voting on emotions. Someone who wants to murder innocent children, push all drugs legal, lighten serious crimes, and unions are complete garbage. Yeah, you’re what’s wrong with this country.


Rheum42 t1_isfj1n8 wrote

Sounds like the issue of abortion makes you "emotional". Since they aren't babies when they're aborted lol


412Junglist t1_isfortj wrote

They referenced policy. You are the clearly triggered emotional one calling others names in your first comment. The projection is pathetic and laughable.


_Woodrow_ t1_isg7679 wrote

Complains about voting on emotions- only arguments he can muster is appeals to emotion.



[deleted] t1_isf7dae wrote

You really just tried to use as many buzzwords as you could think of didn’t you… seriously. You sound like a Fox News drone. “fAr lEft, lIBruLs, NaZiS”. I’m honestly surprised you didn’t bring up BLM or AntiFa or whatever other boogeyman Fox wants to drone on about.

Inb4 yOurE jUsT pRoVinG mY pOiNt


FuzzPunkMutt t1_isf47a0 wrote

He’s only far left if you are so far right Hitler looks moderate. I know your not capable of self reflection, but you might want to do some self reflection


CQU617 OP t1_isfdfkf wrote

Right and tell me why the traitorous GOP is so great? Please do tell


Reynard1981 t1_isfe3kx wrote

“Traitorous GOP”? You’re only proving my point on how insane you lefties are.


CQU617 OP t1_isfjdgn wrote

Let’s see 1/6, the fake electors and the Mango Mussolini.

By the way, I am not a democrat either 😀😀


Reynard1981 t1_isfjjc6 wrote

If you’re voting for a far left extremist like Fatterman, you’re definitely a leftie. You can’t lie yourself out of this one.


CQU617 OP t1_isfyj3l wrote

Like Trump always lies to gullible MAGA?

You are supporting a Tangerine Traitor who is definitely not masculine who wears more Makeup than Tammy Faye Baker.


Reynard1981 t1_isgnwvj wrote

Nope. Like Biden lies to the brainwashed, unintelligent anti American liberal left.

You literally support someone who doesn’t care about you or anyone he’s supposed to be working for. At least with President Trump, we had a President who worked for the citizens of America.


andrewbi t1_isg1opu wrote

Dude I fuckin wish fetterman was as left as republicans think he is, he’s center left at best.

Edit: I love the response followed instantly by a block, what a loser lmfao


Reynard1981 t1_isgo4z8 wrote

Lmao are you nuts? He’s as far left as they come. Fatterman is literally a liberal loon. Not to mention, his brain is turning to mush. That must be the number one thing democrats vote for, every one of your top candidates have pudding for brains.


Vandersnatch182 t1_isfr1pf wrote

Imagine seeing everything going on with Trumpers and Trump himself in regards to the January 6th attack and then you call liberals domestic terrorists.


Reynard1981 t1_isgn7vy wrote

Imagine thinking that “Jan 6” being the only thing you grasp onto as it is slipping through your greasy fingers. Yes, the liberal democratic left are in fact domestic terrorists.


starksoph t1_isfwih7 wrote

I vote for him because he supports reproductive rights in women. That enough is reason for me to vote.


Reynard1981 t1_isgnp32 wrote

You mean he supports the murder of innocent children? Yeah, when you worry about that over a failing economy, you really should lose your voting privileges.


Aestiva t1_isfds74 wrote

Agreed. He's a weirdo and a socialist. Utterly unqualified both prior and post stroke.